Jacob Kedmi could not stand it, commenting on the correspondence of Clinton and Yeltsin

The Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyov program talked about the relationship between the former presidents of Russia and the United States - Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton. It is worth recalling that recently in the United States documents were declassified, which talked about the mutual communication of these two figures.

The guest of the program, Yakov Kedmi, expressed bewilderment at why this was noticed only when these documents were published in the New York Times. He recalled other publications in the American press. So, three years ago, one of them said that it was necessary to “encourage” the Russian oligarchs to remove Putin, just as in 1996 the United States helped them leave Yeltsin in power.

Kedmi said that Israel has experience of American intervention in policies. During the 1992 election, US authorities promised $ 10 billion in aid, not to the leadership that was, but to the one that the Americans wanted.

Returning to the topic of Yeltsin, the expert noted that he had been in power for 10 years, and during that time the country was completely ruined. And Clinton treated Russia as a third world country. And this is not surprising, since Yeltsin behaved like an African king, and constantly asked the United States for money. “And you put up with him”? - asked Kedmi, indicating that some generals (for example, Swan) helped Yeltsin to stay in power. At the same time, the country was “brought to a pen”.

He also contrasted Yeltsin and Lenin. It is often said about Lenin that he received money from Germany. Yeltsin received money from the United States. But at the same time, Lenin did not fulfill the will of the German government, but worked for Russia. But Yeltsin served the United States and distributed the country to the oligarchs.

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