US social networks allowed users to call for violence against Russians

The American company Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, has temporarily lifted the ban on incitement to violence on these social networks against Russians. This was stated by the press secretary of the company Andy Stone.

In addition, the communities will not impose bans on death wishes for the presidents of Russia and Belarus.

It is reported that the new policy The company will affect mostly residents of the post-Soviet space - citizens of Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states. They will also be joined by Hungary, Romania and Poland, as these countries host many refugees from Ukraine and are critical of Moscow.

Meanwhile, the Russian embassy in the United States demanded that Meta stop discriminating against Russians and stop the hate waves. The department noted that such activities of the corporation lead to incitement of hatred towards the inhabitants of Russia and testify to a total war in the information space.

We demand that the US authorities stop the extremist activities of Meta and take measures to bring the perpetrators to justice

the Russian embassy said in a statement.
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  1. Bakht Online Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2022 09: 18
    This is fine. Nothing else is to be expected. During the war, leaflets were distributed, there were radio broadcasts aimed at killing. The most famous passage of I. Ehrenburg "Kill the German".

    Abnormally different. Has it still not dawned on the Kremlin that war has been declared on Russia? How long will the supply of resources to the ENEMY continue?
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 11 March 2022 09: 22
    Here is a perfect example of how America easily abandons its principles, cooperates with the Nazis. How can you defend the fascists, when the damage caused by them is absolutely obvious to the rest of the world?!

    Q.E.D. The United States refused to vote for a resolution against the glorification of Nazism. Now, just as the Nazis called for the destruction of the Jews, the Americans call for the destruction of the Russians. Everything goes in a spiral. And the Nuremberg trials too. First they need to answer for the spread of Covid-19 in the world through their military biolabs.
  3. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 11 March 2022 09: 30
    The Russian embassy in the United States demanded "...stop the waves of hate...".
    What is a hat?! Why should a Russian or a Russian-speaking person puzzle over what the "Russian embassy" is talking about?!
    Is it really impossible to convey information to RUSSIAN and RUSSIAN-speaking audiences in Russian? How much can you mutilate your language, crawling on all fours in front of "Anglicisms"?
    1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
      Krapilin (Victor) 11 March 2022 09: 37
      Americans are encouraged to call to kill Russians. And on the "Russian TV channels" they are excitedly playing the "dumb-headed products" of American Hollywood.
  4. Artyom76 Offline Artyom76
    Artyom76 (Artyom Volkov) 11 March 2022 09: 31
    Yusovites and small-shaven are the most fascists of you. What Hitler did not succeed in 1941, these human dregs from Geyropa and Small-Sized Britain succeeded during the colonization of North America - to completely exterminate the population of the continent. Survivors now live like monkeys on reservations. And this is in our time (a concentration camp in fact), and no one notices.
  5. tagil Offline tagil
    tagil (Sergei) 11 March 2022 09: 36

    Well, then it will also be normal for all pin dos.
    1. Bakht Online Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2022 09: 54
      Another "son" (or "daughter") ...?
      Does this individual have an opinion? Or the opinion of his "father"?

      For eight years, the "offspring of officers" have been talking nonsense. Officers (military personnel) are obliged to follow orders. No "split" is provided for in the Charter. They will receive an order to cover the missiles - they are OBLIGED to cover, they will receive an order to press the button - they are OBLIGED to press.
      At one time, during the analysis of the legal field of servicemen, we asked the question "is a serviceman obliged to follow orders"? Answer: "The order must be carried out. Then he can file a report with a protest." By the way, this concerned just the Charters of the US Army.

      The classics were right "on the great children, nature is resting"
      1. tagil Offline tagil
        tagil (Sergei) 11 March 2022 10: 04
        Do you have a bad sense of humor? The military is obliged to comply with the order, and not to comply with the order that contains a call for treason. But no one forbids the military to discuss politics, they are the same living people.
        1. Bakht Online Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 March 2022 13: 56
          They can discuss in the kitchen.
  6. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 11 March 2022 10: 55
    It is useless to call on Western “partners” to stop discrimination against Russians and stop the waves of hate.
    There is a war going on, the stake in which is the world domination of Western “partners”, and therefore they only need an unconditional victory, which consists in the collapse of the Russian Federation and the colonization of its fragments.