Armed Forces of Ukraine can arrange a semi-guerrilla war for the Russian army

At the end of the topic about a possible clash between the Russian and Ukrainian armies. A lot has already been written in the domestic press about how much the RF Armed Forces are superior to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which guarantees the inevitable defeat of Kiev in the event of a full-scale war. Very convincing figures are given, impressive tables, beautiful graphs, the experience of past wars is recalled. All this, of course, is great and uplifting. But let's still try to imagine how this hypothetical military campaign, the preparation for which the Kremlin categorically denies, can really go.

In one fell swoop of seven killers

When domestic military experts compare the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they come to the quite fair conclusion that they belong to different leagues. We cannot compare the budget, the number of personnel, the quantity and quality of weapons. The air defense system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is outdated, the aviation is not numerous, and half of the combat aircraft are in need of major repairs, which guarantees dominance in the air by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Syria have convincingly proved this. Tanks and other armored vehicles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not enough for a direct collision with the RF Armed Forces, and they are also outdated. All military airfields, command posts and ammunition depots will be immediately destroyed by the strikes of the Calibers of the Black Sea Fleet and the missiles of the Iskander-M OTRK.

In general, in the event of the start of a full-fledged war, we will destroy strategically important targets with high-precision weapons, then with impunity we will treat with aircraft, iron with cannon artillery and MLRS, burn the survivors with the help of TOS, if necessary, clean up the remaining special forces and occupy the territory with the forces of motorized rifles. Nice. Earnestly. Of course, it’s a pity for the Ukrainian guys, but in a war it’s like in a war, right?

There remains only one last question: do they really not understand this whole alignment, and if they do, then what are they counting on at all?

Another war

They understand. Everyone is well aware both in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in the NATO bloc. Therefore, the Ukrainian army will not fight with Russia in the war for which we are ready. This can be seen quite clearly from what kind of weapons the North Atlantic Alliance began to actively supply to Nezalezhnaya. For some reason, we laugh at the American Stingers and anti-tank Javelins because they are unable to turn the tide of the war in favor of Kiev. And completely in vain, by the way.

Apparently, NATO is preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine not for a direct, but for a semi-guerrilla and guerrilla war with the RF Armed Forces. And this is very bad.

At one time, Napoleon ran with his “Great Army” behind the Russian one across our vast expanses in order to give a general battle in which Bonaparte would be guaranteed to win, then he would force the Russian Tsar to sign a peace treaty on his own terms and return to Europe to deal with more important affairs. But instead of a general battle, the “NATOs” got Borodino, in which they were able to achieve only limited success, entered the deserted Moscow, and then they themselves took their feet to the Berezina, without having reached their strategic goal.

Unfortunately, there is a very high probability that there will be no general battle, where the generals will ride on white horses. Instead, the Ukrainian army, or rather, what remains of it after pinpoint missile and air strikes by the Russian one, will hide in civilian cities in order to turn them, if not into Stalingrad, then rather into Grozny-2. Part of the military will switch to guerrilla warfare, hitting the extended communications of the RF Armed Forces. And then what to do with all this, you ask?

Imagine a big city that is gradually turning into a fortified area. On the streets there are barricades and anti-tank barriers, in the entrances of houses, fighters with Javelin anti-tank systems are hiding in order to attack assault tanks and other armored vehicles. Snipers are patiently aiming at the windows. Fighters with MANPADS "Stinger" are sitting in ambushes. Spetsnaz uses underground communications and knowledge of the area. So, what is next? Trying to storm the city with the corresponding losses in personnel? Or then demolish it to the ground? For example, Kharkov? Together with the defenders and civilians who did not have time to escape and were forced to become hostages?

And this is all under the cameras of foreign journalists and with the appropriate informational background? I wonder what other sanctions the West will throw at us for this? And how many such “Kharkovs” will there be throughout Ukraine? It remains only to bypass such settlements, occupying strategically important points for control over the territory, and begin to negotiate with the besieged for surrender. But even here there will be problems with specially trained units trained in guerrilla warfare. And it is not a fact that the defenders will all surrender together.

By the way, in such an "inhuman" war, there is a very high chance that the North Atlantic Alliance will intervene on the side of Ukraine. After all, this is not Iraq or Syria, but an almost European country that has signed an appropriate association agreement with the EU.

It is necessary to be aware that intelligent people are working on the other side, who simply will not allow us to use all the available advantages. Therefore, counting "tanks" and planes is, of course, pleasant, but in such a semi-partisan war they will not be of decisive importance.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 7 February 2022 14: 22
    This can only be on condition that all the grits in the porridge are paid for by the media. Why? So this is an inexhaustible information source. Others don't need it.
  2. Doodlman Offline Doodlman
    Doodlman (Sergey Kravtsov) 7 February 2022 14: 26
    The author-? Why will all of Ukraine be against the army of the Russian Federation? Does he not take into account the motivation to fight the Ukrainians themselves? This war has not stuck in any gate for them. what is going on in the country right now.
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 7 February 2022 15: 07
      The article does not contain words about the whole of Ukraine, but only about the army.
      1. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
        sH, arK 7 February 2022 21: 03
        You have one very big assumption - a guerrilla war is possible with many reservations, but the most important thing in it is the resources, support of the population and the motivation of the "partisans". While there is no war, and its probability, the majority does not accept it at all as a possible reality - it is easy to beat your chest and run to fight with a wooden "Kalash".

        But as soon as a real war begins, and some are stubborn, those who have nothing to lose, or young people who have not been washed out - because there is nothing and nothing to wash them out of, but simply shitted in the head during the existence of Durkains - they will fight! They will have to, they must be destroyed, the more and faster - the better for everyone! Moreover, it is reasonable to do this very harshly, without unnecessary sentimentality and other nonsense. If this is done quickly and harshly, then a very significant part of the "troop" will simply desert quickly, provided that the command staff and headquarters, command posts are destroyed.

        To storm cities - under EBN and Grachev, the brainless had enough mind - now it's not just stupid, it's debilizm! Victims among the population can only be needed by the Durkain authorities to maintain the hype and justify their actions. Cities are just blocked. Nobody will storm Kuev like Berlin in 1945! The city is slowly being cleared. The support of the local group is very important.

        Partisans?! Well, yes, in Galicia they can be, theoretically. But with the current means of detection, hiding in forests and swamps is impossible for a significant time. Yes, and the motivation for this is extremely high, and this is very doubtful. No, there may be a hundred or two such stubborn people in the whole Durkain, but it makes no sense to consider them seriously. But to do petty abominations and nasty things in cities - there will certainly be such things, but I don’t think that this can be considered a serious obstacle! The Chechens were much more disposed to such measures of resistance and had suitable terrain - but even there "partisanism" was very limited!

        But the main question is WHY FIGHT?! IT STAYS OPEN! It is the United States that is already tired of maintaining this thieves' power - if we eat a little, and they will lose everything there in complete disgrace, as in Afghanistan! Therefore, they are better off at war! By sacrificing low-value foolishness, they motivate the whole Europe, which is different from the hands! But why is it Russia?!
  3. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 7 February 2022 14: 28
    Complete garbage))) What kind of semi-partisan war?) Partisan actions are possible only with the help of the local population, which will not help Bandera. The local population in the territory called Ukraine needs one thing - peace and tranquility - for the most part, they are khataskrayniks. No one there will sit in the cities like the Chechens in Grozny for months - the locals will simply hand over these "partisans" to the right place. No, of course there will be a walk around the field for some time - all the same, the pumping of weapons went through a lot - but this will mainly be aimed at looting and looting, and not at some kind of mythical defense against Russian troops) Partisan actions are possible in western Ukraine - but I doubt that Russia will go there in general.
    And no Europe and NATO will intervene - forget these mrii about the fact that a French or American soldier will fight for Svidomo Kharkov) And I’m already really tired of sanctions - the West no longer has more sanctions than it can impose and so
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 7 February 2022 15: 06
      You make everything very easy. There are still a lot of sanctions ahead. Not a word about the Americans near Kharkov.
      1. tulip Offline tulip
        tulip 7 February 2022 15: 23
        you are complicating everything) I don’t see any additional sanctions ahead, apart from what has already been announced. Moreover, all the sanctions are not critical for Russia. Yes, and they can be introduced just like that - so it makes no sense to just be silent)
        And about the "Americans near Kharkov, not a word." - you're lying. You write - "there is a very high chance that the North Atlantic Alliance will intervene on the side of Ukraine." That is, you claim that the Americans may appear on the territory of the so-called Ukraine, including near Kharkov. Why do you forget that you write it yourself?)))
      2. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
        alexneg13 (Alexander) 7 February 2022 16: 01
        All banderiki are on a pencil in the TFR and there will be a complete cleansing of this marzi. As Kedmi says: - "They will even dig out of the graves so as not to miss a single svolota and so that no one pretends to be buried." Banderiki are deprived of amnesty without a statute of limitations. For bandelogs, there are only two ways: either immediately to the scrap, or for life in the Arctic Circle. Too much meanness these bad people have done.
  4. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 7 February 2022 14: 38
    Three days of blockade is enough, with the destruction of cellular communications and sources of electricity and heat. They will beg to bring in troops to restore order. All the partisans themselves will be caught or destroyed.

    One large city will be treated in this way, and its example will be enough for everyone else.

    And in many cities, even without a demonstrative flogging, "partisans" will be destroyed. Simply because there are smart people on the other side.

    Harm, mischief will be the first time. Until the first dismissals.
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 7 February 2022 15: 05
      Yeah. Three days are enough to accuse Russia of genocide
      1. tulip Offline tulip
        tulip 7 February 2022 15: 06
        Russia can be accused of genocide and just like that, even if it doesn’t attack anywhere - there are no obstacles for the West to this)))
      2. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 7 February 2022 15: 48
        We can be accused of genocide, racism and Banderaphobia even if there is a shortage of toilet paper in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
      3. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
        alexneg13 (Alexander) 7 February 2022 18: 57
        In the event of a provocation from the West in Ukraine, Russia will inflict the first blows on Fascistton and London (it doesn’t matter which ones, but so that it doesn’t seem a little and discourage harming Russia forever), and then it will deal with Banderastan. It's like thinking out loud.
        1. Binder Offline Binder
          Binder (Miron) 7 February 2022 22: 56
          Quote: alexneg13
          Russia will inflict the first blows on Fascistton and London

          Quote: alexneg13
          It's like thinking out loud.

          Yeah, thinking is definitely not your thing, can you do something else?
          1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
            alexneg13 (Alexander) 7 February 2022 23: 25
            What's wrong? Perhaps you live in London? And what to build podlyanki this is your everything? Or do you think you can get away with it? Yes, and the blow may not be military, couldn’t it have occurred to you?
            1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
              DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 11 February 2022 10: 10
              No, this is a Ukrainian-American Jew. Probably lives somewhere under the zhmerinka. He has the same knowledge as a Ukrainian girl on a highway near Moscow, the same amount of experience). In lies or delirium, of course). Occupation is a liar. Calling is a liar.
          2. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
            DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 11 February 2022 10: 07
            Listen, mister non-traditional repatriate, you have not been here for a long time! Where did you come out so rumpled??? Come to Poland now
      4. Boris Chernikov Offline Boris Chernikov
        Boris Chernikov (Boris Chern) 7 February 2022 20: 21
        And? In ANY case, Russia will be accused of genocide and slapped with sanctions, so what's the point of pretending to be good-natured? Or are you so worried about the image? Not to mention the fact that the "semi-guerrilla war" is still a loss, but only with a large number of our losses and among civilians. but then there will be no Natsiks left, they will be cut out to one and all
    2. Traktorbekov Urulu (Maksim) 7 February 2022 17: 21
      Do not pay attention to the dislike, like the field, I could not put it down. Your comment is one of the best on the topic.
    EVYN WIXH (EVYN WIXH) 7 February 2022 14: 46
    To storm a city with civilians with tanks? I am not a military man, but it seems to me that in a modern war the enemy army can be inflicted, damage after which it will be forced to capitulate. This provides for the surrender of all units. Those who disobey the order are considered bandits or terrorists (as you wish), with them - according to the laws of war, but I think there will not be many of them.
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 7 February 2022 15: 03
      Partisans are not people in earflaps, but specially trained military units.
      1. tulip Offline tulip
        tulip 7 February 2022 15: 07
        Chechen battalions will quickly deal with these "specially trained military units")))
      2. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 7 February 2022 15: 07
        Do you have information that such units have been formed and are being trained?
      3. EVYN WIXH Offline EVYN WIXH
        EVYN WIXH (EVYN WIXH) 7 February 2022 15: 16
        Whoever they are, you have already been told that such actions are not possible without the support of the population. Do you think the entire population of Ukraine in de-energized and dehydrated cities will build barricades and offer ammunition in unison? I doubt it ... Although I really hope that it will not come to war. Maybe everyone will change their minds...
      4. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
        DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 11 February 2022 10: 21
        It was only in Russia, more precisely in the USSR. No one else in the world has ever waged just such guerrilla wars. And no one will lead, except Russia. To real partisans, and not to mummery housewives, who were given a gun to hold and neshchebrods with cardboard automatics, these so-called. Ukrainians have no relationship and never will. And who would not say that the so-called. Ukrainians are the same Russians and will also fight, these descendants of policemen and traitors will NEVER be "the same Russians", but these Ukrainians fight on the Internet. Here, no doubt, furiously and to the end!)
        In short, in Ukraine, the partisans are precisely those dressed up in earflaps and embroidered shirts. Those. just rabble.
      5. Dust Offline Dust
        Dust (Sergei) 12 February 2022 15: 49
        What partisans are you talking about? There, lists have long been drawn up of who is loyal to the Bandera government. The only place where partisanism is possible is Western Ukraine. It will most likely be razed to the ground. Let them recover later. At least they'll get the job done. And in Ukraine itself, there are thousands of people who hate the current government. Here they will definitely take revenge on the Banderaites for all the humiliations. My aunt lives in the Kherson region, you should listen to her! Then they would understand what hatred ordinary people have for Kiev.
  6. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 7 February 2022 14: 53
    For some reason, we laugh at the American Stingers and anti-tank Javelins because they are unable to turn the tide of the war in favor of Kiev. And completely in vain, by the way.

    Nobody laughs. many fear that these "Stingers" will fall into the adjacent territory and from them the terrorists and the mafia will shoot down civilian aircraft. If it happens in the Russian Federation, then the West will swallow it and keep silent, but what if it happens in the EU? That reaction can be unpredictable. And who shot - will not understand. Will understand - what shot? And if it is "Stinger", then a grandiose scandal will be organized.
  7. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 7 February 2022 15: 06
    Quote: Bulanov
    And if it is "Stinger", then a grandiose scandal will be organized.

    Or they will accuse Russia of using stingers for terror.
    Or that these stingers are Russian-made. Or something else, but we will be to blame.
    More sanctions will be introduced. For example, the Germans will be banned from supplying stingers to Russia.
  8. LLIkunep Offline LLIkunep
    LLIkunep (Alexey) 7 February 2022 15: 16
    Well, just like in a joke:

    - Take care of the woods lads!
    - Grandfather, are you out of your mind? We have a war on the threshold, and you think about nature!
    - Yes, let the old man say, a veteran after all.
    - I say: take care of the forests, lads, because you still have to hob and hive in them.
  9. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 7 February 2022 15: 37
    Quote: Marzhetsky
    The article does not contain words about the whole of Ukraine, but only about the army.

    It's funny you argue, but in Ukraine the army is Swedish, it also consists of Ukrainians.
  10. tagil Offline tagil
    tagil (Sergei) 7 February 2022 16: 08
    Shaw all the "Bandera patriots" have already run to dig their caches through the forests? Although the Banderführer of the Khokhlyat Reich Yarosh himself said verbatim, “Yarosh continues: guerrilla warfare is possible, but not in the steppes, but in the cities. But for it to last long, Yarosh doubts. each Ukrainian killed several enemies (us)." One question, why should the Russian army enter the cities, for cleaning up the cities will be enough for those who are already fed up with all this Bandera power. Block the city, give weapons from the warehouses of the army to 404 people, and that's it.
  11. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
    Dart2027 7 February 2022 19: 19
    Firstly, it is not necessary to send troops, you can just defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine as an organized structure and ... Do not come to war. That is, Bandera fled to the cities and sit waiting, and Russia does not introduce troops.
    Secondly, as we have already noticed, we need the support of the local population, and without it nothing will work.
    Thirdly, now there are social networks and most Bandera people have long been lit up wherever possible, so there will be no problems with identification.
  12. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 7 February 2022 19: 46
    At one time, Napoleon ran with his “Great Army” behind the Russian one across our vast expanses in order to give a general battle in which Bonaparte would be guaranteed to win, then he would force the Russian Tsar to sign a peace treaty on his own terms and return to Europe to deal with more important affairs.

    Nothing. Napoleon planned to persuade the Russian Tsar to ally with France in order to unite the armies and move them to India.
  13. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 7 February 2022 22: 54
    oh my, well, as in a joke: "well, why are you killing yourself like that??!! you won't kill yourself like that !!!"

    firstly: there is great doubt that the Russian army will "invade" the territory of this misunderstanding
    secondly: even if the Russian army moves into Ukraine (although psychotherapists and orderlies are more likely to be needed there, rather than "polite people"), then, according to a whole general of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a certain Mikhail Zabrodsky, a number of southeastern regions of Ukraine want to join to Russia.
    You can partisan with the support of the population, and when most of the people want a normal life, they themselves will extradite these warriors.
  14. Tixiy Offline Tixiy
    Tixiy (Tixiy) 8 February 2022 09: 38
    All this is speculation about nothing. The state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not matter, the state of the economy of Ukraine does not matter, the important thing is that over the years the majority of the population of this country has been reformatted into hostile to everything Russian. The destination of Ukraine in the plans of the puppeteer is important. The main purpose of this tool in the hands of the United States is to be a "pain in the ass" for Russia. divert resources and attention
  15. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 8 February 2022 12: 17
    The West was preparing for a sabotage war, in the camps of the Baltic states, Poland, and in the western part of Ukraine, until 2014, a bunch of Nazis. And the coup, followed by shelling (for seed) was designed for the invasion of Russia - "Afghan-2" What is prepared now is orders of magnitude more. Do not forget that "migrant workers" throughout our country are absolutely not the fact that they are "white and fluffy." And NATO troops, not on Maslenitsa "for pancakes", are concentrating.
    If something starts, then rather in Moscow. Then chaos throughout the country and some kind of "B", at the top, will invite NATO - to "restor the constitutional order." Are you not surprised by our airfields, with the planes placed, as in the 41st? I really don't want to believe that our generals are bought like the generals of Iraq. The West often fights like this.
    1. tulip Offline tulip
      tulip 8 February 2022 19: 05
      you are talking nonsense))) The West did not expect anything in 2014 - no Russian invasion. For the West, the departure of Crimea to Russia was just a tub of ice water - they did not expect this. So they did not expect any invasion, just as, in principle, the Kremlin did not expect that they would fight for Russia in the Donbass.
      And you don’t have to write about some kind of graters in Russia and NATO’s invasion of Russia - your mrias are uninteresting)
      1. skeptic Offline skeptic
        skeptic 12 February 2022 13: 02
        Quote: Mikhail Alekseev
        you are talking nonsense))) The West did not expect anything in 2014 - no Russian invasion.

        With your lips, yes, drink honey. No one counted on anything ... they simply trained the Nazis in the eastern outskirts of NATO, "for picnics in nature and round dances." With Crimea, a bummer (no one expected that Russia would be limited to Crimea), but who said that the training of the Natsiks was stopped? Maybe the West has banned the supply of lethal weapons and condemns them? Are NATO troops concentrated around the perimeter for tolerance?
        And now, from every iron, "about the imminent invasion of Russia", for a bunch of words, they rumble?
        1. tulip Offline tulip
          tulip 12 February 2022 13: 53
          and what does the training of the Nazis and the Crimea have to do with it?))) Yes, the West prepared the Nazis in Ukraine, but the return of the Crimea to Russia in the West really blew it. In the West, they really thought that Russia would keep silent, hide, get scared - but it didn’t work out))) So here - the West is counting on something - but it will get something completely different. And no one in the West will fight for you - well, they will bring 10 thousand of their warriors to the border, so what? Will an American or French soldier fight for your Bandera Kiev or Kharkov?))) Do not flatter yourself - they will simply smear you like bedbugs, and your Bandera families will restore what you destroyed in the camps for 25 years)
    2. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 11 February 2022 10: 27
      Do not underestimate the Russian services. We have experience, we have weapons, we also have understanding.
  16. vovabunya Offline vovabunya
    vovabunya (Vladimir) 8 February 2022 19: 06
    You read the title and immediately begin to guess the authorship. You run downstairs, making sure that the presentiment did not deceive and you can not read.
  17. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 8 February 2022 19: 42
    Why attribute "guerrilla warfare" to terrorists? Terrorism is bandits. The guerrillas are the liberators of their country. And the envoys to Ukraine from the United States and other NATO members are preparing precisely terrorists. That they perfectly created all their conscious life.
    1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 11 February 2022 10: 31
      That's what it's about. Modern so-called. Ukrainians are the descendants of policemen and traitors, murderers and liars. And do not confuse the concept of "Ukrainian" until 1992, then there were completely different worlds in the modern sense.
  18. Panikovsky Offline Panikovsky
    Panikovsky (Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky) 8 February 2022 20: 45
    What the Armed Forces of Ukraine can do is, as we used to say in the Soviet Army, to fill up even from ... Forgive me, but this is how we figuratively expressed it when they expressed the idea that you, they say, are wrong, and nothing will work out for you.
  19. Maximum Offline Maximum
    Maximum (Maxim Amosov) 9 February 2022 11: 13
    This story is not particularly interesting to the darkest, otherwise it would have already happened. Troops, as the experience of Syria has shown, may not be introduced in significant volumes, ensuring air superiority. In theory, Putin may need a corridor along the sea to Moldova, nobody needs the ruins of Kiev, just like the Westerners. Like the Kiev debt. The Russian-speaking provinces hate Kiev and are tired of the current mess, at the start of negotiations they will change their clothes in the air and everything will go according to the Crimean scenario. It may not even come to guerrilla warfare. And in general, at current prices for gas and transit, the bankruptcy of an independent can happen earlier than a significant war. As usual, everything goes to the patient =)