Expert: Germany is ready to “give up” Ukraine, but will make Russia pay a high price for it

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held talks in Washington. During the conversation, the owner of the White House tried to persuade the head of the German government to tough sanctions against the Russian Federation. This was announced on February 8 on his YouTube channel by Russian-Ukrainian expert Yuriy Podolyaka.

For Washington and London, the war against Russia is a settled issue. They show this in every possible way, even trying to overcome the stubborn resistance of the Ukrainian leadership, which really does not want to be a "lamb at the slaughter" for the sake of Washington's interests. Kiev is well aware that if the US scheme works, then Russia will invade Ukraine, overthrow the current government, which in turn will be the reason for Europe to announce harsh sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Podolya explains.

In his opinion, the main goal of American foreign policy - destroy economic and political ties between Europe and Russia. With the Biden-Scholz meeting, the Americans tried to pave the way for the implementation of their plan.

The expert drew attention to the fact that Germany desperately needs Russian gas. Moreover, the future German energy industry based on hydrogen fuel is also tied to Russia. Berlin is extremely interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation with Moscow, so the Germans really do not like the way the Americans and the British behave aggressively.

Today, all major projects in hydrogen energy are being developed by the Germans with Russia. Giving up natural gas does not mean giving up Russian energy sources. What is being built today is what will work for decades to come. The German elites have actually already adopted the concept of close cooperation with Moscow

- says Podolya.

At the final press conference, Biden was emotional and categorical, he openly threatened Russia with sanctions "for aggression." At the same time, Scholz was restrained and evasive.

Scholz declared his solidarity with the Americans that Russia must pay a very high price for a possible invasion of Ukraine. But specifically on Nord Stream 2, he said absolutely nothing. The issue of sanctions has not yet been fully defined, it is being discussed, but, of course, Russia will pay a "very high price." Moreover, Scholz made the emphasis on the word “price”, and not on countering the “Russian invasion”. For Germany, the issue of Ukraine, in fact, has already been resolved. She is ready to give Ukraine away, but will make Russia pay a “very high price” for this. Obviously, Germany will not refuse gas supplies from the Russian Federation, because without it it simply cannot survive. This is the main conclusion that Russian diplomacy can draw from the meeting - Biden failed to "persuade" Scholz to what he wants

- explained the expert.

As Podolyaka summarizes, Germany and Scholz have their own special position regarding Ukraine, and those 5000 helmets that Berlin defiantly sent to Kiev are all military assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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  1. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 8 February 2022 19: 51
    Be content with helmets. In the meantime, Scholz is silent. Wait and see.
  2. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 8 February 2022 20: 21
    Russia has 2 ways -
    1. put an end to Bandera Ukraine, get a portion of sanctions and in 2-3 years everything will be forgotten
    2. tolerate Bandera Ukraine, still receive portions of sanctions for nothing, and this will last much longer than 2-3 years
    The fact is that the sanctions will be imposed anyway - even if Russia again gives Crimea to Ukraine, gives the Kuban, pays a trillion dollars to Bandera - the West will impose sanctions anyway - it will come up with something and introduce it))) Therefore, it’s better to finish with Ukraine
    1. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
      sH, arK 9 February 2022 01: 06
      It is, of course, only there is a nuance - and who will feed 30 million Ukrainians?! As in the USSR, at our expense, and then in 15 years we will restore everything there, build new nuclear power plants, another hunchback or ebn will come - and that’s all, are we free ?! :-)
      1. wamp Offline wamp
        wamp 9 February 2022 02: 05
        Quote: sH, arK
        who will feed 30 million suburbs

        Sotsialka - at the expense of internal resources.
        Strictly prohibit the withdrawal of funds abroad.
        Shake the local oligarchs, and they will swell - step by step nationalize their property. Strategic enterprises - first and foremost and without fail.
        Similarly - to pay foreign debts.
        1. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
          sH, arK 10 February 2022 11: 53
          "Oligarchs" real and virtual (and in Durkain there are a lot of officials living in a big way - I remember the Cypriot palaces in Paphos of the leadership of the Kharkov customs) - 100% will run away. And they certainly never kept accounts in Durkain banks! Yes, and they didn’t have any serious property in Durkain - everyone went there, to their "native places";)
          So I wouldn’t count on it ... Considering that the industry has been killed for the last 30 years quite consciously and not only by local Luddites, but also with the active support of their foreign curators, then only agriculture remains ... We will not repeat the mistakes USSR and build everything anew there?! There should not be any nuclear power plants and other high-tech production there!
      2. tulip Offline tulip
        tulip 9 February 2022 07: 37
        Why are you repeating this mantra all the time about feeding?))) Donbass, for example, can feed itself - there are production facilities there, hard-working people - you just need to let them live normally without shelling and war. So it is with others. let them work and pay taxes. In Russia, bureaucrats steal hundreds of times more than they give subsidies to Crimea - that's where the problem lies.
        1. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
          sH, arK 9 February 2022 10: 53
          And the big question about the "future war" - I would start with the wrong thing, not with an assessment of possible losses and the ability of Durkains to resist. You don't need to take Kuev at all! No one will take the city by storm! This is complete idiocy! There are not so many bad ones on Durkain that they would not be able to neutralize their own with our real support!
          The problem is different! Evaluate the results of such a war! I am sure that in a few days we will easily destroy any pockets of resistance! Crimea is a good example, and Donetsk and Luhansk too! But if Crimea became Russia - and everything calmed down instantly! Then with the LDNR, from the beginning everyone expected that they would also become Russia, but this never happened ... And then it all started! All the unfinished abominations of the Durkains were thrown to the "defense" of independence in Lugansk and Donetsk! The whole problem is that neither Donetsk nor Lugansk had the imperative that brought Crimea to Russia! I used to live and often visited both the Crimea and Donetsk and I remember the difference in attitude! Donetsk (and Lugansk for sure - I have never been there!) has been in the "infected area" for too long. In order to enter Russia, they would have to, like Moses of the Jews, be led through the desert for 50 years! LDNR is now going through this stage.

          And I understand that GDP is not thinking about war! It is much more important to think - "WHAT THEN?" Well, we, without a doubt, will quickly and easily conquer Durkaina! What to do next? Should you build factories, nuclear power plants, etc., as we did in the USSR? And then, in 20 years, they will again consider that they have achieved something themselves? And that they are the "second France" while sitting comfortably on our neck?! What is the purpose of this war?

          Maybe it's better not to fight? But it’s just what everything is going to now - they will buy gas in Germany, really already, with all the costs ... There, in the EU, they will buy both fuel and lubricants and everything else! It's easy to isolate them like aggressive madmen! Well, in extreme cases - they are at war with us? So let's start a war then! But we will start it by closing the sky of Durkaina and all ports! Let's just announce a ban! Not a single civilian ship will risk violating it after that! And so we will live for 5 years. And then we'll see!
          1. tulip Offline tulip
            tulip 9 February 2022 19: 26
            if you leave Ukraine as it is, Bandervoskaya, then our children will have a huge problem in the future. Ukraine will not become peaceful and friendly, Ukraine will not become neutral and calm - it will turn even more into a Russophobic Bandera monster that will spoil Russia up to the murders of Russians on Russian territory. Therefore, it will have to end with her anyway - now or later. It'll just get harder later.
      3. Archon Offline Archon
        Archon (Alexey) 10 February 2022 03: 46
        They feed themselves completely. No one will build a bunch of hospitals, schools, power plants, factories and other things anymore, because now communism has long ceased to exist. You can forget about recovery altogether.
  3. Panikovsky Offline Panikovsky
    Panikovsky (Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky) 8 February 2022 20: 39
    And if Russia doesn’t even need Ukraine, comrade the author, what to do !!? Here's the trouble...
  4. andron352 Offline andron352
    andron352 (Andrei) 8 February 2022 20: 54
    German helmets look good on crosses.
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 9 February 2022 10: 22
    Germany is ready to “give up” Ukraine, but will make Russia pay a high price for it

    Whom to pay - is unknown. Do you want us to pay in gold? - As Abdullah would say.
    The Russian Federation, together with the PRC, can chip in and pay in dollars. But who should pay? Germans? They were already paid in 1945. Americans? So let them live with their Monroe Doctrine and not poke their nose into Eurasia. Whom to pay?
  6. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 9 February 2022 11: 03
    Quote: Bulanov
    Whom to pay?

    How to whom? Israel, of course.