"Bloomberg" and the CIA announced "the readiness of Russia's attack on Ukraine" before the end of the Olympics

The media and US government agencies are working almost in unison, talking about the "aggressiveness" of Moscow. The US Bloomberg agency, the US Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon simultaneously announced Russia's "readiness" to "attack" Ukraine in the coming days, i.e. before the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The only difference is that Bloomberg called the date of the “invasion” February 15, while intelligence and the military - February 16. It's just that the "journalists" of the American disinformation media are always in a hurry, trying not only to fulfill the order of the White House, but also to demonstrate to readers their unimaginable "awareness". For example, February 4 Bloomberg committed his usual false start, passing off wishful thinking, announcing the beginning of the “Russian invasion” and confirming the title of fake-news leader.

This time, the agency cited its "informed" sources as "familiar with the matter." They reported that Moscow could arrange a provocation in the Donbass or immediately “attack” Kiev. However, absolutely no evidence was provided. The media did not even bother to find out whether the barriers and minefields of any of the parties to the conflict in the Donbass were removed for passage equipment and infantry, and why all this hysteria about the "hordes" at the border had no effect on the passage of people and vehicles between Ukraine and the Russian Federation at the checkpoint.

In turn, the CIA and the US Department of Defense informed the White House and NATO allies of their "attack" date. This became known to the German magazine Der Spiegel. The publication clarified that the Americans told the Europeans about the "invasion routes" and the tasks of individual units of the RF Armed Forces. At the same time, the publication noted that there is no conclusive evidence, but according to "insiders", all the noise associated with this may be intentional. policies Washington, aimed at disrupting the plans of the Kremlin.

February 12 RIA News", referring to an “informed” source, said that the Russian diplomatic mission employees were leaving Ukraine. However, judging by the above quote, the information was not received from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to Ukrainian citizens, Russian diplomats and consular officials in Ukraine have begun to leave for Russia. This, in particular, is evidenced by the difficulties encountered when making an appointment at the consulates and the embassy

- he said.
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  1. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 12 February 2022 10: 17
    Apparently, a representative of the "fraternal" people, a "specialist" in Russia, an "expert" of a wide profile and simply a "daughter of a Crimean officer" opanas slaboumenko works for Bloomberg. In a hurry ... you want to eat something, but Russia does not attack and does not take prisoners.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 12 February 2022 13: 27
    Well, what will the Fashington Goebbelsuchs do, what else will they "report" when and 15-16 (why is this date "appointed" ?! smile ) February, Russia will NOT "attack" ?!
    Yes, even if the Judo-Banderonazis go on the offensive in the Donbass, then the Kremlin will be able to "agree" with their Ukrainian business partners so that during the punitive operation they "do not get too carried away" with the mass genocide of the local population (leaving this for later) and provide "humanitarian corridors" for an organized exodus-evacuation of the majority (after the "selection-checking of documents and face control" by Bandera's "bezpack") of holders of Russian passports to Russia ... "and they will hang them later (as this bloody strangulation of the people's Russian Spring was previously carried out in February-March 2014, even before the demonstrative May massacre in Odessa and the beginning of the armed defense of Donbass, in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Kharkov, ..., but, of course, it was not "noticed" and "covered" by the pro-maidan "universal" media and did not cause annoying image troubles "za-Russian" Moscow bourgeoisie, then completely concerned about possible obstacles to "Ukrainian gas transit" and the unexpectedly impending threat of sweat eri a strategic naval base in the Crimea, promising, already steadily losing ratings, "party of power" and huge "image difficulties" in Russia itself...)! request
    After all, such a "contractual" course of events makes it possible for the Kremlin to "save face" even without military intervention (and the issue of the launch of "SP-2" for the Kremlin "gas transiters" is clearly much more important than the Donbass and, in general, the threats to the amerocolony of Ukraine), because . does NOT formally contradict the "Minsk Agreement", the commitment to "steady observance" of which is constantly declared in Moscow?!
    Washington, closely cooperating with revanchist London, well aware of "vulnerabilities" and having thoroughly studied the "oscillatory fidgeting" of the Russian authorities, apparently seriously set out to "squeeze Putin" even when Biden was an ameropresist?! winked
    The "alliance" with the Russian Federation of the "square" Republic of Belarus essentially rests only on President Lukashenko (and even then, only because Washington and the "collective West" vassal to it, due to their eternal stupidity and hypocritical "scrupulousness", refused to recognize in the "last dictator of Europe" of his most capable and most devoted "multi-vector" adherent, and, as before with the diligent Judeo-Mazepinian, Russophobe-Westernoid Yanyk, he mistakenly hoped, having staked, on mediocre Maidan cheaps like the "cook" Tikhanovskaya "companions", guaranteed to fail the whole "venture" ... and rightly so to the insidious enemies! wassat ), if it happened to him that the pro-Western ones (all the pro-Russians were "cleaned" from there by the Arab League itself long before the Minsk "Maidan"!) "The independent authorities of Belarus" would immediately "leave to the West and join NATO" in a crowd!
    "The only allies of Russia are the army and the navy" (with a general weak, predominantly raw material, and blatant "nouveau riche" social injustice in the feudal-bourgeois Western-dependent Russian Federation) will not last long, alas!
    But the Kremlin's swing with the "ultimatum of the red lines", in the style of "our answer to Curzon" a century ago (with the then, pre-Internet-pre-television, newspaper-"Brekhunts"-rally "information" of the population) was theatrically good ...just like in that old anecdote "about forest animals", who gathered together in a clearing "to indulge stories", and a bear crouching under a bush listened, listened to their "hunting" boast, and also decided to "speak", stood up to its full gigantic height:
    "Yes, I, yes, I have ... we-m-m-we ..., yes, right now ... I'm slamming my paw!" ...
    artists! request
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  5. Siegfried Online Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 12 February 2022 17: 27
    Pan Zelensky:

    If you or any people have any additional information regarding a 16% invasion starting on the XNUMXth, please give us that information.

    Like any person I give, one hundred percent infa - on the 16th of the Fuhrer of the Ukroreich, wherever you are, you will fly into the air from the CIA explosives. After that, the distraught Sondereinsatzkommandos will rush to the attack. Their inglorious end will be announced by Russian aggression, as well as your death.

    Pan Zelensky:

    I have to analyze all the information we have. We have a lot of information .... And the enemy's best friend is panic in our country. And all the information that helps the panic doesn't help us

    True thought! All information that helps a friend of an enemy does not help us, my Fuhrer. And then who will help us, if all friends are enemies?
  6. gorskova.ir Offline gorskova.ir
    gorskova.ir (Irina Gorskova) 12 February 2022 18: 19
    How?! Isn't "the Russians still not yet ....? Bloomberg, you are cheap empty talk. About the CIA, the Pentagon. Actually, YOUR Biden announced this, but NOT the Russian Federation. And today Biden will have a telephone conversation with Putin, where, as I I suppose the old man will "demand to invade". And what will Putin answer? Maybe: don't cry, girl, the rains haven't passed yet. And the ground hasn't melted? Or: be patient, beauty. But we DON'T like it, and therefore.... Sit in my kennel...."