Which countries did not oppose Russia's operation in Ukraine

Kyiv believes that "the whole world" supports Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Is this so, the journalist Yury Podolyaka disassembled.

The United States, Canada, most European countries and Washington's allies represented by Australia and Japan are currently in solidarity with Ukraine. Hungary expresses a dual opinion on this issue, not voting against anti-Russian sanctions, but at the same time imposing a ban on the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina also take a special position, generally condemning Russia's actions.

Other significant countries, to one degree or another, did not speak out with condemnation of Moscow. First of all, this can be seen in the example of Latin America (Brazil, Mexico), most of whose states did not support anti-Russian sanctions. The same position is shared by South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, India, China and the countries of the Middle East (including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran).

The Axis of Friendship, previously created by Russia in the Middle East region, works like clockwork

- noted the analyst.

Israel in the issue of solidarity with the sanctions against the Russian Federation maneuvers and does not express its position directly. However, Tel Aviv does not plan to impose any sanctions. It is understandable: in such a scenario, the sky over Syria will become inaccessible to Israel.

Yury Podolyaka paid special attention to the refusal of Moldova and Georgia to support the sanctions measures against Russia - Ukraine made a special bet on these countries.

Is the "whole world" the United States and much of Europe, less than 20 percent of the world's population and less than half in economic potential?

the expert asks a rhetorical question.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 2 March 2022 17: 23
    And I was hoping that Israel would take Urgant off the air as heavy sanctions.
  2. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 2 March 2022 17: 41
    On March 2, the administration of the VKontakte social network blocked the official pages of Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd.

  3. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
    Mikhail L. 2 March 2022 17: 44
    ... And what countries expressed support for Russia in ... the economic war declared by it?
    ...To resist the united West, Russia must be a civilizational leader.
    ...But for now, she's only...defending!
  4. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 2 March 2022 23: 06
    if you look at the EU, then all the same, you can talk about total economic war. The EU could simply "merge" Ukraine and impose high-profile sanctions, but not aimed at undermining the economic security of the Russian Federation. EU sanctions are also causing enormous damage to the EU itself. Why do they do this? The answer is obvious - they are hysterical from the consequences for themselves (look at the prices of gas, oil, aluminum, etc.) and see their only chance in overthrowing the Russian government by the Russians themselves. Ie they put on all or nothing. Very in vain. They must know how the Russian people react to threats from outside. And an attempt to strangle the country with sanctions will rally the Russians even more. The EU itself, with its own hands, demonizes itself in the eyes of the Russians. This moment of the Russian media needs to be strengthened. This is very important at this stage, so that there is no hope left in the EU for a revolution in Russia.
    The EU, realizing what abyss they are now flying into, clings to imaginary hopes, thereby further worsening the prospects for the crisis to pass. The fact is that the answer to the sanctions of the West has not yet followed, there is not even a question about it. While the operation is going on, the West will impose sanctions every couple of days in order to maintain the appearance of a "reaction". When the operation is over, Russia will evaluate the entire package of sanctions and there will already be a response. If sanctions against Russia are aimed at undermining the Russian economy, then there is no doubt that the response will have similar goals. Such a decision will be supported by Russian society, which needs to be explained the purpose of Western sanctions.