RF Armed Forces put out of action the main radio intelligence center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russian special military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukrainian territory continues. On the morning of March 12, the Russian Armed Forces launched a strike with long-range precision weapons at the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was announced at a briefing by the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, the airfield in Vasilkovo and the main center of radio and electronic intelligence in Brovary were put out of action (both objects are located in the Kiev region). In general, since the start of the special operation, 3491 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine have been destroyed.

The speaker added that over the past 2 hours, five enemy targets were shot down in the air, including two Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones and one Soviet-made Tochka-U tactical missile system. At the same time, since February 24, 123 drones, 1127 tanks and other armored vehicles, 115 MLRS and 423 field artillery and mortars, as well as 934 enemy vehicles have been destroyed.

In addition, with the fire support of the Russian Armed Forces, the troops of the DPR and LPR continue to liberate the territories of Donbass from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the DPR, advancement per day was 9 km, and in the LPR - 21 km. We remind you that the Russian Aerospace Forces have begun use against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, long-range strategic cruise missiles X-101 of the air-to-ground class, carried by Tu-160 and Tu-95MS bombers.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 12 March 2022 11: 58
    Why so late? Decapitation is the first thing.
    Although, in the country of victorious anarchy ...
    But it was necessary to knock out intelligence first!
  2. Roma Phil Offline Roma Phil
    Roma Phil (Roma) 12 March 2022 13: 21
    Judging by the fact that they have already been shot down in the air, that they have destroyed, bombed on the ground, the Ukrainian Armed Forces simply have nothing to fight with.
    And they are still at war.
    1. Sergeyjluf Offline Sergeyjluf
      Sergeyjluf (Sergei) 12 March 2022 15: 48
      The Taliban in Afghanistan after everything shot down for another 20 years fought with the United States! And until Bandera and their sympathizers are disposed of, this can continue for a long time! Everything can quickly calm down if the "elite" of Ukrainians is bought, well, at least a "carrot" is shown that they cannot refuse?
  3. bsk_una Offline bsk_una
    bsk_una (Nick) 12 March 2022 17: 26
    Truckers also need to increase their combat potential, Berlin will no longer be stormed by our soldiers, 1945 will be enough, modern Nazis and fascists like their Scholz and a couple of strategists will be enough so that Nazism never arises in Berlin, it must be buried with a roar in their penates forever.