China is preparing to reunite with Taiwan while the West is occupied by Ukraine

For the first time in its history, units of the PLA Airborne Corps conducted exercises on mass landing of personnel from Xian Y-20 heavy military transport aircraft. Before that, a squadron of 14 large and 10 small landing ships of the PLA Navy entered the East China Sea, which worked out a large-scale amphibious landing. In Taiwan, this was perceived as an open threat of conflict with China.

Beijing does not hide the fact that they consider Taiwan to be part of a unified China. They are sure that a reunion is inevitable. It will happen sooner or later, peacefully or militarily.

It should be noted that since February 24, the RF Armed Forces have been conducting a special military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. At the same time, the Chinese comrades use the Russian interpretation of events and do not support Western propaganda.

Probably, the Chinese, having observed the reaction of the United States and the European Union in relation to what is happening in Ukraine, weighed the risks and considered them uncritical for themselves in the event of their actions in the Taiwan Strait. Beijing rightly believes that Washington and Brussels are now very busy guarding Kyiv and confronting Moscow, so they can do little to help Taipei. The West simply does not have enough strength to be distracted by China when it comes to Russia.

Considering that Taiwan has adopted the sanctions policies West against the Russian Federation, the Russian side can support the PRC as its strategic partner, which has not turned away from it. How far China is ready to go will become clear in the near future, as the processes in Ukraine indicate the impending collapse of the Bandera regime and the Chinese are running out of time.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 3 March 2022 11: 55
    If China starts annexing Taiwan now, it will be very wise. As V.I. Lenin, who is very respected in China, about the beginning of the Great October Revolution - "Yesterday it was early, tomorrow it will be late. Delay in speaking out is like death."
    1. ustal51 Offline ustal51
      ustal51 (Alexander) 3 March 2022 12: 50
      The legs of the Americans will part, they will sit on the twine. And they will tear the scrotum and lose the eggs ...
  2. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 3 March 2022 12: 03
    Beijing rightly believes that Washington and Brussels are now very busy guarding Kyiv and confronting Moscow, so they can do little to help Taipei.

    Dreams Dreams....
    China will not be at war now. He will wait for the end of the war on the territory of the former Ukraine. Look at the consequences. And he decides that ... it's too early.
    1. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 3 March 2022 12: 48
      And decides that ... it's too early

      Why not? It's up to Beijing, of course. But the US standing at the borders of the PRC cannot continue indefinitely.
      1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 3 March 2022 13: 14
        Why not?

        Because, despite our desires, there is a reality. And it is like this - China is not preparing for a landing. And no matter how many minuses I put, this will not change the situation)).

        But the US standing at the borders of the PRC cannot continue indefinitely.

        I don’t know how long this is endless, but it seems that for several decades the United States has been standing at the borders of the PRC. And nothing. Someday, maybe China will get tired of it. But we are now waiting for some kind of help. But China cares least of all about our interests. Maybe he recognized the LDNR, huh?
    2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 3 March 2022 13: 14
      Look at the consequences. And he decides that ... it's too early.

      The business of the owner. Let him wait until the block against him is finally formed - AUKUS (an alliance formed by Australia, Great Britain and the USA) with an armada of nuclear submarines. Then China will definitely not see Taiwan as its own ears. You have to bite your elbows.
      1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 3 March 2022 13: 30
        So now there is an armada of nuclear boats. Basically nothing will change if you mean Australian boats.
        1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
          Bulanov (Vladimir) 3 March 2022 13: 32
          Why not? In the event of a mess and the bombing of China from Australian boats, the US will say - We have nothing to do with it. He himself came...
          1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 3 March 2022 13: 54
            The next ten years, such an event will not happen. But you have every right to fantasies.
    3. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
      Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 3 March 2022 13: 49
      ... I agree, this kind of operation requires preparation. But ideally, it would be cool if they started with Taiwan now. Or at least circled there - the West would have tensed up by now.
      1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 3 March 2022 14: 03
        The US and Japanese armed forces would have tensed up. What do we do with this? Now no one is going to fight with us. They are trying to strangle us economically. This is not done by the military, but by completely different people. The conflict is now completely unprofitable for China. All energy resources are sent to Europe, and China sucks its paw.
        1. Carmela Offline Carmela
          Carmela (Carmela) 4 March 2022 14: 09
          Economically, not economically... Information in our country is managed by the sixth column, and this is a big problem. It needs to be addressed, and radically.
      2. bobba94 Offline bobba94
        bobba94 (Vladimir) 3 March 2022 21: 29
        I also understand that it is unrealistic, but I would like to see how the West will have a press-press-point. Personally, I would look at it with pleasure, but ........ I talked in Vladik with a Chinese merchant, he says that the island will be annexed in 15 years
    4. Dima Offline Dima
      Dima (Dmitriy) 3 March 2022 20: 36
      And is this mess beneficial to us right now?
      So far, you can buy a chip, spare parts, etc. through China, and receive currency from there for our resources. In the event of a conflict, the Chinese may be subject to similar sanctions.
    5. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) 3 March 2022 23: 38
      They gave you minuses in the heat of the moment however ..

      View from my sofa:

      -China has a habit of solving problems by economic expansion, playing the long game.
      - The last Chinese war with Vietnam clearly did not work out and recent history does not remember the victorious Chinese wars at all.

      -Economic war on China was declared by approximately the same composition of participants as us.
      And it will be conducted until the complete surrender of one of the parties.
      - a very good time to solve the problem of Taiwan (as they have already said here), while the kneading is going on in Europe and the "bolívar" does not even pull one.

      PS The Chinese soul is dark, but the configuration is favorable.
    6. Vladimir Petroff (Vladimir Petroff) 4 March 2022 08: 59
      We in Russia did not believe in the possibility of hostilities against Ukraine until the last moment. However, this has already happened. China now has a window of opportunity.
  3. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) 3 March 2022 12: 48
    We must welcome the actions of our Chinese comrades and insure them a little by carefully defining targets on the territory of Pindosia.
  4. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 3 March 2022 13: 00
    Come on, the Chinese, drive American bugs out of your territory !!! soldier
    But how the last days of romantic silence Maya Sandu and the Tribal mongrels hi
  5. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 3 March 2022 13: 36
    The soldiers of the PLA Navy are well equipped. Mooring equipment properly fitted, sturdy shoes. The airborne paratroopers have comfortable helmets. good
  6. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) 3 March 2022 14: 52
    Quote: Expert_Analyst_Forecaster
    Beijing rightly believes that Washington and Brussels are now very busy guarding Kyiv and confronting Moscow, so they can do little to help Taipei.

    Dreams Dreams....
    China will not be at war now. He will wait for the end of the war on the territory of the former Ukraine. Look at the consequences. And he decides that ... it's too early.

    A real master will always take advantage of the fact that the attention of the rotozees is diverted by others. A hand with a handkerchief, coughing, taking out a trump card from the sleeve .... A minute later, this will no longer be possible. Of course, China knows what to do. Culture, philosophy, wisdom of millennia, he has, not you. And we will support him in any of his undertakings. Of course, in a political sense. They have more than enough forces and means for this themselves.
    1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 3 March 2022 15: 04
      You can talk for a long time.
      I'm just fixing my predictions.
      So: China will not start a military operation in Taiwan during the current war in Ukraine.
      This forecast was made not on the basis of my desires, but because of how I assess the situation.
      So far my predictions are coming true. Let's see how it goes this time.
  7. Kade_t Offline Kade_t
    Kade_t (Igor) 3 March 2022 14: 56
    Right now, China needs to resolve this issue, you can’t imagine a more profitable situation.
  8. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 3 March 2022 15: 01
    The United States and its allies perceive as a threat any military maneuvers of state formations that are not under their control, because the zone of interests of the United States is the whole world.
    Of course, China is closely following the events in Ukraine, but the situation with Taiwan is fundamentally different from the one that forced the Russian Federation to confront the US-NATO in Ukraine.
    Taiwan is not rushing into Aukus, there are no foreign military bases, it does not plan to acquire weapons of mass destruction and threaten China, with which it has good relations in all areas, and the Kuomintang party, with a high degree of probability, will win the next elections, unless, of course, the USA members cheat .
    In such a situation, there is no need to rush the natural course of events and resort to forceful unification on the eve of the upcoming congress and the threat of falling under similar sanctions, with all the ensuing consequences, especially on the eve of the congress.
    It is more logical to wait for the end of the confrontation between the Russian Federation and the United States and its allies, because. in this confrontation, the issue of US global hegemony is being decided.
    If the United States prevails, then the Russian Federation will cease to exist in its current form, and the United States will retain and strengthen the status of world hegemon.
    If the Russian Federation survives the political economic blockade, sanctions and the loss of about 50% of its gold and foreign exchange reserves (assets in China and gold on the territory of the Russian Federation, approximately 293 billion remain protected from sanctions), then with a 100% guarantee, the United States will lose its status and world leadership and this will open the door to a natural and peaceful unification of China.
    An attempt to forcefully unify China under the guise of the Ukrainian events can only speak of China's disbelief in the success of the Russian Federation and the achievement of three main goals - non-expansion, non-location, return to the borders of 1997, with all the ensuing consequences - the transfer of trade and economic relations with the Russian Federation into a "gray" zone, national currencies, which will allow China to avoid sanctions and not expose its economy to risk.
  9. weddu Offline weddu
    weddu (Kolya) 3 March 2022 15: 49
    Apparently China will not start its operation until Russia finishes its own. China in Taiwan will have to face the US army directly, it will be difficult for it to survive without the support of Russia, and the Russian military machine is now completely and completely occupied by Ukraine, which, by the way, considers itself the strongest army in Europe. Russia will not yet be able to provide full-fledged military-technical support to China, and Beijing is well aware of this.
  10. Denis radish Offline Denis radish
    Denis radish (Denis Moroz) 3 March 2022 23: 01
    as Jack Sparrow would say: if you were looking for an opportunity, then this was it;)
  11. Marjane Offline Marjane
    Marjane (Marian) 4 March 2022 11: 25
    Quote: Expert_Analyst_Forecaster
    China will not be at war now. He will wait for the end of the war on the territory of the former Ukraine. Look at the consequences. And he decides that ... it's too early.

    They will look at the reaction right now, there will be no war with the West. They have a very good chance. Perhaps they will enlist our support even in the sense of "high combat readiness."
  12. bsk_una Offline bsk_una
    bsk_una (Nick) 4 March 2022 16: 24
    Of course, Taiwan and China are one country. But how does Taiwan threaten China? There is no threat there. And then why start fuss and war? Unclear. Two Chinas, let them live in peace.
  13. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) 4 March 2022 16: 40
    Taiwan, urgently return to your home port. And we'll see how the Americans will do with electronics.
  14. Pilot Offline Pilot
    Pilot (Pilot) 4 March 2022 23: 10
    From heavy military transport aircraft Xian Y-20. We don't have any of those yet. Ejective managers are all about..ali.
  15. konevproekt Offline konevproekt
    konevproekt (Ilya) 5 March 2022 05: 13
    Firstly, the Americans do not fight with their own hands, but only pit the fraternal peoples, and also in this period of time we do not need a war near the Far East - the Americans are trying to achieve this so that Russia mobilizes its forces also in the Far East. I think China will do the following, raise its fleet, which China has already done and go into standby mode until Russia completes the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, and only then it will begin to act, since China is also not profitable for the weakened, albeit a little, Far East. And then the Americans will return back to the West and also in some country they will unleash a military conflict, only this time also with the people of our fraternal state. This is purely my guess, and also wait and see.
  16. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 5 March 2022 07: 10
    Quote from konevproekt
    we do not need a war near the Far East - the Americans are trying to achieve this, so that Russia will mobilize its forces also in the Far East.

    How is China's war in Taiwan connected with Russia's mobilization of its forces in the Far East? Are we going to fight there? Or will the US and Japan attack us? Russia protects the Far East with its nuclear potential, and not with conventional weapons.