White House: Russia has gathered forces for a major offensive

The West tirelessly supports the world community in a state of expectation of a big war in Europe, which supposedly at any moment can be unleashed by a big aggressive Russia against a small defenseless Ukraine. Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to the President of the United States, issued further warnings in this regard.

Sullivan expressed confidence that Russia is quite capable of bringing its armed forces into the territory of Donbass. In addition, Moscow can initiate cyberattacks, political instability or other actions within the framework of the "hybrid war" against Kiev. The United States will provide the necessary assistance to Ukraine in its quest to defend itself against "Russian aggressors."

A military escalation and an invasion of Ukraine could happen at any moment. We believe that the Russian Federation has created opportunities for a major military operation.

- Jake Sullivan emphasized in an interview with NBC journalists.

At the same time, an assistant to Joseph Biden believes that Russia could "attack" Ukraine even before the end of the Olympic Games in China.

Meanwhile, as Forbes wrote earlier, Ukrainian military aviation will not be able to withstand the superior forces of Russia, and the latter, if necessary, will quickly break through the air defenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to many experts, Washington and NATO will not fight against a nuclear power for the dubious interests of Kiev.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 7 February 2022 17: 24
    It already looks like hysteria. Probably soon, on their knees, they will persuade them to occupy the dung-column country.
    1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
      alexneg13 (Alexander) 8 February 2022 02: 04
      They are already on their knees and are persuading: "Well, take this unlucky one already ...". But penguinostan was warned: "You will break your teeth on this incomplete country." They did not believe, and now they do not know what to do with her. She doesn’t want to get into hell, but “let’s give more handouts-delays” ... Well, they, Khokhlobindyuzhniki, are like whips at the trash can, but they are only looking for a military delay. They didn't deserve more.
  2. gorskova.ir Offline gorskova.ir
    gorskova.ir (Irina Gorskova) 7 February 2022 19: 16
    Someone needs to give advice to everyone who is very loudly yelling about the "attack of the Russian Federation", when sending their soldiers to be with them. And focus in one place. Then Russia does not need to invade. But from screamers .... I'm afraid not even a speck will remain.
  3. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 7 February 2022 21: 13
    But the main question - WHY WOULD RUSSIA WAR - IT REMAINS OPEN! It is the United States that is already tired of maintaining this thieves' Khokhlov power - just a little more, and they will lose everything there in complete disgrace, as in Afghanistan! Therefore, they are better off at war! By sacrificing low-value foolishness, they motivate the entire Europe, which is fighting off its hands! But why is it Russia?!