Reddit: Chechen volunteers will oppose units of Ukrainian nationalists

Several well-informed sources in Western intelligence agencies report that detachments of fighters from Chechnya, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, with experience in combat operations in the Caucasus and the Middle East, are concentrated in Belarus and near the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Among them, according to Reddit, are servicemen and the so-called "Kadyrov's detachments", who previously participated in the fight against terrorists in Syria. The transfer of fighters is carried out through Minsk. In the event of a war, their task will be to organize anti-sabotage measures against nationalist battalions in Ukraine and special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As the source points out, for a number of years, Russian private military companies and special services have been collecting data on active Ukrainian nationalists, leaders and members of nationalist parties and organizations. These include the Right Sector*, White Hammer*, OUN*, the Svoboda party (* banned in the Russian Federation) and others.

The Russians have at their disposal a complete list of organizers and perpetrators of the arson of the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2, 2014. The priority targets of volunteers in this case are “activists” who participated in war crimes on the territory of Ukraine. "Kadyrovtsy" have hundreds of dossiers on these people.
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  1. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 11 February 2022 14: 31
    there is no doubt that Chechen special units will participate in the liberation of Novorossia. I don’t envy the ukro-punishers - here fairy tales about some kind of brotherhood will not work)))
    1. Andrei Maksimenko (Andrey Maximenko) 11 February 2022 23: 43
      What kind of release? What are you hanging? First, Russia itself needs to free itself from American dependence. And after that, liberate other regions and states. In the meantime, Russia itself is not free. America will not allow her to liberate the lands of Ukraine from herself.
      1. Psychedelic Soldier 12 February 2022 02: 18
        Unfortunately it is! Through their financial leverage, they will stick a "knife in the rib" at the first activity. Our entire financial and economic spectrum is under their complete control. In our country, after 92, liberda rules our entire economy, and even Putin over all these years has not been able to wrest the economy out of their mouths.
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        2. ruslan_4 Offline ruslan_4
          ruslan_4 (Ruslan Kolesnikov) 13 February 2022 19: 34
          our economy is suffering until we learn how to work ourselves, but now we’ve rebuilt the army, even if we don’t throw stones at our enemies
      2. iKostyaChu Offline iKostyaChu
        iKostyaChu (Konstantin) 12 February 2022 19: 43
        I don’t know who is “carrying” something, But it was curious to know that America “will not allow” ... How proud and “” “independent”””, however, some Ukrainians are. America ALLOWS them to do all sorts of shit ...
      3. Sergey Novitsky Offline Sergey Novitsky
        Sergey Novitsky (Sergey Novitsky) 13 February 2022 12: 38
        Well, Bandera, scary ...
    2. wadlis Offline wadlis
      wadlis (Victor Gorodetsky) 12 February 2022 19: 49
      here fairy tales about some kind of brotherhood will not pass)))

      This is a brotherhood for you - an empty phrase! And there are a whole bunch of them. With all due respect to the fighting qualities of the Chechen fighters, I do not share your childish joy. In your comments, you look like a smart-ass nerd with a violin, who was promised friendship by hooligans for pocket money. What are you worth yourself? And is it not at the suggestion of people like you that in Ukraine they managed to nurture and arm a whole generation that hates Russia. So the Chechens and others like them will lay their heads there and cut them to the stray sheep, and you, at this time, what are you going to do, crackle on TV? It's easy to start chopping heads, but then it's hard to stop.
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      2. kurilovaleksei1941 (alexey kurilov) 13 February 2022 10: 12
        I agree with you Victor. I hope there is an equally sober approach at the top. And this stuffing looks like a provocation
      3. evgenik102 Offline evgenik102
        evgenik102 (Eugene) 13 February 2022 11: 40
        But weren't Ukrainians jumping with cries of "who does not jump that Muscovite" and "Muscovites to knives"? and there were neither Crimea nor Donbass, so there is no need to drive and shift the blame for your Nazis to Russia
      4. Svinokol Offline Svinokol
        Svinokol (Svinokol) 14 February 2022 13: 22
        There is a very funny irony here...
        But the fat-ass yelled - "We'll arrange a second Chechnya for you here"
        Well, they screwed up... lol
        You will have Chechnya and full trousers ...
        And show everyone your forelocked ability in all its glory ... laughing
        1. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
          Dimakh (Hamijan) 14 February 2022 16: 21
          hahahahahahahaha ......... well, they definitely croaked ... but they won’t volunteer ... head ax and kerdyk ...... well, nothing will help here .. they created their own destiny ...
  2. Alexander Klevtsov (alexander klevtsov) 11 February 2022 14: 58
    holospans will run wherever their eyes look ....
  3. Mantrid Machina Offline Mantrid Machina
    Mantrid Machina (Mantrid Machina) 11 February 2022 15: 23
    Oh, then the heads of Banderopithecus will fly like watermelons, there is no doubt. There will be no trial, or rather, there will be a trial for heroes, Sharia am
    Hehe, this is not the ECHR for you, but they do not deserve another wassat
  4. Guest throat bone 11 February 2022 15: 38
    Great news !
  5. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 11 February 2022 15: 43
    Some jingoistic patriots naively believe in the invincibility and outstanding qualities of the Chechen fighters. Calm down gentlemen, it's just a myth negative
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    2. Dear sofa expert. 12 February 2022 11: 58
      Some jingoistic patriots naively believe in the invincibility and outstanding qualities of the Chechen fighters. Calm down gentlemen, it's just a myth

      Do you want to participate as a volunteer on the side of Ukraine?
      At the same time, you will dispel the myth.
      Otherwise, sitting at a safe distance, it is easy to wave a long sting and call the Chechens “shepherds”.
    3. Vladimir501 Offline Vladimir501
      Vladimir501 (Vladimir) 12 February 2022 12: 19
      That is, you are ready to meet with any of them, but the myth-breaker?
    4. ruslan_4 Offline ruslan_4
      ruslan_4 (Ruslan Kolesnikov) 13 February 2022 19: 37
      yes, I don’t agree, the mountaineers have been fighting abolished all their lives with a machine gun since childhood
    5. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
      Dimakh (Hamijan) 14 February 2022 16: 24
      I really can’t believe it .. that when a Chechen meets a banderlog .. he will bow with him and call him by name and patronymic .... sir)))))
  6. barinov.pnz Offline barinov.pnz
    barinov.pnz (Alexander Barinov) 11 February 2022 17: 51
    Well, arthropods from Ukraine*, beware.
  7. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 11 February 2022 19: 07
    Yes Yes. Tremble. There are also Buryats under the leadership of Petrov - Vasech ..., sorry, and the second with the letter B. And everyone is sooo polite.
  8. Vladimir Krylov Offline Vladimir Krylov
    Vladimir Krylov (Vladimir Krylov) 11 February 2022 19: 28
    We work brothers! Only so that they come in and punish all the stubborn ones. Their minority - the rest were simply brainwashed with Bandera nonsense.
  9. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 11 February 2022 23: 17
    It is regrettable if, apart from Kadyrov’s detachments, there is no one to rebuff the nationalist battalions of Ukraine
    1. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
      Dimakh (Hamijan) 14 February 2022 16: 25
      who says they are...
  10. Cabernet Sauvignon 12 February 2022 00: 16
    Nonsense. Why do the Kadyrovites have a dossier on the Nazis, while the GRU and the FSB don’t or what? And what does "squads of fighters" mean - from what structure are the squads?
  11. Boris Radevich_2 (Boris Radevich) 12 February 2022 01: 40
    Glory to the Great Russia!
  12. alexprint1 Offline alexprint1
    alexprint1 (Alexander) 12 February 2022 10: 20
    In the literal sense, the heads of Bandera will fly ...
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 12 February 2022 13: 18
      I think they don't care what to cut their heads, as long as they are infidels. Some of them distinguished themselves even during the period of the Chechen warriors, including the leader of Chechnya.
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        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
        Dimakh (Hamijan) 14 February 2022 16: 28
        here the question is not about the faithful and the unfaithful .... why are you confusing .. one with the other ...
  13. oberon2000oberon (Evgeny Tikhonov) 12 February 2022 11: 55
    Why should we reprint this nonsense, invented to intimidate the European man in the street? To pacify the rampant Banderlogs, a small part of the RF Armed Forces will be enough. No Chechens or Arabs are needed.
    1. Yuri P Offline Yuri P
      Yuri P (Yuri Petrov) 13 February 2022 12: 22
      Do not say gop, even if you have a full armful of hats. Bandera have a wealth of experience in underground struggle and "partisan" resistance.
  14. SanSanych_96 Offline SanSanych_96
    SanSanych_96 (San Sanych) 12 February 2022 13: 23
    The network already has a video from the Belgorod region.
  15. alex-sherbakov48 12 February 2022 15: 08
    I have no doubt that along with the Chechens, our special services will also be there. And there will be no trial - corpses are not subject to trial !!!
  16. Caltar Offline Caltar
    Caltar (Caltar) 12 February 2022 15: 28
    That and the "instructors" are British and ran with Nelezhnaya! Chechens know how to fight in the city and forests!
  17. Gosha Smirnov Offline Gosha Smirnov
    Gosha Smirnov (Smirnov) 13 February 2022 03: 34
    the funny thing is that a significant part of these types of "nationalists" are banal "migrant workers" in the service of anyone, including the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SBU, who, for a fraction of a small amount, did any kind of work for various customers and often acted not only as jingoistic patriots, but vice versa. I’m wondering how they will be divided and determined by their “measure, degree, depth, and of course their guilt”?
    1. Dmitry Starkov Offline Dmitry Starkov
      Dmitry Starkov (Dmitry Starkov) 13 February 2022 21: 57
      There is a reserved Caucasian method of recognition of faces and thoughts. The error is small.
  18. Grandpa Wow Offline Grandpa Wow
    Grandpa Wow (Nikolai) 13 February 2022 05: 48
    "Units of Ukrainian nationalists!" Yes, write as it is: "Bandera" and "followers of fascism"! What to catch up with the fog?
  19. Signeur Tomato Offline Signeur Tomato
    Signeur Tomato (Signeur Tomato) 13 February 2022 10: 16
    Ukrainians, whoever they are, are not alien militants like in Syria, they are on their own land. And this is a problem. Mercenaries fight well, but really don't like to die.
    1. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
      Dimakh (Hamijan) 14 February 2022 16: 31
      Tomatoes ... yes, think about it .. they are already fed up with these eight years .. bandero fascist power ... many are already waiting for it all to end .. this anarchy, this Bandera ...
      1. Signeur Tomato Offline Signeur Tomato
        Signeur Tomato (Signeur Tomato) 11 March 2022 03: 42
        Do you want them to, in return gopotsko-thieves to offer? On stumps and in trunks voted by e-mail. Don't mix slippers. I'm from the USSR, and noodles don't roll.
  20. Yuri P Offline Yuri P
    Yuri P (Yuri Petrov) 13 February 2022 12: 15
    I have nothing against this scenario. To date, the Ukrainian nationalists of the UPA-UNSO and the Bandera politicians who joined them have not suffered any punishment for the murders on the Maidan and crimes against humanity in Odessa. The deliberate burning of people in the House of Trade Unions is genocide against people who do not share the views of nationalists. And impunity provokes further rampant lawlessness in Ukraine.
  21. Anatoly Melnikov (Anatoly Melnikov) 13 February 2022 18: 15
    In khaki bloomers, our neighbor is ready for a fight!
  22. Dmitry Starkov Offline Dmitry Starkov
    Dmitry Starkov (Dmitry Starkov) 13 February 2022 21: 50
    will cut.
    1. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
      Dimakh (Hamijan) 14 February 2022 16: 33
      no one will cut anyone ... ordinary people have something to lose ...
  23. assault 2019 Offline assault 2019
    assault 2019 (assault 2019) 14 February 2022 17: 25
    And what prevents Chechen volunteers from going to the Donbass and applying their knowledge and skills, otherwise only blah blah ....
    And in Syria, they threatened that Kadyrov's special forces would destroy the entire ISIS, but in fact the Russian guys fought and are fighting.