Macron's voyage: "secret agreements" with Putin that never happened

The Russian-Ukrainian voyage of French President Emmanuel Macron should be considered, perhaps, as a brilliant example of the actions of a professional modern policy. That is, a person who knows how to create for himself a loud PR out of nothing with extraordinary ease. Literally from scratch, attributing to himself, beloved and unique, merits that do not exist in nature and even, perhaps, epic feats. According to the official version, the Parisian guest, of course, did not come to the two capitals for the sake of satisfying vanity and claims to the role of "exceptional" among all European leaders. And not in order to "pull up" their own, far from brilliant rating on the eve of the upcoming presidential elections.

Oh no, madam and monsieur! He rushed headlong to Russia and Ukraine solely in order to "prevent a war between them"! And, moreover, to “reduce tension” throughout Europe, once again frightened to the point of hiccups by our exercises in Belarus and the extraordinary statements of the president there. The funny thing is that the Western media are already vying with each other about the "incredible success" of this visit, extolling it as a "breakthrough", which "all progressive mankind" undoubtedly owes to Macron. According to local publications, some “secret agreements” were reached behind tightly closed doors in the Kremlin and “deals” were concluded, which testify to Moscow’s readiness to “compromise”. Almost to capitulate to the triumphant "collective West". With great pleasure I will disappoint those who really think so. There was nothing of the sort, of course. What happened? Now let's try to figure it out.

Between the "Russian bear"...

Indeed, it’s hard not to smile when reading those praises that are lavished on the French leader, who “fearlessly entered the lair of the Russian bear” and there, by sheer force of persuasion and irresistible personal charm, “forced to make serious concessions” intractable Putin. This is how Monsieur Macron appears, in a musketeer hat with a luxurious plume, making his way to the Moscow Kremlin in the uncertain light of torches flickering in the wind between the ranks of bestial and bearded “le mujik russe” with halberds and bloodied sabers unsheathed. Jokes, jokes, but some people in the West imagine everything about it. Well, and if we ignore the humorous component, then we should admit that having arrived in Russia at the current, extremely stressful time and did not attack the hospitable host with accusations of “aggressive intentions” and “plans to attack Ukraine”, the French president showed serious courage. And also the ability not to "bend" too much under the "common agenda" dictated from across the ocean.

Emmanuel Macron had the good sense not to stutter during his visit about sanctions and other “consequences” that our country is threatened with from every Western “iron” today. Yes, he plucked up the courage to tell Vladimir Vladimirovich to his face that he "supports the open door principle of NATO." At the same time, however, not half a word touched on the topic of the prospects for Ukraine's admission to this bloc. However, some other things uttered by the Parisian guest, in particular, during an hour-long joint press conference of the presidents after five hours of negotiations, sound from the point of view of the "collective West" downright horrific sedition and heresy.

For example, Macron publicly admitted that in the three decades that have passed since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has indeed “been injured in the security sphere.” And therefore, with this country, which the President of France called (oh, horror!) Not an "aggressor", but a "neighbor and friend" of his state, one should conduct not just a normal dialogue, but a conversation from positions, taking into account "its anxieties and fears." At the same time, in no case “should the mistakes of the past be repeated” (here, obviously, the years 1812 and 1941 were meant), and one should really “work out security guarantees” that are acceptable to everyone. At the same time, it would be best to “start everything from scratch”, throwing aside not only old grievances, but also modern stereotypes and prejudices. All this rhetoric is beautiful, but where are the “compromises” and “concessions” promised to the most respectable public, to which the cutie-president managed to push the harsh and ruthless Northern Ruler? How, how - there are. Please get it!

Firstly, it is (according to the version presented by The Financial Times with reference to some "French officials") an agreement "not to take any new military initiatives regarding Ukraine." Here are those on ... Why, no one has “undertaken” anything anyway and is not going to at all! Secondly, according to the same publication, Macron "achieved" from Vladimir Vladimirovich "the withdrawal of the Russian contingent of 30 thousand people from Belarus, which is now participating in the Allied Resolve-2022 exercises" and "non-deployment of nuclear weapons there." Yes, victory is victory, you can’t say anything! Taking credit for the decisions of the Russian leadership that would have been made in any case is top notch. Very European. In fact, perhaps the main topic of the long presidential conversation was indeed Ukraine - but only in the context of the situation in the Donbass. But here everything is far from being so simple and rosy.

...and "Ukrainian beauty"

The fact that "the basis for further steps in Ukraine" can be "based on some of the ideas of Mr. Macron"? Vladimir Putin personally said at the press conference mentioned above. And the French president himself was like a nightingale on it, extolling the Minsk agreements in every possible way and even mentioning those specific “sensitive points” on which, as he personally believes, “progress should be made.” And literally "in the coming days", which "will be decisive." Elections, constitutional reform for Ukraine, a special status for the Donbass - all these are the moments that Kiev rests on with truly donkey obstinacy, not even wanting to hear about their real implementation. However, since Monsieur Macron was going there from Moscow, he probably knew what he was talking about?

It should be noted that Vladimir Vladimirovich showed much more healthy skepticism in this matter and even allowed himself a rather caustic “hairpin” against Zelensky, addressing him with the phrase that instantly received the status of a meme: “If you like it, if you don’t like it - be patient, my beauty, you have to do it!” It is clear that the leader of the “nezalezhnaya” did not like such a frank mockery (wholly deserved, however) terribly. At the next press conference with the participation of the French president, which was already held in the Ukrainian capital, Zelensky began to explain to everyone present that the “beauty” is supposedly Ukraine itself, which “shows wise patience” and “does not react to provocations.” It is clear - whose exactly. The answer, frankly, is simply stupid. Well, thank you that the president-comedian this time at least did not break into outright rudeness. As, for example, in the case when he began to “poke” Sergei Lavrov in absentia. However, everyone has long understood that Zelensky is an evil clown and completely devoid of a normal sense of humor. They didn't expect anything else.

A much more indicative moment of the final press conference of the leaders of France and Ukraine is that just at it the question of the implementation of the "Minsk" was suddenly "lost" somewhere. Very little was said about this, the most important item on the political agenda of the visit, and it was completely vague. Well, except that Zelensky again mumbled some general phrases about the upcoming meeting of advisers to the heads of state of the Normandy Four on February 10, on which he has high hopes. Most likely, they are futile, because Moscow has already made it clear a million times: without concrete steps for the real implementation of the Minsk agreements, no one will sit down at the same table with this balabol. Not in any format. Monsieur Macron spoke much more extensively on the same topic, having, in his words, “very deeply” discussed it with the Ukrainian president.

If the French leader is to be believed, his colleague from the Nezalezhnaya undertook the obligation to “act along the path of the Minsk Agreements, accelerating their practical implementation in every possible way. But Zelensky himself is somehow rather suspiciously silent about this. Another "fly in the ointment" that is very strongly dissonant with Macron's "peacekeeping" rhetoric? there was news of the signing by the Ukrainian side of a contract with the French company Thales. This company, you know, does not bake croissants at all, but is a very well-known manufacturer of military radars, electronic warfare equipment, high-precision sights for aviation and armored vehicles on the world markets. It turns out just fine - with one hand Emmanuel Macron is trying to drag Kiev to the peace negotiating table, and with the other he is arming with modern weapons. It smacks of either cognitive dissonance or elementary hypocrisy in the best European traditions.

All the talk about some kind of “deals” and “undercover agreements” allegedly concluded by the President of France in Moscow is nothing more than a banal attempt to pass off wishful thinking and attribute to Russia a readiness to surrender in the current tough confrontation with the West. In fact, nothing of the kind happened at all - this, in particular, was stated by the press secretary of the President of our country Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the fabrications of The Financial Times and similar "sources". Moreover, he called any agreements between Moscow and Paris "impossible" in principle. At the same time, without any allowance for Monsieur Macron's pride, he recalled that the country he leads is part of the North Atlantic Alliance, where "leadership belongs to a completely different state."

In turn, Vladimir Putin voiced the main thing for which, in fact, his French colleague really had to come to the Mother See. Moreover, this was said, again, at the final press conference in the presence of many media representatives. Speaking about the possible prospects for Ukraine's entry into NATO, our leader asked a direct question: “Do you want to fight Russia? Specifically, France, its people want to fight with Russia?!” Such things in the mouth of the head of a nuclear power are not rhetorical and ritual questioning. In fact, Vladimir Vladimirovich once again announced the choice that the West has to make. And it's completely inevitable.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 10 February 2022 00: 01
    A joint press conference, at which V.V. Putin spoke concretely, clearly, clearly and understandably, the macron seemed to be some kind of half-wit detached from reality, like Aunt Burbock and other Western visitors, by the way, and a joint letter from the Poles of France and non-Metchians - guarantors of the Minsk agreements, addressed to Russian Federation, this once again confirms and proves the futility of the diplomatic efforts of the Russian Federation. Seven years have not only not brought peace in the Donbas one millimeter closer, but they are fanning the conflict and increasing the number of victims.
    It's time to stop useless talk and move on to real actions, although even the Duma members understand the flawed policy of the Russian Federation and made an appeal to the government on the accession of the DNR-LNR to the Russian Federation, which was safely shelved and showed what the opinion of the people and the lives of people in the Donbas are worth, which have become a bargaining chip in backstage games.
    1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 10 February 2022 10: 08
      “I like it, I don’t like it - be patient, my beauty, you have to do it!”

      - usually they say this to women with reduced social responsibility, when they took the money, but they don’t want to do the work.
      Another trolling from Vladimir Vladimirovich.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 February 2022 09: 05
    So this is their job.
    Obama tore something to shreds, Agent Trump reconciled Korea, Syria and Russia, France only Syria and Russia, Endogan reconciled and made friends with everyone except the Kurds.

    Well, Russia pacified Syria and withdrew its troops at least 3 times, + an unprecedented increase in wages, life expectancy, GDP, import substitution, hypersonicity, an unprecedented increase in the quality of vaccinations and other unprecedented ....

    1. North Offline North
      North (Vera) 13 February 2022 20: 04
      Yes, you are just a "giant of thought"! Look how powerfully you managed to mirror everything that our liberals and, lately, pseudo-leftists who have closely clung to them, are talking about! I am delighted and paws (idar)ness - not everyone succeeds! I understand you - in the 90s you lived much better ... you yearn ...
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 13 February 2022 21: 30
        Your zombie templates have nothing to do with the comment.
        There he simply listed some of the achievements from the patriot media.
        Why they coincided in your brains with your liberal ideas - decide for yourself.
        1. North Offline North
          North (Vera) 14 February 2022 00: 16
          Well, since you have collected all the templates, I am far from you, especially since I have not had this box for about 10 years. And I hasten to admire your vigilance, which saw what is not there - my liberal ideas.))) What are they reflected in? ))) It seems that your virtues are limited by this, judging by the answer ... "boring, girls!" ... You don't have to answer. And it will be the best you can...
          1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
            Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 14 February 2022 09: 02
            So you know "what our liberals are talking about" - it turns out, watch, you know.

            I don’t know, I listed the news only from the correct, patriotic media - Zvezda, Reporter, (what they wrote earlier), statements from the Federal State Statistics Service and major functionaries - they have already become liberal in your head.

            Well, God be your judge and doctor. Do not answer
  3. North Offline North
    North (Vera) 13 February 2022 21: 06
    If you look, then between Ze and Macron there is a noticeable family resemblance! Eh, for some reason I can’t attach pictures ... But in essence the article - they are just "two from the casket, the same from the face" - modern, I'm embarrassed to say, politicians. This is a shoot that has gone into tops, although from different seed funds, and has grown on various soils, but - tops. Unable to bear fruit. They are both actors, albeit from different genres. So I am not surprised, and I do not expect more from these Pulcinellos than bad actors can show. Macron, in fact, is a sly one - recently, neither from him, nor from his ministers, there has been a frantic denunciation of Russia and Putin, and there was no special pushing up to the impudent Saxons because of the puddle. Claims for leadership in the EU make France cautious, but the scale of personalities still affects ... And I agree with Alexander - Vladimir Vladimirovich faces a very, very difficult choice ... I hope that, like with Crimea, he will choose the most opportune moment. ..

  4. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 1 March 2022 11: 10
    A French upstart boy, narcissistic and unrepresentative, as an independent and empowered politician, a narcissist. Nothingness, what is there to "discuss" with him ..