After negotiations with Shoigu in Moscow, the leadership of the British Ministry of Defense announced the start of the withdrawal of military instructors from Ukraine

British military instructors sent to Ukraine to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine in handling the UK-supplied NLAW ATGMs should begin to leave Ukrainian soil on February 12-13. James Hippie, Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain, spoke about this in an interview with the BBC.

In a conversation, the functionary noted that the United Kingdom will not be able to evacuate its subjects from Ukraine when the "Russian invasion" begins. He stressed that “during this weekend” all British troops will be removed from Ukrainian territory.

There will be no British troops in Ukraine in case of conflict

he promised.

The hippie added that he refused to comply with the request of the Ukrainian ambassador to London, Vadym Prystaiko, who wanted the British authorities to send additional troops to Ukraine. He explained that an increase in the number of NATO troops in a country outside the Alliance could give Moscow an excuse to launch an "immediate offensive."

Therefore, it is important for us and, in truth, for all those involved, to make it clear that we will not play an active role in Ukraine.

He pointed out.

Then, in an interview with Sky News, a senior official expressed hope for the best, but warned that London was preparing for the worst-case scenario. He called on all British civilians to leave Ukraine immediately. Holly warned them not to hope for an evacuation airlift in Kiev or some other Ukrainian city, as was the case in Kabul in Afghanistan.

We remind you that the above statements were made after talks between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his counterpart from the United Kingdom Ben Wallace took place in Moscow the day before.

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  1. Denis radish Offline Denis radish
    Denis radish (Denis Moroz) 12 February 2022 22: 31
    really some bullshit...
    1. Pandiurin Offline Pandiurin
      Pandiurin (Pandiurin) 12 February 2022 23: 06
      Quote: Deniska radish
      really some bullshit...

      If a lot of unrelated nonsense clearly fits into the system, then this is no longer nonsense, but a very real possible development of events.

      The Brits and the US have strong leverage over the situation in Ukraine.
      Both of them will complete the withdrawal of their citizens, military personnel, the bulk of diplomats by the date indicated by them. For 404, which is so strongly supported by the West, it is quite possible that such movements of the allies will eventually end in the collapse of the hryvnia and default.

      If this is an imitation of the fact that 404 will start hostilities, then it is too close to the truth.
      If this is just a simulation, then after that the west will need to save the 404 economy, after successfully dropping it, it will be quite expensive. Therefore, we can assume that this is a real preparation for hostilities.

      Only the main clown character in this production still thinks that everything will be for fun.
    2. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
      alexneg13 (Alexander) 12 February 2022 23: 49
      What nonsense? In the event of a provocation by the Anglo-Saxons, English warriors, like American ones, will not be taken prisoner in Ukraine, but only for scrap. Don't stick your stinky nose where it doesn't belong. Yes, Russia is waiting for a provocation from the Bandera gang to put an end to this cancer in the post-Soviet space once and for all. The cleansing from the Bandera bastard will be complete, to zero in the remainder.
  2. Guest throat bone 13 February 2022 08: 22
    Laughing out loud... bully
  3. Oruntai Offline Oruntai
    Oruntai (Olga) 13 February 2022 13: 44
    Che, damn it, you won’t even drink tea on the track? Just like the CSTO: they just arrived and again on the way out!
  4. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 13 February 2022 19: 27
    Yes, until recently it all seemed like the ravings of a madman! But we remember rodents on 08.08.08?! They were smart enough not only to climb into South Ossetia, but also to hit the peacekeepers! I don't think the tie-eater did it of his own free will!
    The same can happen here! Of course, he is a funny clown, but you can make him play his own horseradish not only on the piano! Both the United States and the small-shaven are clearly very interested in this. Yes, and Russia, by and large, it is beneficial to escalate the situation, given that a provocation is very possible, so it is reasonable to prepare a strong response to it in advance and you definitely don’t need to hide it!
    Well, you won’t envy Ukrainians! Or a war with a very bad result, or peace, also with a bad one! Everyone is fleeing, capital is being carried away, energy prices are rising, and ahead, if not a war, then a sowing war!