Russian troops in Syria put Z marks on the sides of their equipment

On March 7, the 92nd joint Russian-Turkish patrol passed routinely on the territory of Syria. However, one interesting innovation did not escape the gaze of eyewitnesses and video cameras of journalists.

A video appeared on the web showing the military technique RF Armed Forces in the SAR, on the sides of which there is a white Z sign in a prominent dark square. Thus, Russian servicemen in Syria expressed support for their comrades in Ukraine.

It should be noted that the footage shows a convoy of the Russian military police and the Turkish army near the city of Kobani, also known as Ain al-Arab, located in the north of the country in the province of Aleppo (Haleb), 125 km from the capital of the region on the Syrian-Turkish border. The main population in this area are Kurds, who have developed hostile relations with the Turks.

The movement of the column between checkpoints and settlements, as well as a polite attitude towards other road users, was documented. Armored vehicles flying under Russian flags are accompanied by helicopters. At the same time, no external changes were detected on the armored vehicles of the Turkish troops, and there are no Turkish flags either.
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