Expert: NATO transmits to Kiev all information about the movements of Russian troops and flights of the Aerospace Forces

During a special operation in Ukraine, the Russian Aerospace Forces achieved air superiority. But despite this, the Ukrainian armed forces are still able to maneuver armored reserves evading Russian air strikes. Political scientist and expert Yury Podolyaka understood what was happening.

On Monday, March 7, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, during a briefing, presented a laptop that has direct online access to all intelligence collected by NATO sources. Thus, the Ukrainian military on the ground is provided with up-to-date information on the whereabouts of Russian forces in real time.

If Russian planes appear in the sky (and they will be noticed by NATO intelligence officers), information about this goes to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which warn the relevant units about the threat from the air. So far, Russia does not risk constantly controlling the airspace of Ukraine, since Ukrainian air defense has not yet been completely suppressed.

Moreover, targets for Ukrainian air defense systems are illuminated by American E-8 Joint STARS combat control and target designation aircraft, which are constantly located near Ukraine.

According to Russian-Ukrainian expert Yuriy Podolyaka, Vladimir Putin's thesis on the integration of the combat systems of the North Atlantic Alliance with the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being confirmed.

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fully integrated with the Western bloc, and NATO is helping Ukrainians fight the Russian army.

- the expert noted.
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  1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 7 March 2022 17: 59
    So it was clear even without an expert from the very beginning ... Washington is fighting Russia in Ukraine with Ukrainian soldiers under the control of NATO logistics to counter the Russian troops.
  2. Avarron Offline Avarron
    Avarron (Sergei) 7 March 2022 21: 27
    So you need to use an EMP bomb to burn out the electronics in the operation area.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Eduard Viktorovich (Eduard Viktorovich) 7 March 2022 21: 42
    And where ... KRASUHI ... CAR DEPOSIT ... A-50 ... and other products ???
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 8 March 2022 01: 23
    just watched the analogue of the first channel in Germany (state TV). There, the expert stated the following - Putin thought that now the West is busy with the coronavirus, and in general times of crisis, and that you can bang on Ukraine, using a fictitious pretext about supposedly some kind of Nazis and genocide there.

    The fact that Germany was bent by the United States on their first channel, of course, will not be said. But the sad thing is that Germany is betting on confrontation with Russia. The chancellor has already allocated 100 billion. euro for defense. Of course, what else can they say to their citizens - sorry, we missed the situation, let the United States and England bring the "containment" of Russia to its sudden response, which could cost us the entire economy. Now, where the future of the EU looks very bleak, they've decided it's either us or them. Perhaps this decision is based on an awareness of the consequences for the EU if Russia achieves its goals. They are more afraid of a strong Russia than the anger of their citizens, the recession of the EU economy and the loss of the positions of the European Union, which will be forced to spend on defense, energy resources and let's not forget - Russia, this is just a warm-up, China is still ahead.

    Germany should better keep silent and minimize the consequences of breaking off relations with Russia. Touching oil and gas is not just self-flagellation, it is an all-or-nothing bet. They seem to have a poor understanding of Russian society if they hope that the Russians, from the lack of a new Mercedes, will rush to overthrow the government. The further the EU enters into this cold war against Russia, the more difficult it will be for it to change course when needed. The US will quickly change course when it needs to. But the EU, it will be difficult here, because the consequences of sanctions for the US will be an order of magnitude less than for the EU. And after all the hardships and recession of the EU economy, it will be difficult to change course - well, friends, it's time to somehow improve relations with Russia, after all, are we neighbors? Or how are they going to do it later when they do not achieve their stated goal?

    Of course, the game is not over yet and how everything will turn out is not yet clear. One thing is clear, it is simply vital for Russia to show the whole world the fascist face of the Kiev regime, all those Nazi encroachments there. And show the role of the Europeans, how they closed their eyes. This needs to be talked about at the highest level, it needs to be shown on all available channels, especially on YouTube. Russia needs clear, accessible evidence of Nazism in Ukraine for presentation to Western societies. This task is fundamental now and in the coming months. SHOW UKRAINIAN NAZISM TO THE WORLD!
  6. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 8 March 2022 04: 24
    Quote: Siegfried
    Russia needs clear, accessible evidence of Nazism in Ukraine for presentation to Western societies.

    What for? They have the authorities in the know. This information will not reach the general public.

    The media write too much about the importance of the information war, because they are interested in selling their services. There is no lost information war from the word at all.

    The foreign segment is expected to follow the propaganda of foreign media. Ours - according to ours.

    They are trying to convince us that we have lost the information war, without giving evaluation criteria, nor the facts that we have lost according to these criteria. They just hammer and hammer like a woodpecker. Personally, I look who writes about the defeat. And I draw my own conclusions.