Putin advocated attracting volunteers to Ukraine from the countries of the Middle East

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to attract volunteers who want to assist in the operation to denazify Ukraine. The head of the Kremlin pointed to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities call on mercenaries from all over the world to fight against Russian troops, and therefore Russia, for its part, will not refuse such volunteer assistance.

As for gathering mercenaries from all over the world and sending them to Ukraine, we see this. Actually, the Western sponsors of the Ukrainian regime do not hide it. Therefore, if there are people who want to come on a voluntary basis and help people living in the Donbass, you need to meet them halfway and help them move to the war zone

- said the President of Russia.

Putin also agreed with Shoigu's proposal to transfer captured MANPADS, ATGMs, as well as heavy military equipment into the hands of the fighters of the DNR and LNR.

As for Western-made weapons that ended up in the hands of the Russian army, then, of course, I support its transfer to the military units of the LPR and DPR

Said the president.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin about at least 16 volunteers from the Middle East who expressed their desire to go to Ukraine.

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  1. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 11 March 2022 12: 04
    Ukrofascists and their henchmen will be disposed of by the whole world.
  2. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 11 March 2022 12: 08
    Absolutely the right decision about volunteers!
    In practice, analogues of the "Interbrigades" that were in Spain in the 30s of the last century will be created. And they will hammer "ukrovermacht" with the full support of our Aerospace Forces.
    Part of the released units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the LPR and the DPR will methodically defend the liberated territories from the fled "ukrovermacht" and "ukronatsiks".

    The issue of the integrity of Ukraine has actually been resolved - it will not be in the form in which it was ...
    1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
      Krapilin (Victor) 11 March 2022 12: 58
      Volunteers will also play the role of an "accelerator" in Europe's decision to "defend" part of the western regions of Ukraine: or by "sucking" some of them into Poland, Hungary and Romania - which automatically stops the volunteers and the RF Armed Forces at the borders of these sovereign states, "NATO members "; or Europe quickly "blinds" a state from a part of the western regions, for example, "Galicia" or "Ukrainian Galicia" or something else, which it immediately recognizes and takes under its guardianship.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 11 March 2022 12: 15
    Interesting move recourse
    Western Ukraine will meet the liberators with bread and lard? laughing
  4. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
    Mikhail L. 11 March 2022 12: 39
    ... Is this a warning that volunteers from ... China will be next?
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 11 March 2022 13: 34
      Yeah, small international brigades, a couple of million people each ...
      And Eun will also want to visit Dnepropetrovsk, Yuzhmash.
  5. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 11 March 2022 13: 45
    !! On February 25, I called the military registration and enlistment office with a question. Are they recruiting volunteers for the Donbass. Some kind of bitch sitting there almost sent.
    1. Roma Phil Offline Roma Phil
      Roma Phil (Roma) 11 March 2022 14: 33
      Peskov said that there was no talk of attracting volunteers from Russia to participate in the Russian military operation in Ukraine. .....Today, Sergei Shoigu said that quite a few applications had already been received, with the largest number coming from the Middle East - 16 people.

      “Shoigu mainly talked about applicants from the Middle East and Syria. There was no talk of our fellow citizens,” Peskov said during a press call.

      ... If in a very Western world the arrivals of motley mercenaries from different countries of the world are welcome, then there are volunteers from this side too,” the Kremlin spokesman added.
  6. Vietnam_Russia Offline Vietnam_Russia
    Vietnam_Russia (Kouken) 11 March 2022 16: 28
    This is a great decision by Mr. V.Putin and Shoigu!
    Thank you very much for the support from the middle east!
    I can't participate in the war directly, but I read the news and prayed for the Russian soldiers every day.
    We stand with Putin's president, We stand with Russia!
  7. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 12 March 2022 23: 50
    in fact, the world has great sympathy for the president of the Russian Federation. He could deprive META of millions of users with one word. The most suitable client is Facebook. I would urge the whole planet to stop facebook... If it could become a trend, the rejection of META as a form of protest against American policy in the world. META calls for killing, I call for abandoning Facebook! Around the world.