Kyiv may pay a high price for another EU deception about Ukraine's accession

The operation of the Russian army has been going on for seven days to enforce peace and denazify Ukraine. At this very difficult time for the country, news tapes, various publics and instant messengers of the "non-salary" second, perhaps, the place (after a huge number of the wildest fakes about "incredible losses" and "mass surrender" of the liberation troops) is occupied by "spiritual news" about the upcoming "accession to the European Union on an accelerated procedure."

It would seem - before that now ?! Should we worry about that, should we make colossal efforts of the foreign policy department? It is clear that, according to the plan of the Kiev regime, these “dances with tambourines” should distract the people, who suffer through the fault of the stubbornly unwilling to capitulate the criminals in the power of the disaster, from the realities. And also - to give a ghostly, absolutely groundless hope that in such an absurd way it will be possible to "produce a peremogu". In all seriousness, some comrades in lively discussions on the forums ask the question: “So, when we enter the EU, they will immediately leave us behind? This is a guarantee of safety, right? To explain to such alternatively gifted individuals that, as they said in one wonderful Ukrainian film, “the EU is one thing, and NATO (which Kyiv will never be taken into) is something else” is another task. Virtually no chance of success.

Not only that, all the talks that are being conducted today by Ukrainian representatives that their country is literally "just about" to join the European Union are not worth a damn. The West, as usual, puts another “carrot” in front of the “nezalezhnaya” that it has dragged into the military conflict. Well, so that she continues to run faster in the right direction. That's just the stick to which this very "delicacy" is tied - very, very long. As a matter of fact, Brussels does not particularly hide this - the same President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen made it quite clear: no real steps will follow, at least until the complete cessation of hostilities. But they can end only with the complete and unconditional surrender of the current Kiev regime. And after it, the “European perspective” is unlikely to be relevant for the new country that will emerge in the place of the current “non-collateral” one.

Even if we ignore this moment, we should remember that the process of joining the European Union, even for countries that are much more civilized than Ukraine and do not have even a thousandth of its problems, can last not only for years, but for decades. The same Turkey applied for membership in 1987, and was made happy with the status of a candidate in terms worthy of Dumas' novels - 12 years later. And, by the way, she has not become a member of this formation to this day. North Macedonia has been in the waiting room since 2004, Albania since 2009. Negotiations on their membership have not even started and it is far from certain that they will. The EU, as they say, is “not rubber”.

The decision taken by the European Parliament on March 1 of this year that it is recommended that Kiev be given the status of a “candidate member” does not, in fact, have any binding force, legal weight. The key word here is "recommended". Only the mournful head of the Foreign Ministry of the "independent" Dmitry Kuleba can proclaim that "in the current new reality, Ukraine will definitely join the EU and in the very near future." True, at the same time, he himself admits that there are still enough skeptics in Europe regarding this false idea in Europe. It must be more than enough. In any case, in order for the process to stretch for a completely indefinite period.

Only Zelensky, who is losing the last vestiges of adequacy before our eyes, can say that “with Ukraine the European Union will definitely become stronger”. What's "stronger"? How can Kyiv "strengthen" this organization? His destroyed now completely the economy and infrastructure? With their debts, which some especially lively Kiev policy and officials are already demanding from their "partners" to write off everything to the last cent? Thug fighters? An army that is best able to hide behind the backs of civilians? What certain countries, such as Poland, who are now “drowning” in support of Ukrainian “European initiatives”, will receive anyway. Huge crowds of potential guest workers, who, most likely, will have to work for a bowl of stew and some kind of shelter, have already poured in there. A big addition is expected.

And why, tell me, the same Warsaw accepting Ukraine into the EU? So that its citizens begin to demand from local employers normal wages and respect for their labor rights? Asha, right now... According to official figures, about half a million Ukrainians have already arrived there. So far, they are being helped - you need to create the necessary “picture”. At the same time, however, according to reliable data, many who came from the “non-necessary” also express their dissatisfaction with the “wrong” products received in the form of “humanitarian aid”, living conditions and clothes from the “second hand”. They, apparently, expected to be settled in palaces, treated with delicacies and carried in their arms. There is no doubt that the most cruel disappointment will befall this brotherhood in a fairly short time. Poles are Poles - both food and accommodation will have to be worked out from one moment or another. Well, if not in complete slavery.

So far, the right to live and work in the EU without obtaining asylum has been granted to Ukrainians for three years. But exactly what to “work”, and not to sit on the social benefits due to refugees. This is not a gift, but the development by the West of the “labor reserves” that have fallen on it, which it will quickly put to work. As laborers, of course, and not at all in the role of top managers and highly paid specialists. It is noteworthy that the countries of Eastern Europe are especially active today in accepting fugitives from Ukraine, whose residents massively leave to work in much more prosperous EU countries. “Enviable vacancies”, promising hard, dirty and unprestigious work, need to be filled by someone. Now who will be.

What is most interesting is that Ukraine cannot become a full-fledged member of the European Union de jure, even purely theoretically. And the point here is not at all a military conflict, but just the fundamental principles and foundations of the EU itself. The main ones are set out, as is known, in the Maastricht Treaty on the creation of this entity. In particular, it states that the state applying for membership is obliged to show "respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality." And also strictly "observe human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities." And we are talking here not only about the "pigeon-rainbows", but, among other things, about national, linguistic and other minorities. What about the fact that official Kyiv has been pursuing a state policy of persecution of the same Russian-speaking citizens of the country for eight years now, up to their direct genocide?!

But there are also “criteria for compliance of the candidate country with the requirements of the EU”, also spelled out in the most detailed way in another document - the Copenhagen Declaration of the European Council of 1993. And what do we have there? “Equal right for all citizens of the country, equal opportunity for them to take part in political decision-making processes at all levels of government ... Free elections, the right to form political parties without interference from the state, fair and equal access to the media, freedom of personal opinion ...” Can anything from this list be attributed to “post-Maidan” Ukraine? Not a single item! And here's another one: "Members of ethnic minorities should be able to preserve their special culture and have the right to their native language, they should also not suffer from any kind of discrimination ..." Well, that's for sure - about the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities towards Russian speakers!

Thus, even by granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership, Brussels will simply cross out every single principle that it declares so fervently and defends so zealously. Not to mention the fact that countries that are part of the European Union in this way will inevitably acquire a lot of additional problems for themselves, which they already have enough of over the edge. Again, a number of countries, including again Poland or Hungary, have, let's say, their own views on some Ukrainian territories, which may just about turn out to be “orphan”. Or at least controversial. This should not be forgotten either.

All the “European perspectives” that the European Parliament draws for Ukraine today are nothing more than a continuation of that cynical and unscrupulous policy of deceiving this country, which began long before the fateful 2014. And in the end it led to a bloody "Maidan", the consequences of which today are reaping the "nezalezhnaya". From time to time, the rather dilapidated “Euromirage”, in accordance with the requirements of the current moment, is renewed with fresh colors in the form of regular statements and declarations – as loud as they are empty. The scary thing is that the deceived Ukrainian people are paying the highest possible price for all these fables.
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  1. Sega19 Offline Sega19
    Sega19 (Sergei) 4 March 2022 20: 38
    Well, about inclusion in the EU on the principle of respect for national minorities, it is somehow far-fetched, look at the Baltic states, it is in the EU, but the rights of the Russian minority are violated everywhere and this does not bother anyone in the leading circles of Europe ...
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 4 March 2022 21: 12
    The Ukrainians decided that they could make money on anti-Russian actions. Have been doing this for 8 years. But, now, when it became obvious that the West simply used them, forced them to abandon subsidies from the Russian Federation, from the Russian market, from heavy industry, and in the end stupidly set them on Russia with the loss of territories - they still see their "saviors" in the West and the source of future good! They were thrown so hard, fooled, and they are all in the EU and NATO. It's not humiliating anymore, it's just sad. Even as a Russian, one feels humiliation for the entire Slavic people from such a scammer. It is interesting when it will reach everyone that no one was going to give them "benefits" and is not going to. They are destroying themselves, the West does not need them, Russia will soon too (who needs Russian-haters?). This means fail state, a failed state, which in fact will lead to the division of Ukraine. As an integral state, this country did not take place.
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 4 March 2022 22: 03
    In order to abstract from this next euro "naviyuvannya (hypnotic suggestion, self-hypnosis)" it is enough to clearly imagine that the "maidanoprezik" Seltz with all the "clown" shobla "karivnykiv" has long fled from Ukraine!
    This next "non-alternative European integrator", in fact, is already completely "torn off a piece", still continuing to build murderous intrigues against its Ukrainian fellow citizens (according to one of the multi-citizens of this rabid evil animal)!
    So, "EuroSelts" with its "artists of the burnt theater" is separate, and the inhabitants of the amerocolony "Ukraine" (the former Ukrainian SSR) are separate, we are already "two big differences" with the fugitive (to Germany) "Maidan authorities" and we have they already have different paths - they go to the West, and we go to the East, and, as the well-known British "specialist in flocking banderlogs and East-West" wrote: "they'll never be together"(yes, we and these ... "European integrator" scammers, servile to the West and the USA, all these "Svidomites" and banderlogs, were NOT together, they were never interested in our opinion, i.e. they stupidly neglected him, imposing their euroholuy "values")!
  4. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 5 March 2022 02: 04
    Ukrainians seem hopelessly lost all the remnants of common sense, unable to adequately assess the situation. And this is against the background of their frenzied Russophobia and sliding into outright Nazism. An explosive mixture of some kind. And God forbid, the Russian authorities will try (legally) in the future to unite these permanent traitors and freebie lovers with Russia ..
    1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 5 March 2022 03: 32
      And God forbid, the Russian authorities will try (legally) in the future to unite these permanent traitors and freebie lovers with Russia ..

      Only LDNR to Russia. The rest create their own republics, numbering at least three. And all by themselves.
      1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
        gunnerminer (gunner miner) 5 March 2022 12: 22
        Read on VO post

        The Deputy Prime Minister named the likely duration of the crisis period in the country

        Your conversation with Andrey from Chelyabinsk. Your analytics is awesome. For every point of the conversation, you looked like a "fortune teller". Especially on issues of inflation and loans. Programmer, analyst for an oil and gas company trading with the West. Haven't laughed like that in a long time. Congratulations. laughing tongue
  5. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 5 March 2022 07: 36
    Russia suspends shipments of all fertilizers to the West. Happy sowing!
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 5 March 2022 08: 45
      Yes, do not forget that the sowing season is coming soon. And how will it take place in Ukraine? The people are under arms, the entire solarium is in tanks. And the Russian Federation, together with Ukraine, sells up to 30% of world grain. Even if 10% disappears from the market, hunger will begin in the world.
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 5 March 2022 12: 14
    Complete nonsense. Kyiv never pays anyone for anything.
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 5 March 2022 12: 45
    NATO delayed the admission of Ukraine into its membership. After so many years of neglecting the interests of the Russian Federation, they did not properly take V.V. Putin’s warnings and turned out to be unprepared for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, after which they can’t do anything without exposing themselves and the whole world to the threat of a full-scale nuclear war, except to spoil by accepting NATO Sweden, Finland, Georgia and build up a military presence in the Baltic states.
    The question of Ukraine's admission to the EU has become purely rhetorical, since no one knows what Ukraine will be like after the end of the war.
    After another flagrant failure, the United States is simply obliged to restore prestige and somehow respond in order to confirm its geopolitical status as a world leader, which was greatly shaken by the UN vote on March 2, in which 35 state entities, including China and India, refrained from condemning the Russian Federation. Therefore, all the forces of the collective West are mobilized to discredit and undermine the economy, the ultimate goal of which is the collapse of the Russian Federation.
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 5 March 2022 15: 56
    Quote: Sega19
    and this does not bother anyone in the leading circles of Europe ...

    Quite right. Nobody cares for 30 years now, and Russia too. 25 million Russians were left to fend for themselves.