Ukrainian landing: a shame that cannot be washed away

Recently, fireworks were fired on the regular, already 27th, anniversary of our Independence. And the people returning from vacations were able to contemplate their New Army, which stands on its chest to protect all civilized humanity from Putin's Tatar-Buryat hordes, for the fourth year, sparing no belly, harrowing the borders on the far approaches to the EU.

Uncle Petya, speaking at the military parade on the occasion of the anniversary, said so:

The war of Russia against Ukraine is part of the Kremlin’s plan for the collapse of the European Union and NATO. Our warriors in the east stand in defense of the security and welfare of not only Ukraine, but of all of Europe. So we are not joining the European Union and NATO empty-handed. Today (and you’ll see it), we have one of the best armies of the continent. It will significantly strengthen the eastern flank of NATO. And in return - we rely on the guarantees of collective security that the Alliance provides ...

Uncle Petya said - you will see it, and we saw it! One of the best armies of the continent! (But it’s just interesting, and which army is considered to be the best on the continent? It’s just scary to assume that Russia is really bad? Then our affairs are bad! Because it’s not the form that’s fighting, people are fighting. And Uncle Petya began building the New Army from the form).

Looking at the pictures from the parade, I honestly got confused in the arms of service represented on it. Not only did Uncle Petya change epaulettes and military ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, now you won’t find any enemy stars there, some “tsyatochki” (I can’t find another word) of a cubic shape instead of stars on epaulettes and triangular-shaped hinges for sergeants, similar to shoulder straps of merchant marine sailors or civil aviation pilots. There are no complaints about the tongues, in principle, it’s even beautiful, only now there would be a deal with the ranks - there were new ranks of the head sergeant, master sergeant and senior master sergeant (instead of the institute of ensigns), as well as the title of chief master sergeant of the military branch and the chief master sergeant of the Armed Forces, equated to senior officers (they ripped off the Americans, but, in principle, there is logic here - all the armed forces of NATO countries are on the sergeant’s corps). With the officer ranks, they decided not to change anything, adding only the rank of brigadier general standing between the colonel and the major general (this is also, in principle, correct, given that the AFU switches to the NATO model of troop configuration when divisions and regiments disappear, and light and heavy brigades appear). There were no particular complaints about the form itself, it looked quite beautiful and modern, although I understand that in the ATO zone a completely different form is in use. The emblems on the hats, indicating the branches of the army, in general, looked very high quality (much better than what was in the Soviet army), there are only positive emotions. The only complaints arose with the changing colors of the military branches, and not only for me. This especially affected the marines and landing. Those whom I initially mistook for the Airborne Forces turned out to be real marines in real life (you can’t tell the turquoise and blue on TV), but the troops now flaunted in burgundy berets that looked more like explosive maroon berets (now it is the National Guard). And this caused mixed feelings among the winged infantry, to say the least (and I still choose the words).

It is unlikely that landing will now defend Uncle Petya after all that he has done to her. Just spat in the soul and put out the cigarette butt. There is even less chance that this will be done by the Marine Corps, after he has dealt a small and big need in their souls. Simply put, defecated. Probably, in the history of Ukraine, this is the only commander in chief who is equally hated and despised, both civilian and military. Moreover, the latter, regardless of the type of troops and stars on uniform. Moreover, there are no stars anymore either. But in order to give a damn about the soul of the elite of the troops, its stronghold, its most combat-ready and legendary unit, we still need to be able to. But Uncle Petya, as a person who had never served, did not even understand that this was absolutely impossible to do. How he set everyone against himself.

It all started with a name change, even before Poroshenko, reformers trying to rebuild from the Russian army renamed the valiant airborne troops (airborne troops) into airmobiles. Later they thought better of it and, in order to preserve the abbreviation, converted it into highly mobile landing troops - also, like, the Airborne Forces. But the name didn’t take root, and the airborne troops always and everywhere proudly referred to themselves as “Uncle Vasya’s troops” - after the name of its founder Vasily Margelov, the legendary Soviet general, beloved and revered in the troops, who laid down their spirit and fighting efficiency. Vasily Margelov belonged to the motto of the Airborne Forces:

Nobody but us! ”, As well as a saying that everyone in the winged guard knows:“ Hit the Airborne Forces - be proud! Do not hit - rejoice !.

But on November 21, 2017, by the decree of Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian airborne units were renamed to DSV (airborne assault troops). In the explanatory note to the bill, it was reported that "due to the occupation of the Russian Federation, part of the personnel of the Ukrainian Highly Mobile Airborne Troops negatively reacted to the fact that their abbreviation coincides with the Airborne troops of the aggressor country." This is where they found such freaks there, some such part of the personnel? Social networks responded instantly: “Well, dudes, what does it sound like - De ShaVe? No associations? After all, now we have all the desheve - both rabsila and gas from the "aggressor", and all of you are cheap there? ” As a result, nobody wanted to serve in DeSheVe! Pete would think. But no! Went to the end. Not only did he rename the Airborne Forces in DSHV, introduced a new flag, standard and emblem, he also changed the motto “Nobody but us” to “Always the first”, moved the holiday from August 2 to November 21 (the anniversary of the Maidan - and here Maidan, I don’t know?) and, oh my God, I changed the blue berets to burgundy, which is what I finally strained and finished off the landing. Encroach on the holy? This does not say goodbye!

On August 2, the command of the Armed Forces School of Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to move the arrows and move out nicely by placing the following note in their home office:

Since last year, Ukraine annually celebrates the Day of Air Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on November 21. This is directly related to the very appointment of troops, the presence of heavy weapons, military equipment and the longstanding traditions of the armies of the world. However, one should not forget our history, the heroic examples of the older generation of paratroopers and our dead comrades. Someone gave their lives in local conflicts of the twentieth century, someone in peacekeeping missions, many paratroopers went to the sky in the fight against the Russian-occupying forces in the Ukrainian Donbass ... Therefore, on August 2 this is a day of remembrance for the dead paratrooper soldiers of different times and generations. This is respect and military honors to all those who honestly and conscientiously performed military duty in the ranks of the Airborne, Airmobile and Highly Mobile Airborne Forces, to people of a courageous character ... Glory to the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Armed Forces!

But who in the landing can you buy similar scribbles? On August 2, 1930, near Voronezh, a group of paratroopers landed for the first time in the USSR in the framework of the exercises, this day coincided with the Day of the Prophet Elijah, who after that the paratroopers consider their patron, and what happened on November 21, what does the Airborne Forces ?! And what does St. Michael have to do with it, what kind of heavenly patron is he for the landing ?! The landing of their saints does not change! No, this is not forgiven! What did Petya count on, so he did not give a damn about the winged guard’s soul, I don’t know.

But even this seemed to him not enough! And he decided to encroach on the sacred - on the blue beret and the vest ?! And that was already beyond the permissible limits! Here is what the brother of the notorious Mustafa Nayem Masi, who served 1,5 years in the landing in the ATO zone, writes in his FB:

This is some kind of bottom. Blue berets are the pride of paratroopers. The burgundy or maroon color of the beret has always been a hallmark of the Internal Troops. Honestly, I have a negative attitude to this color. Replacing the color of berets is stupid!

Another paratrooper with the call sign "Shilo" went even further:

In the command of the airborne forces, it would be better to engage in combat training of fighters and better supply the rear. On rotation, we live in tents, because the barracks are without heating, with holey windows, roofs flow. And they break their heads, whatever color of berets to come up with instead of blue. Give better modern weapons and equipment. They are doing nonsense in the rear, the generals are bad. None of those who wore blue berets will not replace them with maroon ones. Maybe with generals, they’ll put on parades. And by their own will, the soldiers will not wear such crap. Zapadlo landing to wear garbage-colored berets!

The reaction was postponed to the postponing of the Airborne Forces Day

The decision to cancel the holiday and to replace the berets was made by the deputies, who were not at the front end for a minute. Therefore, I personally drum their solutions. These are the rear rats who do not know who Uncle Vasya Margelov is and what the Airborne Forces are. Let Gunpowder present solemnly new berets at least a thousand times and endure the holiday - he cannot change traditions by decree. If the deputies had just arrived in our unit, they would have seen that everyone after the divorce wore blue berets. Even the young, who came recently, by hook or by crook get their blue berets ...

- And this is no longer written by a veteran of the Airborne Forces, but by an active soldier, Senior Sergeant Stanislav Ya.

And here is what another paratrooper from another brigade writes, Junior Sergeant Artyom Z .:

Despite the fact that there is no longer a formal holiday on August 2, we had a unit in the morning, only dedicated to honoring the fallen paratroopers in the ATO. At the construction, everything was in new berets. And then, when they dispersed, I saw how the brigade commander from the headquarters went to celebrate. It's funny, but they - our commanders - already in the car, leaving, put on blue berets. All of ours, and mine too, have a blue beret in their backpack. Therefore, in the evening, when we gather with the brothers, with whom we fought in the ATO for 3 years, we will wear blue berets. Of course, we’ll knock over a hundred - for the lost friends and brothers. And no bosses can forbid us to do this!

And, in fact, no authorities are going to do this, the DShV officer, senior lieutenant Nikolai V. writes in his FSB:

Burgundy berets with us are intended for official events and authorities: parades, ceremonial buildings. Almost everyone has blue berets; none of the "old men" are going to throw them away. The vest and blue beret are symbols of the airborne forces. With berets in the bosom, at the vests, we went on the attack. Who can forbid us to celebrate August 2? Although now they called us DShV, but the Airborne Forces and "Uncle Vasya's Day of Forces" have not been canceled. Therefore, now we have two holidays - August 2 and November 21. On August 2 we will celebrate informally. November 21 - also note.

In short, everything from ordinary and sergeants to officers is furious with these changes, but if senior officers for the top leadership still show humility, then in the junior and middle com. riot is openly ripening among the ranks and among the rank and file of sergeants. On the battleship "Potemkin" it began with rotten porridge. What porridge will be delivered to the anti-terrorist operation zone, I don’t know, but it can become that last straw that will deploy troops in the other direction.

But, if discontent is only ripening in the landing, then the marines, having received the order to change the black berets to turquoise and transfer their holiday from November 16 to May 23, have already left obedience. (The black berets now went to the tankers! Epic thrash! Marine tankers! ..). It would seem that everyone is already used to moving holidays and changing forms for ideological reasons. But this time, the dull discontent of the military with the innovations of the command spilled out and moved into an open front. And it was like that ...

On May 23 of this year in Nikolaev the official ceremony of changing the uniforms of the Marine Corps took place with the participation of the whole president of Ukraine. At this most solemn moment, a part of the servicemen of the most elite 1st Theodosian Separate Marine Battalion refused to take off their black berets and put on turquoise ones. Moreover, they entered the solemn order, built on the occasion of the arrival of the President of Ukraine, in their old black berets. And that was a challenge! This has not happened in the recent history of Ukraine. Frank rebellion on the ship - a whole military unit rebelled! And not easy! These were people who, after the well-known events in the Crimea, left Theodosius, the place of their home registry, having crossed with arms and a flag into the territory controlled by Ukraine, remaining faithful to the Ukrainian oath. You can have a different attitude to these events, but there are no doubts that these are people of honor. So, these people went into an open conflict with the high command. How did this end for them personally? Sad They were all fired from the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here is what they wrote in their FB (I translate from Ukrainian, as it was written by my sovereign!):

Marines of the 1st FOBMP do not betray their traditions! Today, as part of the celebrations on the occasion of the Marine Corps Day in Nikolaev, a change in the color of beret and the symbols of the Marine Corps of Ukraine took place. The Marines of the 1st FOBMP refused to swear an oath and entered the parade during the celebrations in their Ukrainian black berets. The preservation of symbolism is a symbol of preserving the combat effectiveness and traditions of the remnants of the collectives that fought and are fighting the enemy, not only in the ranks of the marine corps, but also all the armed forces. Reforms are not a change of facade! And we boldly declare it! ALWAYS TRUE! (# 1 non-loose).

How the command dealt with the soldiers of the 1st non-retired, you know. They were fired, there were only those who were muddled. Now the 1st FOBMP can be safely called - 1 loaded.

Below I give a quote from the FB Veteran 1 FOBMP, a member of the ATO Boris Lisiyo. It is worth it to quote verbatim. His post is simply entitled:

About holidays, berets and not only ... ". The guy burns with napalm, this is an epic thrash. Listen to him: “Today, May 23, somehow it suddenly turned out to be the Day of the Marine Corps of Ukraine. Patamushta: 100 years ago, a certain protege of the German invaders by the name of Skoropadsky, who imagines himself the Supreme Voivode of the Ukrainian Army and Navy, issued a decree on the creation of the Ukrainian Marines. What decree, by and large, had no real consequences and went down in history as one of the loud but empty pieces of paper - in many concocted by numerous applicants for the Ukrainian throne 100 years ago.

But, nevertheless, this was quite enough for our Svidomo re-hunters to choose this date as MP Day.

At the same time, the aforementioned brainless re-hunters were not embarrassed by the fact that the Ukrainian marines already have their holiday - November 16th. This holiday, to the great chagrin of both the designated re-worshipers and other similar “fighters with a totalitarian past,” has nothing to do with either the past or any neighboring state here. Because it was founded precisely in Ukraine in 1992, on the day when the "Oath of the Marine of Ukraine" was first adopted. (I’ll add from myself that the guy doesn’t lie at all - the previous date of MP Day, November 16, was far from communist. It was established after independence in 1992, when the marines of the new Ukraine read the oath to the new state. Sorry for the wedge, I return the platform to the author post).

“In 2014, it was the marines who seriously intended to hold the defense in Feodosia, it was they who tried to resist the“ polite ”- at least some, even with one fist ... can many of the units in Crimea even boast of such? (even the heroic pilot-pilot Mamchur, unlike the marine Baranyuk, had no “traces of resistance” on his face at all).

And then there was a war, and there were losses, a lot or a little - and this is how to count ... to whom and a million are statistics, and to whom the only "two hundred" is more than necessary ...

In short: the Ukrainian marines already have a story. Real, not fake one hundred years ago. OWN story. But...

To the freaking reformers - what is it to them from that story? .. For them, the story is divided into two parts: the history of ancient times, about which no one lies - everything is in place; and the story that begins with these most fucking reformers - their dates, their holidays, their form, and all that jazz, the main thing is that they, as never anywhere else, have fought the dodges, appear as the most important authorities and instigators of traditions.

Well, what do those who really fight and who really create real history think about this ... but who are they to ask them? No one, and no way to call, Gaydukevichi with Vyatrovichi - our vsjo. When they say - then celebrate what color takes draw - and wear it.

Ugh, culturally speaking ...

End of quote.

I specially preserved the style and spelling of the author. You cannot throw words out of a song, as they say. Especially since the guy said well. From the heart! For reference, you should understand that out of more than six hundred fighters of the 1st FOBMP, only 137 people left for mainland Ukraine, the rest remained and swore allegiance to the Russian Federation. Those who went out fought in 2014 under Vodyany, Shirokino, Talakeevka and throughout the coastal area. Yes, they took the Oath on a black beret and did not betray her, just as they did not betray the flag of Ukraine. You can relate to them differently here, but you already understood that this is the elite of the troops. And this elite is already overboard the APU. Who will protect Petsu after this, I don’t know ?!
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  1. Jerk Offline Jerk
    Jerk 11 September 2018 09: 54
    Strictly speaking, landing should at least have a means of landing, and that’s all - motorized gunners;)))
    1. kergak.andrei Offline kergak.andrei
      kergak.andrei (Andrey Alexandrovich) 31 December 2018 08: 03
      So this is speaking about the landing ... And in this case, we are talking about the so-called DesHovye Troops .. Therefore .. And to hell with them the means of landing ... Deshovye Voiki, a priori, must correspond to its name ..
  2. pafegosoff Offline pafegosoff
    pafegosoff (Arkhip Pafegosov) 11 September 2018 16: 02
    Petya Potroshenko throughout 1984 served as a guard in some zone in Kazakhstan and "took part in hostilities" - he pacified the revolt of convicts.
    Needless to say, how much the paratroopers and marines respect such "military experts", and even - brought down all the traditions of the combat arms! And who liberated Ukraine from the German Nazis? Banderlog? Aha! They liberated Poland from the Poles! And the Poles are especially grateful to Kiev for the Volyn Massacre. But how! To hell with them, with the Poles, but the nationalists do not like Muscovites (although they travel to Russia to work in huge numbers!)
    By the way, in Kirovograd the special forces of the GRU of the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense wore the form of airborne ...
  3. Pishenkov Online Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 17 October 2018 13: 16
    Well written. Well, right, sincerely. Took to see. And it took me, which is rare. Not otherwise, the author, too, wore a vest of his time, huh?
    And yet this is once again to the question of how different Ukrainians and I are-yes shit is all! Noodles on the ears for children of senior school age, who on both sides of this border that suddenly comes from know life through smartphones.
    And the worst thing is what our dear "Western partners" have finally achieved - now these are our guys on both sides facing each other with arms in hand. And the interest of these same "partners" is also understandable - otherwise, both of them, as before, would look at them through their sights together from under their blue and black berets with a red star, from which they have one kind of priest sweating ... Only now in Russia everyone is blaming NATO, the United States, the Ukrainian authorities, but they themselves have nothing to do with it, but where did they look for 30 years? What, you couldn't see where all this was heading? Or is it just that all of this was beneficial to some people? ... Or maybe even now it is beneficial for the same people that way? But somehow it all looks very strange, both in general and in details ...
    1. Pishenkov Online Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 17 October 2018 13: 42
      PS ... right now I’m looking about Kerch, apparently a terrorist attack ... Looking at the fact that it’s Crimea, you can imagine who will be to blame ... But I'm afraid to imagine that this may be ... this is not a terrorist attack in LDNR, and on the territory of Russia ... I really, really do not want these guys in berets on both sides to be forced to fight each other for real ... So far this is still the Ukrainian civil war ...
    2. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
      DeGreen 2 January 2019 00: 54
      We are different. MISCELLANEOUS ..... Remember this. We Russians are cleaner and more noble. Look what is happening in Ukraine today. People are happy that the house exploded in Magnitogorsk. People have perished. And remember how they rejoiced when Dr. Lisa died. Not. They are not suitable for us at all.
  4. green151071 Offline green151071
    green151071 (Andrei Lebedev) 22 December 2018 19: 19
    It's smart to hide the berets of the Russian Federation .. if they put it in their pants, "everything, the power is changing")) and, anyway, I believe, there are a lot of normal, decent guys
    1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
      DeGreen 2 January 2019 00: 51
      In vain. There are no normal ones there. Look how all Ukraine rejoices from a gas explosion in Magnitogorsk
  5. Misha Kvakina Offline Misha Kvakina
    Misha Kvakina (Misha) 23 December 2018 09: 17
    If there are no brains, no oath will help ....
    1. kergak.andrei Offline kergak.andrei
      kergak.andrei (Andrey Alexandrovich) 31 December 2018 07: 57
      But it’s for sure ... It’s true that it seems that they just don’t have it .. And those that were, and it finally popped out of the skull, from the constant races on the Maidan ..
  6. kergak.andrei Offline kergak.andrei
    kergak.andrei (Andrey Alexandrovich) 31 December 2018 07: 51
    The people? ... But personally for me, in this article one thing is surprising ..
    We are paratroopers .. And further on in the text one continuous thank you ... One nagging, and nothing more .. What, what am I talking about ... ... And all about the same ...
    The motto of the airborne forces says - NOBODY, EXCEPT US! ... This is - yes ..
    But here's what he means in real life, it looks like they didn’t explain to you - deshovks ..
    It is understandable ... How can this be explained by someone who, in the 90s, for his own country house and three-room apartment in Kiev, as well as the probable possibility of significant career progression, simply got used to it.
    And here in such cases it’s not nefig to blame Poroshenko for renaming you so-called Deshovye Hosty, so to speak, since, if you look essentially, he simply called things by his name ..
    No, are you still the Airborne Forces? .... That's how? ... Well ... Fine .. In that case, explain to me one hassle ... How so - it turns out .. You had the strength to take off the blue building takes the airborne forces from itself on the general building and puts on its stupid things a raspberry panama, as if you are not a landing, but a bunch of red caps from that fairy tale by Charles Perot. But at the same time, you did not have the strength not to remove the headgear of the Airborne Forces, which you inherited from the USSR Airborne ... Who will believe you that you did not have enough strength for this, if you are really fighters of the Airborne Forces? ..
    Well, what now to do? ... And here, to each, as they say - his own ..
    Either remember that you are really a paratrooper, and the honor and motto of the Airborne Forces is not an empty ring for you ... Or .. Continue to be a bitch and the last cheap thing, thereby actually confirming the validity of Poroshenko’s actions .. In general, decide the men ... Unless of course you are still men, and not fabulous characters in a skirt and a red panama ...
    1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
      DeGreen 2 January 2019 00: 48
      Yes there are no men there. Some worms
  7. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 2 January 2019 00: 46
    And why are Ukrainian worms clinging to our Margelov? After all, Geletey clearly said that Margelov is a Soviet Himler. Ancestor of the troops who are at war with the civilian population.
    So, worms, crawl back into the pit.