Kharkov partisans made an appeal to the people of Ukraine

A statement by Kharkiv partisans appeared on social networks on behalf of Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Yuryevich Chuikov, who turned to Ukrainian law enforcement officers, cadets of military educational institutions and their parents.

In his appeal, Chuikov proposed to stop resisting the people's power and join the liberation campaign against the Ukrainian capital. According to Chuikov, the Kyiv authorities disregard the people of Ukraine and use the people fighting for it in their criminal machinations, while the partisans of Kharkov consider them brothers.

The lieutenant colonel in his address reminded Ukrainian citizens of the glorious past of the country, of the heroes and military leaders who glorified Ukraine during the Great Patriotic War. In particular, Chuikov remembered Colonel Ivan Tankopy, who died in Kharkov in 1943, and General Nikolai Vatutin, who took part in the liberation of the city.

Kharkiv is our city and we love it! There is enough space for everyone: for Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Belarusians. Let's stop destroying it and make our life better!

Chuikov called.

Earlier, the speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, suggested that the LPR and DPR would in the future unite into a single state with Kharkiv, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson and other people's republics, which are formed in the respective regions of Ukraine.
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  1. Marjane Offline Marjane
    Marjane (Marian) 4 March 2022 12: 31
    Against the backdrop of a red flag, such statements should not be made. Not everyone wants the return of socialism.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 4 March 2022 12: 40
      so the statement is not for Russians, but for Ukrainians who have lost their food base. they cannot feed themselves, and Europe is not going to ... I wonder what this "lieutenant colonel" was doing until yesterday? Did you serve in the LDNR or did you sit as a security guard in Kharkov and not stick your head out?
      1. Cherry Offline Cherry
        Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 4 March 2022 15: 11
        Chuikov Andrey Yuryevich, police lieutenant colonel, senior lecturer at the Kharkov University of Internal Affairs, resigned at the Anti-Maidan rally held on the square. Freedom.
    2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 4 March 2022 13: 09
      If you don’t understand, this is, first of all, the banner of our common Victory in the war against the Western fascist Nazi invaders and Bandera bandits, in which Russians and Ukrainians were together. We fought together for a common Future and suffered losses together.
      This is the banner of our common memory
      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 4 March 2022 14: 12
        Approximately as the inhabitants of Odessa until 1943 picking out German sausage from their teeth? especially they fought as political officers and in the kitchen with stew.
        1. Cherry Offline Cherry
          Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 4 March 2022 15: 13
          And they sat out in the catacombs. So many people died for them, and Odessa, again, is a hero city.
    3. Cheerful Man Offline Cheerful Man
      Cheerful Man (Valery Dolgopolov) 4 March 2022 16: 00
      A return to socialism is absolutely inevitable. The stupid West has created all the conditions for this. It is not possible to rationalize it, but something happened under the sun and moon. The liberal idea of ​​organizing society and the economy has died forever in Russia. Whether someone likes it or not, it doesn't matter. There will probably be some resistance from a small part of the population in Russia, but in the end they will break their necks twice. The power of hatred among the people for the liberals is such that those who do not have time to escape or hide will be torn to shreds. The year 37 of the last century may turn out to be an innocent undertaking. The first to burn as usual are stupid bawlers, who today are dirty on social networks, and you don’t feel sorry for them, they are a completely useless part of the country's population. They are loud and stupid, does not feel. That the wind of change has changed. So, before writing all sorts of dirty tricks about our army or our president, they should think 100 times before putting pressure on the “claudia”.
    4. sapper2 Offline sapper2
      sapper2 (Minesweeper2) 4 March 2022 19: 17
      This is a symbol of the unification of all those who broke away from the USSR ... And Bandera and Nazis do not accept it .... Unite, brothers !!!!
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. ioan.ivanov Offline ioan.ivanov
      ioan.ivanov (ioan.ivanov) 5 March 2022 12: 57
      Marzhana, why do you think that it is not worth it against the background of the Red Flag? And against what background is it? The man is a Patriot, the Colonel expressed his opinion, and the way he wanted !!! I respect!
      1. Zwain Offline Zwain
        Zwain (Zwain) 6 March 2022 11: 00
        and where was he (colonel) all these 8 years?!
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
      Piramidon (Stepan) 5 March 2022 17: 07
      Quote from Marjana
      Against the backdrop of a red flag, such statements should not be made. Not everyone wants the return of socialism.

      Do not talk nonsense and turn on your brains if your age allows you to remember. For most people, the red flag is not a symbol of socialism or communism, but a symbol of a once single country, there was no division into national dorms, but there was a single state that the whole world reckoned with. And all sorts of "isms" are nothing more than a conditional division based on some kind of abstruse theories, bearded Karl and Friedrich, who, by the way, fiercely hated Russia ().
    9. Sultan Kogan Offline Sultan Kogan
      Sultan Kogan (Sultan Kogan) 6 March 2022 00: 42
      Better than socialism in the USSR in the period from 1929 to 1956, nothing was invented in the world. There was also support for entrepreneurial activity, and strategic planning, and the strongest theory for development, and economic incentives for the population, a two-loop monetary model that excludes the possibility of corruption, a general idea. The Japanese peeped their famous lean Kaizen system, thanks to which they developed so much, from us. After 1956, all this was destroyed and derailed.
    10. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 7 March 2022 12: 57
      The red flag of the USSR is a symbol of the unity of the Soviet people in trouble and in joy. Our ancestors: grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers, Russians and Ukrainians fought together against Nazi Germany, defeated the Third Reich.
      We must remember this and fight together against the current Bandera and Nazis in Ukraine.
    11. Bekchan Offline Bekchan
      Bekchan (Bechan) 8 March 2022 21: 58
      Those who hate the red flag, and brought to this fratricide. There is no other suitable flag. So everything is correct.
  2. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 4 March 2022 13: 11
    The process of transferring power to the people's hands will go faster if a wave of liberation movement from Nazism begins. Then the turning point will come.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 4 March 2022 14: 26
      So Ukrainians will pass into the hands of Russians, Poles, Romanians and Hungarians. And they will be freed from Khokhlyatsky Nazism. Ukrainians themselves have not yet built anything. everywhere where the Khokhlyatsky refugees have come now they say the same thing. They are PIGS! Moldova, Poland, the Baltic States, Germany ... everywhere the same thing.
      1. zloybond Offline zloybond
        zloybond (steppenwolf) 4 March 2022 14: 28
        I spent my childhood in the neighborhood with the resettled Bandera. They brought up their children harshly in hatred of the authorities. That generation grew up.
        1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
          Just a cat (Bayun) 4 March 2022 14: 32
          and the Lugansk Donetsk, etc., are surrendered from the VSU. Who raised them? they still went to school under the USSR. Maybe Mazepa with the Cossacks from Lviv were?
          1. zloybond Offline zloybond
            zloybond (steppenwolf) 4 March 2022 14: 48
            Quite right, the population is being driven into the army without exception. With total control, not every neighbor is trusted by the Nazi asset. Remember the civilian - the regiments moved in the morning to one side - in the evening to the other. A Nazi asset, he is imprisoned to maintain control. Everyone confirms that a large number of assets from western Ukraine are dispersed in units and subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We'll see how it turns out in a week.
            1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
              Just a cat (Bayun) 4 March 2022 14: 51
              They have already answered why they went to the army. no one drove them. they went after the money! The "Russian spring" is full of their confessions. And also it has long been confirmed that raguli is not eager to fight for Kyiv. They don't care. back in 2014 they announced that they would separate either with or without Kiev.
              1. zloybond Offline zloybond
                zloybond (steppenwolf) 4 March 2022 15: 33
                Yes, I remember in 2014 more than 75% of Mariupol (one of the most Russian cities) was for the DPR - but the national bahts who arrived there with the money of the same Akhmetov turned the city into a stronghold of the Nazis. People were harassed with threats. To say that they want to fight for Ukraine - they don’t need such a Ukraine, along with those creatures that hide behind them like a human shield.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 4 March 2022 13: 23
    The ice broke, as Ostap said. The sooner the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine begin to move against the Zelensky authorities, the more chances they have to integrate into the new state. Even the experience of Romania and Finland at the end of WW2 allows us to say so. Those who turned their bayonets against Hitler settled down quite normally in these countries after the war. I think that the RF Armed Forces will only welcome such a movement. This becomes especially relevant after statements about the arrival of volunteers from Kosovo to Ukraine to help Zelensky. Maybe the same volunteers who sold captured Serbs for organs?
  4. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 4 March 2022 13: 45
    I also ask you to consider me a partisan of Kharkov. If necessary, I can make a statement two, even three times.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 4 March 2022 14: 25
      Why do you think everyone is like you?
  5. Own Kyrgyz Offline Own Kyrgyz
    Own Kyrgyz (Svoi Kyrgyz) 5 March 2022 09: 46
    Quote from Marjana
    Against the backdrop of a red flag, such statements should not be made. Not everyone wants the return of socialism.

    However, socialism is precisely the one who broke the back of fascism. Today the question is like this - EITHER the Soviet army, OR the army of ladyboys. There is no third! It turns out that Socialism is not the choice of the Eurasians, but a forced measure against the army of Conchita Wurst.
    What army are you?
  6. Marjane Offline Marjane
    Marjane (Marian) 5 March 2022 09: 48
    Quote: Cheerful Man
    A return to socialism is absolutely inevitable

    So the final death of the country is inevitable. Socialism in its purest form is a utopian idea, the system is not effective. Now we are disentangling the consequences of this experiment. No need to cling to specific forms of systems, you need to take from each only what is suitable for our country. Public ownership of the means of production - it is clear that this does not suit us in full. In all cap. countries have state and private property. We just need to bring order to this issue in the interests of our state, based on our specifics.
    1. ioan.ivanov Offline ioan.ivanov
      ioan.ivanov (ioan.ivanov) 5 March 2022 13: 08
      Morzhan, but the example of China doesn’t tell you anything? Completely SOCIALIST STATE!
  7. Marjane Offline Marjane
    Marjane (Marian) 5 March 2022 09: 53
    Quote: Alexey Davydov
    If you don’t understand, this is, first of all, the banner of our common Victory in the war

    This is understandable, but the associations are much broader. It was possible to do without flags at all, the appeal itself is important
  8. art573 Offline art573
    art573 (Artyom Vladimirovich Yarovikov) 5 March 2022 15: 09
    I am more concerned about the situation after the end of the operation, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will destroy everything, and the equipment left in Russia will be taken out. There will be a bunch of prisoners in essence (Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 354.1. Rehabilitation of Nazism - imprisonment up to 3 years in a general regime colony of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation, Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 354. Public calls for unleashing an aggressive war - 2. The same acts committed:
    a) by a person using his official position;
    b) a group of persons, a group of persons by prior agreement or an organized group; - Imprisonment up to 5 years. Then, offended Ukrainians/Khokhlushkas will also come to Russia to work (make money), who will jump here and jump "Who does not download that Moskal", steal, rob, etc. These, of course, will be caught (criminal investigation) and imprisoned for long periods. The problem with the war is the first stage. The second stage is with people who stay there and believe that it is possible to live in the last century of Bandera and Petliura. they are frozen in historical development, primitive. Now Ukrainian TV channels showed a rally against Russia in Kherson, probably about 20 thousand people came out, a lot for such a city! And it's not an affected city.
  9. av58 Offline av58
    av58 (Andrei) 5 March 2022 16: 36
    There is nothing to make appeals, and there is nothing to go to Kyiv. Let the Kharkov partisans kill the national battalions, foreign mercenaries and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kharkov itself. They know the city, they can get weapons, it is not difficult to establish contact with the Russian army. If you're ready, then go ahead.
  10. Yuri Bryanskiy Offline Yuri Bryanskiy
    Yuri Bryanskiy (Yuri Bryansky) 5 March 2022 19: 08
    The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours!
  11. Banski Offline Banski
    Banski (Banski) 5 March 2022 23: 27
    It seems that some people live in a parallel reality and, apart from laughter, all this nonsense does not cause.
  12. Anatoly Mikhailenko (Anatoly Mikhailenko) 8 March 2022 23: 02
    After Peskov's statement dated 07.03.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX to Reuters, all your disputes, dear ones, are useless. Thousands of people in Ukraine who supported Russia today will be merged tomorrow and will be forced to engage in self-rescue. Alas!