Russian troops in Melitopol: a special operation is underway in the building of the SBU

On the evening of February 24, Russian troops advancing from Crimea reached the western outskirts of Melitopol in the Zaporozhye region. The city authorities decided not to resist in order to avoid unnecessary casualties and destruction.

After that, the military personnel of the RF Armed Forces entered the city, which occupies a strategic position in this area. The local administration informed that all life support facilities are operating normally.

However, not all residents of the city calmly accepted the appearance of the Russian military. The video below, filmed by an eyewitness, shows how a young man is on the roadway, who jumps on passing armored vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces and tries in every possible way to prevent them from passing. Moreover, the Russians slow down and try to carefully drive around a not quite adequate resident so that he does not fall under the wheels.

In the next video, a witness, who is on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the building of the local SBU and who does not quite understand the situation, points to the conduct of a special operation by Russian military personnel. Single shots are heard, and then bursts of automatic weapons are heard.

SBU. The boys are being knocked down...

– explained the voice-over.

However, the people in the opposite building were much more aware of what was happening. It turned out that one of the SBU officers started firing a machine gun from a window at the passing armored vehicles of the Russian troops. Naturally, those on whom the fire was fired paid attention to this. It is not surprising that after that a special operation began to neutralize the aggressive security official.

It should be noted that the Russians were going to simply drive through Melitopol without stopping, leaving only a cover group at the local airfield. Roads lead from this city in three directions: north to Zaporozhye, south to Berdyansk and east to Donbass - this is an important fork in the Northern Azov and Lower Dnieper. Now you have to mess around there, which reduces the overall pace of progress.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 25 February 2022 12: 38
    Svidomo would have been burned alive and would have moved on. Let the locals deal with the burnt carcass of the hero themselves. And where are the promised bread and salt from the supposedly sane majority?
    1. Evil Tail Offline Evil Tail
      Evil Tail (Anton Bukin) 25 February 2022 12: 49
      What about the meaning? Stupid sadism is unprofessional. Completing the task is one thing, but spoiling the already strained relations with the locals is already part of psychiatry.
      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 25 February 2022 12: 52
        it was necessary to set the table with bacon and vodka and wait until the crest gets hungry and leaves? if you slow down every Ukrainian half-wit, then the operation will drag on for years.
      2. Katya Zizepina Offline Katya Zizepina
        Katya Zizepina (Katya Zizepina) 26 February 2022 00: 08
        well, the operator's hands are shaking
  2. Rocj Offline Rocj
    Rocj (Gera) 25 February 2022 12: 50
    and what kind of miracle in pink pants is clowning there?))
    1. LLIkunep Offline LLIkunep
      LLIkunep (Alexey) 25 February 2022 14: 29
      Local fool ... k. There are plenty of them in every country.
  3. Mihail1975 Offline Mihail1975
    Mihail1975 (Michael) 25 February 2022 15: 18
    They write about losses from Ukrainians, but what is known about the losses in our aircraft?
  4. dunce123 Offline dunce123
    dunce123 (Charlie) 25 February 2022 15: 47
    drunk \ smoky \ chipped \ under butyrate \ smeared with antidote ??? or "mein kampf" read a lot ??? resistance hero!
  5. AND Offline AND
    AND 25 February 2022 15: 56
    There was information that on the video this gunnerminer runs and jumps screaming take me with you, I'm bored.
  6. Katya Zizepina Offline Katya Zizepina
    Katya Zizepina (Katya Zizepina) 26 February 2022 00: 11
    it infuriates that civilians go around, they can’t understand what - war .... they don’t have notifications, then again ours are to blame, the gunners may be Bendera
  7. Sergey Novitsky Offline Sergey Novitsky
    Sergey Novitsky (Sergey Novitsky) 26 February 2022 08: 59
    Nazis from the national battalions should not be taken prisoner !!!
  8. Aleksandr_16 Offline Aleksandr_16
    Aleksandr_16 (Alexey Lavrov) 27 February 2022 15: 29
    God bless the warrior of the Russian army of any nationality and religion.