A large grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass is no longer able to escape from the encirclement

The Russian army continues to encircle large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass as part of the operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. The “cauldron” being formed for Ukrainian units and nationalist battalions responsible for the shelling of the DPR and LPR over the past 8 years will force the still official Kyiv to negotiate with Russia.

On February 27, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stationed in Kramatorsk moved to the west in order not to be surrounded. However, half way through the Ukrainian troops turned around and returned to Kramatorsk. Apparently, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine realized that these Donbass units would no longer be able to escape from the emerging “cauldron”. It was decided to return to fortified positions, primarily cities, hiding behind the civilian population.

At the same time, it can almost be said for sure that the Russian army will not destroy a large grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that has fallen into the environment. Firstly, as already indicated above, a huge "cauldron" in the Donbass will be the reason for the initiation of the negotiation process by Kiev. Secondly, Russia, being a peaceful power, will show humanity towards the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who will be forced to lay down their arms and throw out the white flag. However, it is obvious that such a decision may not affect the militants of the national battalions.
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  1. Marjane Offline Marjane
    Marjane (Marian) 28 February 2022 10: 35
    Already once believed them, who appreciated it? How many victims have suffered since then and now the losses are significant. We need to be tougher, they were asked to lay down their arms, and they set fire to residential areas. Our soldiers should not die because of these bastards.
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  3. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) 28 February 2022 11: 16
    Interestingly, is the young father of the Ukrainian nation also in the ring, or, having greased his heels with fat, fled to the owner across the ocean??
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 28 February 2022 11: 43
      Information has been received that Zelensky is being guarded by the Americans, and the Americans are now in Poland.
    2. Volga073 Offline Volga073
      Volga073 (MIKLE) 1 March 2022 08: 47
      He has been in Poland for a long time.
  4. Ivan Vetrov Offline Ivan Vetrov
    Ivan Vetrov (Ivan Vetrov) 28 February 2022 11: 55
    National battalions do not take prisoner
    1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
      Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 1 March 2022 15: 52
      So Russia came to fight or liberate?
  5. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 28 February 2022 11: 57
    Dispose of the Nazis on the spot - no options. Otherwise, we will get this Banderaism for many years ... "Kukuruznik" Khrushchev, from a small mind, amnestied this beast .... And what is the result?
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  6. Rubicon Offline Rubicon
    Rubicon 28 February 2022 14: 00
    Show humanism, why? The group must be completely destroyed.
    1. EMMM Offline EMMM
      EMMM 28 February 2022 21: 09
      I think they will destroy themselves.
      If you look at the map of real actions, the militia troops of the DPR and LPR, as well as the Russian army, bypass large settlements in order to cover the Ukrainian security forces stationed there.
      Specially! to show everyone what the modern Kyiv regime is. Unfortunately, the civilized Western world will pretend that this does not exist
  7. Yuri Shishlov Offline Yuri Shishlov
    Yuri Shishlov (Yuri Shishlov) 28 February 2022 20: 26
    Natsiks are definitely on the count !!!
  8. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 28 February 2022 21: 55
    Nazis digging in cities is a strategic problem.
    They will use the population as hostages, playing the long game, manipulating the negotiations. The States will conduct, connecting other mechanisms and world public opinion, forcing time to work for itself.
    It is vital to deprive them of this tool.
    It is necessary to withdraw the population from these cities, create protected exit corridors, and encourage them to do so. We'll still have to pick out the militants from there. Smart, precise planning and preparation work is needed.
    The Chechens offered themselves as performers. You probably need to agree, but conduct thorough training and training of units
  9. Degrin Offline Degrin
    Degrin (Alexander) 28 February 2022 22: 44
    Ukrainians, we will die as one for the hosts from the USA
    1. Navigator Offline Navigator
      Navigator (Andrei) 28 February 2022 23: 23
      in fact, they are fighting for their land and now they do not care deeply about the United States. And we would have fought in the same way as if we were in their place. We are invaders for them. And they do not understand that in the Donbas Ukrainians have been doing chaos. It's all in the past.. It's important to them now. Here, either kill everyone, or occupy the land for 30 years, so that several generations grow up, on the loyal. I have two aunts living in Ukraine. Both teachers. They are about 65 years old. They seem to be educated, they lived in the USSR, but they carry such nonsense that it’s time to grab your head. Brains washed out completely. We do not communicate now and I am an enemy for them, especially a former military man. And before there was a beloved nephew. Here is such a life. And no one knows how to do it right.
      1. isofat Offline isofat
        isofat (isofat) 28 February 2022 23: 43
        Andrew, in fact, they staged a coup, they used weapons against those who did not agree to obey them, unleashed a civil war, they consider their ideology to be the only correct one, and those Ukrainians who want to live in peace and friendship with the Russians are KILLED.

        Eight years is enough time to start implementing the Minsk agreements.
      2. Degrin Offline Degrin
        Degrin (Alexander) 12 March 2022 07: 04
        In fact, the Ukrainian SS regime was artificially created by the US State Department.
  10. Vladimir Daetoya (Vladimir Daetoya) 1 March 2022 01: 28
    Quote from yo-yo
    lubricating the heels with fat, fled to the owner across the ocean ??

    Begging for protection from Israel. So it’s not kosher to smear with lard, but to roll in feathers and wedge yourself into a flock of migratory ducks as a Fuhrer ... it’s not the season. Look for him on the 94th quarter in the image of Napoleon sitting stoned at the broken trough:
    - In the EU, please, in NATO even tomorrow, and this is the result ...
  11. Dmitry Otroschenko (Dmitry Otroschenko) 1 March 2022 12: 05
    And what is the point of showing humanism to those who are hiding behind civilians?
  12. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
    Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 1 March 2022 15: 50
    And that the APU has already taken the Donbass, that the troops surrounded them?
  13. AND Offline AND
    AND 1 March 2022 20: 23
    Quote: Alexander K_2
    And that the APU has already taken the Donbass, that the troops surrounded them?

    Your level of Western propaganda is very small Alexander. Isn't it funny from your writing?
  14. Cat Offline Cat
    Cat (Sergei) 4 March 2022 09: 25
    Everything is correct! Ukraine is our common home! Motherland of Russia! And we have to put things in order there! Long live Kievan Rus! Long live the Russian World!
  15. Degrin Offline Degrin
    Degrin (Alexander) 12 March 2022 07: 05
    Ukraine is UkroReich
    APU is Ukrovermacht
    Ukrainians are Ukrainian