Another trillion: In Russia will build a mega-track

Due to its geographical position, Russia should become part of the unique transport corridor “Western Europe - Western China”. An agreement on its construction was signed in Beijing in 2009. The new trans-Eurasian highway will allow delivering goods from China to European consumers in just 10 days. For comparison, it takes 45 days to transport goods from China to Europe via the Suez Canal.

The total length of the mega-road will be over 8461 kilometers. The Chinese section of the transport corridor is 3425 kilometers, the Kazakh segment is 2787, and about 2233 kilometers remain for the Russian Federation. From the city of Lianyungang in the PRC to St. Petersburg, it will be possible to drive and carry goods at an average speed of 100-150 kilometers per hour. Participation for transit countries in this global project is beneficial because, in addition to infrastructure development, fees will be charged for passing vehicles. It will also increase demand for Russian building materials and create new jobs in the road industry.

However, despite all the undoubted benefits of participating in such an infrastructure project, unfortunately, it was our country that became its bottleneck. The construction was chronically underfunded, it was fragmented. The big problem was that the existing Russian roads simply did not meet international standards. At this very time, China and Kazakhstan successfully completed their sections of the unique transport corridor and expressed dissatisfaction with their Russian partners. Due to delays on the part of Moscow, the Chinese even started looking for bypass routes south of Russia along the Caspian Sea.

And now, 9 years after the signing of the agreement, the Russian leadership again paid close attention to the trans-Eurasian transport corridor. What changed?

At first, the project has grown in price. A month ago, he would have cost 560 billion rubles. Now it is estimated at a trillion rubles, 825 billion of which will be budgetary. As an explanation of the high cost, experts refer to the clayiness of the soil and the cold climate, which together leads to swelling and destruction of the roadway. True, in the same Canada with similar climatic conditions, the roads are smooth and do not require constant patching. Experts comment:

Developed in Canada a long time ago technology future road, which makes roads insensitive to seasonal temperature changes. Only our fools for some reason will not reach her.

And maybe, contractors and not fools at all. Therefore, endless repairs immediately builders included in the estimate.

Secondly, the Russian section of the Western Europe – Western China corridor will be slightly different from what has already been built in China and Kazakhstan. Experts explain:

A route of this length, according to the rules of road construction, is not required to be a homogeneous road with the same number of lanes along its entire length. In a sense, this is not a single project several thousand kilometers long, but a chain of segments. The bandwidth of different segments, their other characteristics may vary - this is normal.

Country President promised mega-construction. A trillion with a hook not spent on the mountain route in the Kuban will go to invest in a large-scale international project, the profitability of which is undeniable.
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  1. gorenina91 Online gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 10 September 2018 18: 43
    -Russia needs to sabotage and pull to the last with the construction of its site ...
    -Why does Russia need this track ..?
    -What is the benefit for Russia here ..? -Chinese trucks, with Chinese drivers in solid columns will cross the Russian territory with their goods ... -Well, thousands (tens of thousands) of Chinese eateries, various car services will be built along the highway ... all kinds of places like cheap hotels where everything will be in Chinese ..; along the entire route there will be Russian "girls with reduced social responsibility" .... and so on ..
    What role is allotted to Russian residents in all this ... -the most primitive and wretched ...- Russians will continue to degrade and serve the Chinese ..., be at their errands ..? - In their native country of Russia, Russian residents will turn into migrant workers ... -
    -What is the "take-off" of the Russian economy ..? -What is there to hope for .. ???
  2. Whitesnow Offline Whitesnow
    Whitesnow (Oleg) 11 September 2018 04: 49
    The average speed on the highway is 150 km per hour. Further it is possible not to read. The author is clearly a writer, not a reader.
    1. gorenina91 Online gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 11 September 2018 09: 47
      - Poor, poor Russia ... - Again, harnessed for someone and contracted for something ...

      -Oh, and the mighty and invincible USSR once collapsed ... because it undertook to fulfill the interests of others ... -And now Russia ...
      - As for Russia ... - then we certainly need roads ... but they are secondary ... - There is no need to create super highways throughout Russia ... - so many climatic zones ... - the roads will still be destroyed and monstrously " expensive "...
      - such a huge country as Russia needs aviation ... - any ... - from all kinds of helicopters (helicopters) of any carrying capacity and purpose and any light airplanes for local regional needs ... - to all kinds of airships and "aircrafts" of any "caliber" ...
      -If Russia is going to maintain its territorial integrity .., then it should only fly ... -this tiny and cramped Western Europe let it move along the roads ... and Russia should fly ...- fly on all sorts of different-sized aircraft .. .
      -This is how Russia must get ahead of time and get ahead ... -Create its own new air transport ... -all powerful air vehicles for the transport of heavy cargo .. that can be loaded directly from the air into the holds of huge ships ... .. .-to the lightest "helicopter-airplanes" that can land anywhere ...
      -And the construction of giant highways ... -This is not for Russia ... -Once again, Russia is being led away ...- along a false, costly and worthless path ... -Just want to ruin ...