Why Ukrainians believe in a quick and unconditional victory over Russia

In connection with the events in Ukraine, the confrontation between supporters and opponents of the conflict intensified in the information space. The importance of this “front” is pointed out by political scientist and expert Yuriy Podolyaka.

Ukrainian propaganda resources inspire the citizens of the country that the “enemy” will soon be defeated, and allegedly “hundreds of thousands of units have already been burned.” equipmentfrom the opposite side. Moreover, no one has yet been able to present evidence of the destroyed tanks and aircraft.

All this suggests that the Office of the Ukrainian President and my counterpart Arestovich are lying like a gray gelding

Podolyak noted.

According to the expert, the authorities adhere to such an informational line, because if you tell the people the truth, then “everything will fall apart”: faith in victory, the resilience of troops and territorial defense. And there will be a real disaster.

The Ukrainian authorities are totally lying to their people. Most of the inhabitants of Ukraine live in virtual reality, where they win, smash the enemy. The same thing happened during the Karabakh war. The Armenian population for the first 10-15 days was absolutely sure that the Azerbaijani army was about to be defeated and the Armenians would enter Baku in a victorious march. Today we know what these words cost

- the analyst emphasized.

In order to force the Ukrainians to fight against the Russian troops, Kyiv paints a picture of an “imminent and unconditional victory.” But the faith of the people of Ukraine in the "triumph" of their army will soon turn into bitter disappointment.

Everything will happen exactly the opposite. Three or four days will pass, and everything that you did in your cities will hit you like a boomerang. The weapons that you handed out right and left will shoot at you too. You will think about how to protect the population from the marauders that you have spawned.

- Yuriy Podolyaka turned to the Ukrainian fighters and the authorities.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 28 February 2022 13: 29
    Arestovich lies like a gray gelding

    Arestovich can be arrested. Zelensky has earned almost a yard and a half of greenery, and if the Americans do not liquidate him, he will live in the States or London. It is better for him in the States, otherwise in London he may accidentally hang himself on his own scarf or tie.
    In the meantime, as they say in the media, the Ukrainian delegation traveled from Kyiv to the Belarusian border for almost a day by helicopter. You can fly by helicopter in an hour. Most likely they flew from Poland while the APU is dying in boilers. Well, remember Hetman Skoropadsky? How did he run with the Germans, abandoning his army?
  2. Gosha Smirnov Offline Gosha Smirnov
    Gosha Smirnov (Smirnov) 28 February 2022 15: 01
    In war and fishing, they lie the most. Moreover, BOTH sides!

    Moreover, no one has yet been able to present evidence of the destroyed tanks and aircraft.

    - I already wrote here on the site about the frank wretchedness of the Ukrainian propaganda machine. But it’s not too early to rejoice. For Russian propaganda is no less stupid and miserable and, paradoxically, much less ef-in Ukrainian. days, etc., and the Russians are trying to answer everything, to this sea of ​​​​fakes, and even sluggishly, etc., that is, they work as the second number. So the information warriors DO NOT win. And this will mean: + additional soldiers dying, prolonged time (it doesn’t play in the Russian Federation unequivocally), etc. But let’s get back to the type of lack of evidence about destroyed tanks, etc. Yes, everything is VERY simple! and you will see EVERYTHING there. Even abandoned T90s and self-propelled guns stuck in the mud, which local villagers enthusiastically dereban, etc. And there are VERY many of them. There is a detailed video of a downed ka52, etc.
    So, over and over again, I can only state that you have already lost the info-war, Mr. Podolyak. Losing the real war is on the way.
    1. EpIvIaK Offline EpIvIaK
      EpIvIaK (Ian) 28 February 2022 17: 04
      Gosh, it's not really like that. That side of the national the Ukrainian just fell into clown fakery so much that it really clouded the entire information space. Now this is no longer valid, everyone quickly understood their methods.
      But the main thing is that there are losses, among the slag thrower there are a lot of fakes known about the Ka-52 and about some other aspects. It cannot be done without loss. This is not an apartment of drug addicts "to take", not even a building to storm, not even a city, this is a country. But I understand why the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did not talk about losses at the beginning, it’s fakes to throw, you can wag anything. And objective data collection takes time. And of which I am already 100% convinced that the fake wankers of the nat. Ukrainians exaggerate the losses of the Russian Federation from 10 times to more. And one more thing: they cannot simply have objective data on the losses of the Russian Federation in conditions when they didn’t even know about OWN in Serpentine, they are scattered, their bunch of hearths, this is their propaganda, right.
      And no, the side of the nat. Ukrainian is more deceitful. I'm not a Kremlinbot, a wild fan. But these are observations these days.
      It is necessary to react to the info war, I agree. But in the West it is difficult to do this now, everyone there is fanatically biased, as required by that Company. And here we are, and so soon time will judge.
    2. Awaz Offline Awaz
      Awaz (Walery) 1 March 2022 19: 41
      one of the problems why we are losing the inf war is that all Western resources are also driven by fakes with a pro-Ukrainian orientation. A banal man in the street, even in Russia, seeing that Ukraine and the West write the same thing, also begins to believe them in the first place.
      Well, and the second topic, you are right - this is a bad job of debunking fakes and there is no work at all to demonstrate the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their command along with the bandits ..
      Mr. Podolyaka, with all due respect to his efforts, is also mistaken in places.
      Who is PODOLYAKA? I don’t know, but probably an ordinary blogger who hardly has any garters in the RF Ministry of Defense or the FSB, most likely, on his own initiative, talks about what happened in Ukraine and around, collecting information from scarce sources and in places trying to debunk fakes. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much ... But some special service of the FSB or the Ministry of Defense, collecting both Ukrainian information and information from the Armed Forces and from informants on the ground, could create a whole powerful, well-updated channel, where it would accurately clearly explain everything that is happening , leveling uncomfortable moments and devastatingly exposing fakes. Yes, and there are definitely services involved in the analysis of everything that is happening. It’s just that their information needs to be arranged in a way that is digestible for the average person, and that’s all ...
  3. sapper2 Offline sapper2
    sapper2 (Minesweeper2) 1 March 2022 04: 23
    No less important is the war in the information space .... They have it aggressive, noisy, putting pressure on the subconscious ...... We are again lagging behind .... A lot of stuffing, we have to wait until the situation clears up .... Some kind of gossip, rumors ... Mostly through social networks ... The presence of our propaganda is not felt there .... Truth has no legs - it needs to be spread among the people.
  4. Gips Offline Gips
    Gips (Dmitriy) 1 March 2022 12: 34
    Well, why do they believe? Because some people do not want to part with the place in industrial relations that they have at the moment.

    Here is a very clear example of how the owners of the means of production fool cannon fodder so that more of them die for their property. Any, even the most crude methods of propaganda. Reminiscent of the end of the Great Patriotic War at the time of the capture of Germany, when everything was already obvious, but ordinary citizens hoped to defeat the enemy and went to "self-defense" units, up to children.
    And under the guise of Nazi bosses flowing around the Americas, while the civilians who were before the village go into the trenches to die.
  5. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) 1 March 2022 14: 12
    It will be hard for the people of Ukraine to recognize the lies of the leadership of Ukraine when this is all over. The same as it was after 2014. After realizing the 'European Ukraine', the price of 'lace panties' and Ukraine's billions in debt.