The Ukrainian crisis is important for China

Russia's anticipated "invasion" of Ukraine by the West is forcing China to take a closer look at European affairs and define its strategy as tensions rise between Russia on the one hand and Ukraine and NATO on the other.

According to The Epoch Times, China supports Russia in the fight against the illegal expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance. Beijing calls on Washington to remain calm and stop creating an "anti-Chinese clique" (possibly referring to the creation of AUKUS, an alliance between the US, Britain and Australia).

Experts point out that for China, the current situation is somewhat different from the events of 2014, when Beijing refrained from publicly recognizing the Russian Crimea. Western sanctions that followed the return of Crimea to its “home harbor” led to an economic rapprochement between the Russian Federation and China, and the current economic US and European measures against Russia could lead to heavy losses for China. Thus, The Epoch Times believes, Beijing will not be able to stay away from the Ukrainian crisis, and China will have to make a difficult choice.

Another reason for China's refusal to support anti-Russian sanctions is that the country's leadership is opposed to expansionist policy US and the world liberal order promoted by Washington. Moreover, Beijing's pride will not allow it to support American-promoted export controls.

If China joins US sanctions against Russia, its economic weight in the world will become less significant, while America's financial power will increase

- the publication notes, speaking of the inevitability of opposition to the US extraterritorial sanctions by China.

At the same time, China can offer Russia economic assistance in the form of loans to compensate for losses from Western sanctions, which will further strengthen China's economic influence on its northern neighbor.

According to The Epoch Times, the Ukrainian crisis will also give Beijing an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of authoritarian rule as opposed to liberal democratic rule. At the same time, the development of the situation will help China develop its own strategy of behavior towards Taiwan, which the PRC considers its inalienable territory.

Monitoring the development of the crisis around Ukraine will give China an opportunity to understand how it is necessary to act on the issue of Taiwan's accession to the mainland. The lessons Beijing will learn from Russia's "sanction strikes" could have far-reaching implications for the future US strategy in the Indo-Pacific region, as Beijing sees the current tensions as a test of American power as such.

- writes the media.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 2 February 2022 13: 03
    China does not support the Russian Federation, but international law, which is on the side of the Russian Federation. If I had supported the Russian Federation, I would have long ago recognized the Crimean Autonomous Region as Russian.
    In Ukrainian problems, the PRC supports the Minsk agreements, but this does not affect its cooperation with Ukraine, or with the Russian Federation, or with the EU, or with other parties involved in the conflict - the PRC is like that monkey that sits in a tree and watches how two people fight below tiger.
    The current US and European economic measures against Russia cannot lead to big losses for China.
    The PRC, unlike the Russian Federation, in its economic development cannot rely on its own limited resources like Japan, and therefore is fully and completely integrated into the world economy.
    This means that Western sanctions against China are a double-edged sword. The PRC neutralizes sanctions by expanding cooperation with developing state entities within the framework of the programs of the Asia-Pacific Region, the SCO, the EAEU, BRICS and many others on all continents and calls on the “West” for mutually beneficial cooperation and the lifting of sanctions that hinder the development of both and the world economy as a whole.
    The PRC is not against the US policy and the world liberal order promoted by Washington - it feels good in the conditions of the modern world order, as evidenced by the growth rate of 8,1% for 2021, but is against interference in its internal affairs.
    With regard to Taiwan, the position of the PRC is unshakable and sooner or later Taiwan will reunite with the PRC peacefully - Aunt Wei and her Democratic Party will lose the upcoming elections, and the Kuomintang is set for peaceful cooperation if the USA does not provoke an armed conflict in which they and their allies are a priori doomed to defeat .