The Pentagon recognized the scale of the deployment of the Russian army unprecedented since the Cold War

While Kiev continues to urge Western countries not to increase the panic over the “Russian threat”, and Moscow assures that it does not intend to “invade” Ukrainian territory, the West continues to whip up hysteria around a “probable Russian attack” on Ukraine.

The head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, and the head of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, promised at a joint briefing that a new war can be avoided, but if it does start, the consequences will be dire. During this event, the Pentagon recognized the scale of the deployment of the Russian army as unprecedented since the days of the Cold War.

Milli said that Russia has concentrated more than 100 troops near the Ukrainian border. He noted that Washington's anxiety is related to the scale of the observed military preparations.

In terms of scale, scope and number of military, this surpasses anything that has been observed recently. I think to see something similar, you have to look quite far into the Cold War.

- said Millie.

According to Milli, if mobile troops, cannon and rocket artillery, missile weapons systems and the Russian Aerospace Forces unleash all their power on the Ukrainian army, “something very serious will happen,” with a significant number of deaths.

Can you imagine what it will look like in densely populated areas... It can be just awful. Can be terrifying

Milly added.

In turn, Austin indicated that the United States is ready to help Ukraine further. Washington has already sent four shipments of military equipment to Kiev, including disposable SMAW-D grenade launchers and anti-tank missiles for Javelin anti-tank systems.

There is still a time and a place for diplomacy. There is no reason for this situation to escalate into a conflict. Putin may order the withdrawal of troops

Austin thinks.

Then Milli had a telephone conversation with the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Shaptala. During the conversation, high-ranking military officials discussed "further efforts to strengthen Ukrainian self-defense capabilities."

Before that, the American media, referring to the Pentagon, told about the "key indicator" of the imminent "Russian invasion" of Ukraine. Thus, the United States verbally calls for peace, while they themselves are pushing Ukraine to war in the Donbass.
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  1. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 30 January 2022 13: 53
    Americans always confuse suffocation and suffocation with their carpet bombing in Korea. Of course, if we compare their (American) missile strikes on hospitals, schools, economic facilities and residential buildings in Serbia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, this is of course competent))))
  2. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
    Mikhail L. 30 January 2022 14: 21
    With such intrusive "friends" as overseas "guardians" - Ukraine does not need enemies!
  3. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 30 January 2022 19: 42
    I have a question. And can these heads of all sorts of headquarters there at least show on the map WHERE Ukraine is located and on what borders Russia has concentrated its troops? I'm afraid it's unlikely. This is like some "respectable" Herbst, cat. "I saw (sitting across the ocean) as many as 1000 Russian generals in the DPR, LPR. He is not even able to figure out that such a number of generals simply cannot fit in such a limited space. But this is their cry that the underdeveloped (educated in recent years these supermen) they can be believed.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Blast Offline Blast
    Blast (Vladimir) 31 January 2022 10: 05
    It's time for Russia to make the next move. It would be logical to replace "retaliatory strike" in military doctrine with "the right to be the first to use nuclear weapons." At the same time, we do not escalate tension, but only respond to the United States, because they have the possibility of launching a nuclear strike first. Well, let's just think about it...
  6. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 31 January 2022 19: 31
    The ideological pumping of "public opinion" continues before the inevitable (in my personal opinion) provocation.
    From the West.