There was a full video of the crash of the American F-35 on the deck of an aircraft carrier

A full video of the crash of an American F-35C fighter appeared on the Web, which could not land on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson (or CVN-70) aircraft carrier of the US Navy and fell into the South China Sea on January 24.

Ранее появились photographs of the aircraft in the water, and a short video with it from the moment before the incident. Now the entire chain of events is shown, although this is a fixation of what happened, recorded from the monitor.

The new footage shows the plane approaching the ship as it comes in for a landing. However, something went wrong, he hits the deck, and then lights up. Further, an uncontrollable burning aircraft slides along the deck and falls overboard into the sea.

As a result, the pilot of the aircraft and seven crew members of the ship were injured (3 of them were urgently sent to the Philippines to the hospital). The US military has not yet reported what caused the crash. In this regard, several assumptions can be made.

Firstly, the pilot could make a mistake when piloting, not calculating the movement of the aircraft and the roll of the ship on the waves. Secondly, there could be problems with software fighter, which led to disastrous consequences. With undisguised interest, we are waiting for the results of the investigation of American experts.
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  1. aries2200 Offline aries2200
    aries2200 (aries) 6 February 2022 20: 51
    More moments like this....
  2. Guest throat bone 6 February 2022 21: 58
    Here are the years....
  3. Yuri V.A Offline Yuri V.A
    Yuri V.A (Yuri) 7 February 2022 04: 57
    At least the plane did not crash into the superstructure
    1. Boa kaa Offline Boa kaa
      Boa kaa (Alexander) 7 February 2022 18: 28
      Quote: Yuri V.A
      At least the plane did not crash into the superstructure

      It is a great success that the burning car did not crash into the planes standing on the deck. And that would be the second Enterprise!
      About the causes of the flight accident. It seems to me that after all, the failure of the software caused the disaster. Pilots on the AVU are selected from the pine forest. This is the aviation elite. If the pilot was allowed to fly solo, then they are confident in him. 65 million people will not trust the car anyhow. The flyers there are serious and they know their business. That's right!
  4. Bystander Offline Bystander
    Bystander (Innocent) 8 February 2022 17: 15
    Secondly, there could be problems with the fighter software, which led to disastrous consequences.

    Probably the RF programmers were sitting at the bottom, and carried out the tip.
    They know how to cheat.
  5. viktortarianik Offline viktortarianik
    viktortarianik (Victor) 8 February 2022 19: 28
    And I feel a little sorry for the pilot. So many years flying, trying. Well done, I didn’t find myself in the kitchen, but in the sky, and even in the cockpit of a fighter. She has a love for the sky, for flying.
  6. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 8 February 2022 20: 03
    Perhaps there are some details.
    (the source is so-so, does not inspire much confidence)

    The first female F-35 fighter pilot in US history, on her first flight from the deck of the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, lost her plane.

    Information that a woman was piloting this F-35С fighter was presented to the press by one of the crew officers of the American aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. He noted that despite the fact that the pilot completed a full course of training and successfully completed the take-off and landing training program on the deck of an aircraft carrier, the current flight, which resulted in an emergency, was her first from the deck of Carl Vinson.