Landing operation in Odessa: eyewitnesses filmed the readiness of the Russian fleet


A video from an eyewitness appeared on the Web, which recorded the presence of at least nine large landing ships and several more pennants of the group's security ships off the coast of Crimea. It is assumed that the BDK loaded technique and marines and are waiting for the order to land troops on the coast near Odessa.

It should be noted that despite the quality of the personnel, it was possible to establish the composition of the naval squadron by the silhouettes of the ships. The squadron includes: 6 BDK of project 775, 1 BDK of project 11711, 2 BDK of project 1171 Tapir, as well as the frigate of project 11356P Burevestnik, a small missile ship (MRK) of project 21631 Buyan-M and a sea minesweeper of project 266 "Aquamarine".

It should be noted that on the morning of March 3, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine issued a statement in which it announced the movement of an amphibious detachment of ships of the Russian Navy, consisting of four large landing ships and three missile boats, to Odessa. At the same time, it is not known whether the ships in the communiqué are part of the squadron shown in the video, or if it is an independent grouping.

We remind you that on February 24, the RF Armed Forces launched a special military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Currently, the beaches of Odessa are mined and anti-tank hedgehogs are installed on them. Therefore, the landing operation, probably, if it takes place, will take place on suitable sites coast of the Odessa region.
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    1. +3
      3 March 2022 13: 46
      As far as I understand, they are not afraid of anti-ship missiles.
      1. -3
        3 March 2022 14: 11
        As far as I understand, they are not afraid of anti-ship missiles.

        Well, the sky is sort of under control, isn't it?
      2. 0
        3 March 2022 14: 15
        There are an insignificant number of them. To intercept them, 21631 and 11356P are quite enough.
      3. +4
        3 March 2022 14: 24
        Quote: Bakht
        As far as I understand, they are not afraid of anti-ship missiles.

        Such carelessness is even surprising against the backdrop of the militant boasting of the Kiev warriors about the Neptune anti-ship missiles (as well as the presence of Bandera large-caliber cannon artillery and multiple rocket launchers on the shore) and the long-term pumping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all kinds of weapons (including anti-ship) by NATO "partners" ?!
        Even under the Union, we, Soviet tankers, were trained to shoot at similar targets with mounted fire (from closed positions) from tank guns, indirect fire (at the side level on the cannon fence and the tower goniometer).
        As far as I remember, our rifled 100mm guns had a range of 17 km with high-explosive fragmentation shells (this is if the tank is on a horizontal surface and the gun’s elevation angle is limited to an angle of 18 degrees, and on a hillside or other inclined plane, the elevation angle and firing range will be greater) !
        So these were just T-55 tanks, and not full-fledged 152mm and 122mm caliber artillery!
        After all, it is planned to defend the Kuril Islands from Japanese landing ships in approximately the same way, with "flying artillery detachments" and mobile rocket launchers?!
        By no means do I consider myself a military strategist or operator - my level was only tactical, accessible to every more or less trained officer who thinks and acts "like everyone else" - "according to the charter" ...
        So, a Bandera artillery attack from the Odessa coast is quite possible, with inevitable losses, even at the stage of an overly self-confident "flag demonstration"!
        Although, probably, from the sky, the ships reliably cover the Russian airborne forces, which will be able to quickly identify positions and stop the artillery shelling of the Russian landing forces in time, and the combat-ready ship's air defense will be able to shoot most of the incoming multiple rocket launchers?!
        After all, I sincerely worry about the success of the landing operation and DO NOT wish it to fail due to the underestimation of the enemy by the command of the "operation to denazify and demilitarize the amero-colony "Ukraine""!
        1. 0
          4 March 2022 23: 28
          Are you sure that the population of Odessa is of the same opinion with you?
          1. 0
            4 March 2022 23: 43
            I am writing here about my personal opinion! smile
            And about the pro-Bandera "population of Odessa" is in one of my comments today. Yes
            Are you sure yourself that all the inhabitants of Odessa have become ill-tempered in a Bandera way and "share" your "opinion", and are not keeping quiet, intimidated by the local Bandera-fascists who have come in large numbers and their lackeys?! negative
            1. 0
              8 March 2022 02: 25
              My RUSSIAN-SPEAKING friends do not want to see another dummy lackey from Moscow in their country. They elected their president and want to live in their own country.
      4. +1
        3 March 2022 16: 01
        The Russians are not stupid, the means of guidance must be disabled. Even I understand it.
    2. -13
      3 March 2022 14: 08
      in Odessa they are clearly not "burning with desire" to see such liberators
      1. +1
        3 March 2022 14: 26
        That's right .... The experience from Snake Island is already there, so it's not the first time .......
        1. -9
          3 March 2022 14: 49
          as well as the experience of burning a mass of Russian military equipment. Who needs this completely unnecessary assault if the city is completely blocked?
      2. +6
        3 March 2022 14: 27
        We'll have to be patient. The Germans in 45 also did not want to see the Red Army.
        1. -9
          3 March 2022 14: 47
          now there are no Germans in Odessa! You distort and twist
          1. +8
            3 March 2022 14: 48
            Now the Nazis are in Odessa. All the same, no fundamental differences. They only speak Russian tolerably.
            1. -1
              4 March 2022 23: 29
              my Odessa friends did not see the Nazis, maybe you personally examined them - give addresses and appearances - I will ask you to go and find
      3. +1
        3 March 2022 16: 48
        Odessa, RUSSIAN city ... remember and tell the children.
      4. The comment was deleted.
    3. AND
      3 March 2022 15: 02
      Quote: Gosha Smirnov
      now there are no Germans in Odessa! You distort and twist

      Download further euro propagandist.