CSIS: Ukraine is surrounded by almost 200 Russians

After 15 years of democratic decline, authoritarianism is gaining momentum. This is stated in the report (newsletter) of the American Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The overthrow of the Ukrainian government by Russia through a combination of conventional and non-standard means would be a landmark event in the international policy with far-reaching consequences that go far beyond the borders of Ukraine. A Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine in coordination with Moscow-backed separatists, barring a full-scale invasion, would also be a major problem.

CSIS analysts say.

Currently, Ukraine is surrounded on three sides by an army of almost 200, consisting of "regular and irregular Russian ground forces." This is in addition to the Navy and Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation and 50 thousand military personnel of Belarus. The Russian military presence around Ukraine has increased from 83 BTGs to 105 battalion tactical groups in just a few weeks. Each BTG has up to 1000 military personnel, equipped with their own artillery, air defense systems and logistics. Moscow has also deployed about 500 warplanes near Ukraine and 40 ships in the Black Sea.

In a number of areas, increased military activity (ground presence) of the RF Armed Forces is observed. Units of the Eastern Military District and the 98th Airborne Division were found in the Belarusian cities of Brest, Pinsk, Mozyr, Yelsk, Rechitsa and Gomel. In the settlements of Klintsy, Klimovo, Unecha and Pochep in the south of the Bryansk region of Russia, units of the 90th tank division and the 41st combined arms army were identified. In the settlements of Postoyalye Dvory and Korenevo of the Kursk region of the Russian Federation, in the city of Belgorod and the village of Veselaya Lopan in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, units of the 6th combined arms army were stationed. Units of the 8th Combined Arms Army were spotted in the Rostov Region of the Russian Federation, and units of the 58th Combined Arms Army and the 49th Army of the Southern Military District are located in the settlements of Slavnoye, Dzhankoy, Oktyabrskoye, Kerch and Novoozernoye in Crimea. The Dzhankoy airbase in Crimea hosts Ka-52 and Mi-28 attack helicopters, S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, Mi-26 transport helicopters and An-26 aircraft, as well as MiG-29 fighters.

Russia can conduct large-scale operations not only in Ukraine, but also against the West, including cybernetic, disinformation, psychological and sabotage. There are already some Russian weapons in the LPR and DPR. For example, Russian-made tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns, and towed artillery have been spotted at the Bugayivska firing range, located 32 kilometers southwest of Luhansk.

The State Duma of Russia adopted a resolution asking President Vladimir Putin to recognize the LPR and DPR as independent states. The approval of the document by the head of state will mean Moscow's rejection of the Minsk agreements and will allow the Russian Federation to freely move a significant part of its troops to these territories, the material summarizes.
  • Photos used: CSIS and Maxar Technologies
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  1. silinigo_2 Offline silinigo_2
    silinigo_2 (Igor Silin) 20 February 2022 17: 28
    And why so little? I have already collected a backpack and my wife is a stoker in the field kitchen ..
    1. Dear sofa expert. 20 February 2022 20: 10
      Why so little?

      - Granddaughter, I will tell you one case. Once on a hunt, I was attacked by 5 tigers at once! But I did not lose my head, and killed them all!
      - Grandpa, you already told me this story last year. But .. there were only 3 tigers ..
      - You know, granddaughters .. you were just too small then to know the whole truth!)

      So here it is .. yesterday there were only 100 thousand Russians on the border. But then the Americans realized that they were fooled by the number, decided to double it just in case .. Then, apparently, they will have to quadruple .. and so on ... Otherwise, it’s somehow completely unprofessional to say that the state is 600 thousand square meters in size. km and a population of 40 million people. can be occupied by 100 thousand.)
  2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 20 February 2022 18: 02
    why leave only the eastern, and the central and Galician regions to the "partners" so that they continue to spoil Russia, no, it is not necessary to bring the outskirts to life, but also in Europe to calibrate the decision-making centers
  3. gorskova.ir Offline gorskova.ir
    gorskova.ir (Irina Gorskova) 20 February 2022 18: 10
    Comment on this ..., I will not. Let me just say that NOT Russia attacked. And their puppets, on THEIR (USA) order, littered with weapons, rushed to kill civilians in Donbass.
  4. Roma Phil Offline Roma Phil
    Roma Phil (Roma) 20 February 2022 18: 56
    Of course, I am not a strategist, I do not know how to effectively use military resources, but in my amateurish opinion, an army with a large number of military personnel is probably not needed at all. Especially for military operations in Ukraine. Probably, most likely, a missile attack on warehouses with weapons and ammunition could be launched first. By command posts, by air defense systems, by airfields with military "flyers" and by naval bases of Ukraine. And for this, for everything - a few dozen missiles are enough for everything. Then, with the remaining forces, the heavy flamethrower system TOS - 1 Solntsepek will enter into battle to destroy lightly armored vehicles, destroy enemy manpower, in open areas and in fortifications, and only then motorized infantry to clear out the fascist Bandera. Which will just run away. .......... So that the 200 thousandth army is not needed at all in modern combat.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 21 February 2022 13: 48
      Probably, most likely, a missile attack on warehouses with weapons and ammunition could be launched first.

      So far, it is reported that saboteurs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up an ammunition depot in the DPR. Is the supply of Ukraine still coming from the Russian Federation?
  5. Pavel Zheleznyak (Pavel Zheleznyak) 20 February 2022 21: 27
    Powerful. This is if these circlers are placed along the border, how many mice can run between them?))) In general, we are not talking about 200 thousand Russians, but about 200 thousand Russian ones. Don't confuse terms...
  6. Larisa Byvseva Offline Larisa Byvseva
    Larisa Byvseva (Larisa Byvseva) 21 February 2022 05: 20
    I don’t know who Ukraine is surrounded by and in what quantity, but this does not prevent it from hitting the Republics of Donbass from all calibers!
  7. Igor Igorevich Semirechensky 21 February 2022 08: 32
    Alas, the States are again bringing down from their sick head to a healthy Russian! After all, isn't it an open secret that https://www.vazhno.ru/a/94740/20220113/rossijskij-pisatel-prorochectvo-pejgana-cbyvaetcya-na-nashix-glazax/ab-intext/

    America is very much like Nazi Germany before World War II... the nazification of the US is almost complete. We already have a highly socialized economy, where tax rates are out of control, and there is a lot of freebies, like the Nazis did. And, like the Nazis, our society has become highly militarized, and our government has become addicted to surveillance, tracking, monitoring and control of the entire population ...

    what the United States is pushing Greater Europe to now, as in the years of the first two world wars ... has already happened. But the overseas tycoons of the Pentagon and Wall Street still lack the blood of Slavic children. They need more. They need a worldwide concentration camp. Worldwide Auschwitz... This must not be allowed!

    M. Snyder, http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/right-now-america-looks-a-lot-like-nazi-germany-just-prior-to-world-war-ii)
  8. Avarron Offline Avarron
    Avarron (Sergei) 22 February 2022 00: 47
    Let me remind you that the Belovezhskaya Accords were denounced by the State Duma in 1996. All showdowns on the territory of the USSR are an internal affair of the USSR.
  9. Vladimir Daetoya (Vladimir Daetoya) 24 February 2022 00: 46
    And they said that the Russian army invaded the Donbass from the 14th year. And it turns out it was only yesterday. It turns out that what needs to be done so that the world knows the truth - make fake news come true.
  10. The comment was deleted.