A photo of the consequences of the strike on the hangar with the An-225 Mriya aircraft was published

During the fighting at the Gostomel airport near Kyiv, the largest An-225 Mriya transport aircraft to date was destroyed. As Vladimir Zelensky later noted in his Telegram channel, the aircraft was badly damaged during the fire.

It will take $XNUMX billion and more than five years to restore the aircraft, sources said. In fact, this means that the airframe of the liner will have to be assembled from scratch, which does not make any sense.

The published pictures of the open hangar on the territory of the airfield correspond to the canopy under which the Mriya was usually located.

Recall that after the landing of the Russian troops near Gostomel, Ukrainian artillery began to hit the airport. Not knowing exactly where the paratroopers were, the blows were delivered at random. Apparently, one of the shells hit the plane, breaking through the roof of the hangar.

An-225 "Mriya" was developed in the 80s of the last century in the Antonov Design Bureau. The aircraft made its maiden flight in December 1988, and Mriya was in service the following year. The payload of the An-225 is about 250 tons. The weight of the empty aircraft is 216 tons, the maximum takeoff weight is 640 tons. The cruising speed of the Mriya reaches 850 km / h, the practical ceiling is 12 thousand meters.
  • Photos used: Sentinel Missions, ISI
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  1. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) 28 February 2022 19: 22
    Another concern is gone.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 28 February 2022 19: 42
    And then the legacy of the ancestors was ruined. Everything these mutated ancient Sumerian Midas touches turns into feces.
    Someone in the know did the Dutch manage to return the gold of the Scythians?
    It's a pity the exhibits, because the bastards will stick.
    1. Marjane Offline Marjane
      Marjane (Marian) 28 February 2022 21: 35
      It will be necessary to return to the downed Boeing, for sure there will be new data winked
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) 28 February 2022 21: 48
        It will be necessary to return to the downed Boeing, for sure there will be new data

        Not excluded yes This also needs to be remembered good
  3. Oleg_5 Offline Oleg_5
    Oleg_5 (Oleg) 28 February 2022 19: 48
    They wrote that this is the second, unfinished copy?
    Flying - somewhere in Southeast Asia now.
    1. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 28 February 2022 20: 02
      This is incorrect information.
  4. Siberia55 Offline Siberia55
    Siberia55 (Yuri) 28 February 2022 20: 05
    The most honest world media have not yet declared that it was the Russian army that bombed the hangar?
  5. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 28 February 2022 22: 00
    It is unlikely that the destruction of the An-225 was accidental?!
    Banderlogs operate according to the same murderous "motto", which was proclaimed back in 2014 at the "Euromaidan" - "Crimea (Donbass, the rest of Ukraine) is either ours or deserted!"
    So it is with "Mriya (Dream)" - "so don't get it to anyone!" these "herostratics" arrived, alas!
    The Russophobically biased "world community" hypocritically "will not notice" this, just as it "did not notice" the long-term genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass by Kiev punishers and Kiev's outright mockery of the Crimeans before this!
    Look, the "newly introduced" German chancellor even laughed at this, in Goebbels's style denying the anti-human crimes of the Kiev "g / Bandera regime"!
  6. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 28 February 2022 22: 57
    And banderzyans except how to break and beg for something imprisoned?
  7. EMMM Offline EMMM
    EMMM 1 March 2022 00: 24
    Stupid, I don’t understand, the second publication about the destruction of the Mriya, but no photos, no facts. What banderpis write without concrete confirmation I do not perceive in principle. If this is a fact, and that the fire that destroyed the unique aircraft was caused by an IED attack, it would have already been replicated by the Russian media. There is not a single photo of a burnt or blown up aircraft.
    The most incredible option: "Mriya" in the FACE
  8. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 1 March 2022 08: 43
    This is how the decommunization of the Soviet past proceeds.
    1. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) 1 March 2022 09: 02
      after decommunization...

      The tails will grow back and climb back onto the poplars ...
    2. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
      gunnerminer (gunner miner) 1 March 2022 09: 09
      If only it was accompanied by at least a slow rise in the standard of living of the Russian population.
  9. Marjane Offline Marjane
    Marjane (Marian) 1 March 2022 10: 17
    Quote: 123
    It will be necessary to return to the downed Boeing, for sure there will be new data

    Not excluded yes This also needs to be remembered good

    Remember first! I hope someone is already taking measures so that the information is not destroyed. This may be one of the main trump cards, the world community does not touch the deaths of people from Donbass ...
  10. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 3 March 2022 13: 29
    The Nazis buried the dream.
  11. Vladimir Voron Offline Vladimir Voron
    Vladimir Voron (Vladimir Voron) 3 March 2022 20: 49
    the tail can be seen from under the canopy ... There should not be much damage from the projectile ... But if the turntables had been blown with a thermobar, there would have been no ash left!