Americans around the world are hastily looking for a replacement for Russian oil

After the announcement of Western sanctions against Russia, the latter is preparing retaliatory sanctions, including a ban on the shipment of certain types of products to Western countries. Meanwhile, in order to toughen the “punishment” of Moscow for conducting a special operation in Ukraine, the United States may refuse to buy Russian oil, having first found a replacement for it in other countries.

Thus, last weekend a delegation from Washington visited Venezuela to meet with the government of that country. It is quite possible that the Americans were discussing oil deliveries to the US and other regions of the world.

In addition, the White House is preparing a trip by the American president to Saudi Arabia, during which Joseph Biden may raise the issue of increasing the production of “black gold” by the Saudis, the prices for which in recent days are starting to beat records of many years ago (on Monday, March 7, a barrel of Brent oil rose to $130 or more).

Japan and South Korea have previously announced plans to phase out Russian oil. According to a number of experts, this, along with the trips of the US delegation to oil-producing countries, suggests the imminent start of turbulence in the world hydrocarbon markets. Combined with well-known political such factors can lead to unpredictable consequences both for Russia and for other countries.

Many analysts believe that time is now playing against Moscow. It remains to be hoped that the Kremlin has foreseen all scenarios for the development of the situation.
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  1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
    alexneg13 (Alexander) 7 March 2022 16: 58
    Where else is heavy oil produced? in Venezuela ... And the US delegation rushed there.
    1. Sergey Zemskov Offline Sergey Zemskov
      Sergey Zemskov (Sergei) 8 March 2022 02: 22
      Are you concerned? Or are you more concerned about the price of gasoline at Russian gas stations?
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 7 March 2022 17: 09
    Well, guys, now on our TV there has been information that the exiled, but legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has arrived in Minsk, we only have to liberate either Kyiv or Kharkov, so that Kozhugetovich puts him in a temporary presidential chair.
  3. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 March 2022 17: 33
    The Government of the Russian Federation has approved a list of foreign states and territories that commit unfriendly actions against Russia.

    "The list includes Australia, Albania, Andorra, the United Kingdom, including Jersey, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, member states of the European Union, Iceland, Canada, Liechtenstein, Micronesia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, San Marino, North Macedonia, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Japan," the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation reports.

    And now we read the rules of trade with unfriendly countries

    - all transactions and operations with them will be determined by the government commission for the control of foreign investment. It includes representatives of the Central Bank and the Presidential Administration;

    – a Russian resident company or a foreign company from the list of unfriendly countries must submit an application and information about the applicant, including a document on the beneficial owners of the company;

    – the application and documents must be in Russian. If the originals are in a foreign language, they must be submitted with a certified translation;

    - the decision on approval will be made on the basis of an analysis of the documents and the nature of the future agreement. At the same time, it can be issued with the designation of the conditions for execution;

    - the purpose of the changes is to ensure the financial stability of Russia in the face of sanctions.

    Not a bad document. But there is not enough clause about payment in rubles. Although the last point gives hope.
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 7 March 2022 17: 59
    The United States and Europe want to replace Russian oil with something, but so far it has not been possible. We are ready for many things, for example, we will agree with Iran and launch their oil on the market. But as always, cunningly arrogant redheads outplay themselves.
    It looks like that was the plan. Iran is allowed to trade in oil, they buy from them (where technologically possible) they replace Russian oil with it. In Brussels and Washington, they drink champagne and spit nastily with a smile in the direction of the Kremlin, which, under the terms of the deal, drags enriched uranium to itself, provides fuel and further what is provided for by the nuclear power plant. That's all. No arms supplies from Russia, Iran will have dollars and euros, but they will not be able to pay with them. However, the sanctions
    Moscow has the audacity to show a fig. partners grind their teeth and whip schnapps in the dressing room sad
    This is the teeth grinding of the Fatherland. laughing

    The Russian Foreign Ministry is demanding that the United States provide Russia with written guarantees that sanctions over the war in Ukraine will not affect negotiations on a nuclear deal with Iran. Moscow criticized this demand in Tehran.
    1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
      alexneg13 (Alexander) 7 March 2022 18: 20
      Iran has light oil, and US refineries are all designed and sharpened for heavy oil. So, they have a choice either Russia or Venezuela. It's funny that they have given themselves a liquid consistency of light brown color (the color of children's surprise), because they think with the lower hemispheres.
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) 7 March 2022 18: 30
        Iran has light oil, and US refineries are all designed and sharpened for heavy oil. So, they have a choice either Russia or Venezuela.

        Aha yes Iranian oil will go mainly to Europe, where negotiators are Germans, French, small-shaven.

        It's funny that they have given themselves a liquid consistency of light brown color (the color of children's surprise), because they think with the lower hemispheres.

        In my opinion they exist somewhere in a parallel reality. Ideas about their own importance and place in this world do not coincide with reality.
        Here is the situation with LNG hi

        1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
          alexneg13 (Alexander) 7 March 2022 18: 40
          Venezuela sent the United States as a forest, putting forward a lot of counter-impossible demands. Well? Now bow to Russia ..? Don't spit in the well, gentlemen, jackals, ...
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 7 March 2022 21: 30
    I wonder what the US hopes for Iran. This would mean that the interests of Iran would have to be taken into account by the US, which may not be to the liking of Israel. The flow of petrodollars to Iran will significantly strengthen this country, which is already quite ambitious. Turkey may not like it either. I wonder with what words the United States reassures Israel and Turkey - it's okay, they will fulfill their obligations under the nuclear agreement, it's okay, we will close access to technology anyway. It's okay, it's not for long, then we'll pinch them again. Why are you attached, here we are talking about the national interests of the United States, period!
  6. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 7 March 2022 22: 03
    After the introduction of comprehensive sanctions against the resource sector, filling the budget, Russia's strategic position has changed radically - time has begun to work against us.
    The coincidence of the state of hybrid war with the West and the real military campaign in Ukraine, combined with the deprivation of a significant part of budget revenues, “unexpectedly” put us on a very short time track.
    On this track, we need to win the confrontation with the West, force it to retreat, return most of its income, along the way, growing import-substituting industries in all affected sectors.
    It is clear that our reserves will not be enough for a long time, especially in this situation. After their exhaustion, the country will begin to rapidly lose its combat capability.
    It begs the conclusion:
    We can no longer count on the opportunity to sit out after an unsuccessful attempt in Ukraine behind the Iron Curtain and prepare for a new one.
    As ancient Chinese wisdom says: “One goose, one arrow. Two arrows is already too many.”
    Not to mention the fact that our main opponents are still resting.
    In this regard, I want to recall what I have already written many times: the root of our problem is the desire (or necessity) of the States and England to destroy us (dispose of). Only a real threat of their destruction can force them to abandon their plans.
    The time we spend on any other task, including now Ukraine, is the time of the short track allotted to us
    1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
      Krapilin (Victor) 7 March 2022 22: 10
      Where is Koshchei's life? In the needle... What is a “Koshcheev needle” for staff members? It's a dollar...
      If the needle is broken / torn (planetary) - then kerdyk: both Kashchei and staff members ...
      1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 7 March 2022 22: 22
        We are not in a fairy tale. Our life should not depend on whimsical external processes.
  7. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 7 March 2022 23: 05
    I think that we need to URGENTLY (on this track of ours), in parallel with the decisive showdown with the Anglo-Saxons, do two things:
    - close the country's economy on itself, i.e. create an autonomous economy (in whole or in part) based mainly on the domestic market
    - introduce the strictest accounting of foreign exchange resources and their spending.
    Currency - only for the purchase of non-replaceable equipment.
    There is historical experience. We already went through this in the USSR
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 8 March 2022 12: 02
      And why do you need to look for something there, because your nenka is full of all kinds of dung, and you can do whatever you want with it, you like to swamp, you like to smoke, and if you need firewood, then this is back to us, we will supply you, so be it, with slabs but at the price of gas.