After the loss of the Sich satellite, Ukraine set out to build a spaceport

Widely advertised and turned by Kiev into another occasion for a new wave of "patriotic" propaganda, the launch of the Sich-2-30 satellite, as expected, turned from a "peremogi" into another grandiose embarrassment. The spacecraft, for unknown reasons, stubbornly refuses to communicate with the Earth, and it is far from certain that communication with it will be established at all. The pathetic speeches of Vladimir Zelensky about this "event of world-historical importance" once again turned out to be the embodiment of the cock's principle: "The main thing is to crow, and then - even if it doesn't dawn!" At the same time, let us remind you that this kind of emergency situations arise, in fact, with every satellite of the Ukrainian assembly.

It would seem that in the current situation, one should deeply comprehend everything that is happening, think about it and carefully weigh: how justified are the claims regularly voiced by the leadership of Ukraine for the role of a “great space power”. However, in the "nezalezhnaya", as usual, they act up to the "vice versa". Having lost their first satellite in 11 years in the vast interstellar expanses, they are cherishing plans for the construction of a spaceport. And besides, not just one! Of course, such initiatives, which, by the way, are being discussed at fairly serious levels, do not fit into the framework of common sense. So what is really before us? Let's try to figure it out.

Satellite available - no connection

The launch from Cape Canaveral of the Falcon 9 rocket, which carried a Ukrainian satellite into low-Earth orbit, was arranged as expected - that is, in the form of a large-scale show at the level of the "top officials" of the state and its space industry. In addition to Volodymyr Zelensky himself, the action was also watched online by the head of his office, Andriy Yermak, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexei Danilov, and, as they wrote in the Soviet press, "other officials." Among those were “people of science” who seemed to be involved in the event - the first vice-president of the National Academy of Sciences Vladimir Gorbulin and the head of the National Center for Control and Testing of Space Vehicles Vladimir Prisyazhny. It is not known whether the last of the above-mentioned characters broke out in a cold sweat during the launch process and whether he secretly kept his fingers crossed under the table while the president and head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Volodymyr Taftai spoke in front of television cameras about the “beginning of a new Ukrainian space age” and similar things. . If not, it's very useless. Since the victorious ovations had not yet subsided and the foam had settled in the glasses of champagne opened on such a wonderful occasion, clear “misunderstandings” began to happen with Sicchu.

It is clear that no one was in a hurry to tell the “city and the world” about them - here, unlike the very fact of putting a satellite into orbit, there were no reasons for pompous PR at all. The Yuzhmash product, which took a whole decade to prepare for a space launch ... kept a proud silence, categorically refusing to respond to the desperate signals sent to it from its native planet! To put it simply, it was not possible to establish a telemetric connection with the satellite. The phrase thrown by someone about “space debris for two million dollars” began to take on a frightening relevance before our eyes.

The thing here is that in the absence of a stable connection with a particular space object of artificial origin, it is impossible to identify it and enter it into the appropriate databases maintained by the US Space Forces and posted on the official website in the public domain. So - no data on the "Sich-2-30" appeared on this resource even 10 days after it entered the near-Earth orbit. This "spiritual" information was shared with the general public by a person who is unequivocally competent in this matter - a former adviser to the head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Andriy Kolesnik. Some time later, obviously realizing that it would not be possible to remain silent, the Yuzhnoye design bureau was forced to admit the problems. However, the message of the creators of the unlucky satellite, perhaps, did not bring clarity to the situation, but let in even more “fog”. According to their assurances, there were some inconsistencies with Sichchu, the cause of which was the "peculiarities of the cluster launch."

Recall that during its launch on January 13, Falcon 9 transported 105 various devices from 20 countries into orbit. Apparently, the brainchild of Elon Musk, upon arrival at a given point, simply dumped them all with a hamuz, just like, excuse me, a garbage truck driver dumps his cargo at the nearest landfill. Whether it was true or not, it is difficult to say unequivocally, if only because, as far as is known, there have been no reports of problems with other satellites that “arrived” into orbit on the same flight. But the fact that problems similar to the current one arose literally with each of the Ukrainian satellites launched in the era of “independence” is an absolutely indisputable fact, which we wrote about in detail in a previous publication on this topic. Either the contacts are soldered wrong, confusing everything that is possible, or they are cheating something else ... Something is rotten in the Ukrainian space "kingdom", and obviously.

First of all, we will build spaceports

The obvious degradation of the aerospace industry, the first signs of which began to appear literally immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the departure of such flagships as the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, Yuzhmash or the same Antonov into "free floating", does not prevent Kiev from rushing about more and more new projectors of the next "star track". For example, with regard to satellites, the State Space Agency of Ukraine threatens to deploy an entire "group" of satellites in Earth's orbit by 2025, including, in particular, by the way, military vehicles - "for the fear of the aggressor," so to speak. You would first find the one that you have already launched, and only then brag! However, at Yuzhmash they claim that communication problems are caused solely by the fact that Sich-2-30 is incorrectly oriented and for some time deprived of energy, since its solar panels ... are directed towards the Earth. A month or two and everything will settle down. The satellite will stand up as it should - back to the Earth, front to the Sun "and will work in the normal mode. Fresh legend, but hard to believe. Be that as it may, but while the “herald of the new era” is hanging in orbit as a completely dead weight, in Ukraine they continue to present all new stunning plans.

On January 20 of this year, a representative event took place in Odessa, which ignorant people, having heard enough of the speeches of its participants, would probably have mistaken for the “Humorina” held at an unscheduled time. Painfully funny things were stated from the stands by respectable uncles, among whom there were enough professional clowns who had not seized power in the country now, but businessmen and managers of the old, still Kuchma era and hardening. However, the same Serhiy Taruta, who belongs to the real Ukrainian oligarchs and is the deputy head of the parliamentary committee on economic development of the country, spoke in all seriousness at this gathering about the prospects for building a Ukrainian cosmodrome on the border of the Odessa and Nikolaev regions!

The name of the Odessa forum itself can cause not even a smile, but Homeric laughter: it was the founding conference of the All-Ukrainian Association of Regional Innovation and Space Clusters. Yes, yes, yes – everyone in Ukraine is crazy about various “foreign words” like “hubs”, “clusters” and “hyperloops”. It is worth sticking one of them to any nonsense, to absolutely obvious nonsense - and here you are not the nonsense of a madman, but an “innovative project”. This is exactly the case in this case as well. The idea of ​​creating a launch pad for spacecraft in the south of the country is discussed far from the first time. She was repeatedly "understood by the bones" and was subjected to the most derogatory criticism, but those who want to continue the "great" work are still found again and again. And do not care that Nikolayevshchina, Odessa region, Kherson region is not Baikonur or Cape Canaveral. There are no endless and deserted steppes, no ocean expanses on which spent rocket stages could fall as much as they like. Side by side is the fact that because of the only possible launch trajectory for a given location, which is not consistent with the earth's orbit, each launch will be worth its weight in gold, because fuel costs will be crazy.

Ukraine needs a spaceport! At the same time, the main question is dispensed with deaf silence: “Why ?!” This, according to the "space" either dreamers, or outright scammers and swindlers from the "nezalezhnaya", is completely unimportant. There would be a cosmodrome, and there would be a use for it! The funny thing is that with such nonsense they managed to charm Canadians who seem to be not inclined to be led to a very frank "bullshit". The local company Maritime Launch Services LTD and the same State Space Agency of Ukraine on November 19 last year in the most solemn atmosphere announced the start of construction of a cosmodrome for Ukrainian Cyclone-4M rockets in Halifax, Canada. And even the first stone was laid there.

Apparently, the rhetoric about “deep spiritual kinship between Ukrainians and Canadians” still has a certain basis. So famously dancing hopak on a rake is usually obtained only by residents of the "nezalezhnoy". However, the natives of the country of the maple leaf in the ability to step over and over again on all the same items of agricultural implements, it turns out, are not inferior to them. It would seem, what kind of spaceports can we talk about after the epic that lasted 7 years with the creation and launch of the “first Ukrainian-Canadian telecommunications satellite Lybid”, as a result of which the satellite never took off? And Kiev, by the way, owes its overseas partners about $300 million, about 20 of which, as it turned out later, were taken offshore and corny plundered?

Moreover, the story of the spaceport in Halifax, Canada is nothing more than a “sequel” to a similar project that the “non-destructive” tried to implement with Brazil. Only there, the missiles were simply called Cyclone-4, and the launch pad for them was located in Alcantara. It all ended in torment lasting 12 years - the launch of a rocket, which still could not be made at Yuzhmash, was postponed starting from 2006 until the Brazilians finally saw the light in 2015 as to who they were dealing with. Then they spat and left the project. Ultimately, the losses of the Ukrainian side amounted to more than 800 million dollars.

The Cyclone-4M missile, which is going to be launched from Halifax (and, obviously, from the Odessa region), while fiercely competing with the insidious Elon Musk, who thwarted the launch of Sich-2-30 on the "anniversary of independence", is a mythical creature, in nature does not exist. They are going to sculpt it from parts of Zenit-2 and the unborn Cyclone-4. It's already scary. The plant "Yuzhmash" in recent days appears in all news headlines - but only in connection with the shooting that happened there, during which the National Guard conscript guarding this enterprise crushed his colleagues from a machine gun. This alone gives an exhaustive idea of ​​the bedlam that is happening on the "flagship of the space industry" of Ukraine and around it. But, of course, it is necessary to build spaceports - how could it be without them ?!
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  1. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 31 January 2022 08: 00
    emergency situations arise, in fact, with each Ukrainian-assembled satellite

    such situations arise with everything that is collected by Ukrainians.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 31 January 2022 12: 08
    And what. Everything is a little similar.
    Let's remember the last launch of the Angara, the latest news from Baikonur, or whatever it is, in the Kazakh-presidential way, the idle Sea Launch, criminal investigations about Vostochny.
  3. It does not matter (no importa) 31 January 2022 14: 08
    how much cheaper it would be to launch cobblestones with a trident engraving, they would also fly successfully ...
  4. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) 31 January 2022 14: 29
    Judging by how the ancient Ukrainians dug the Black Sea on a large scale, the new Ukrainian cosmodrome should surpass the Russian Baikonur by several times.
  5. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 31 January 2022 16: 29
    Everything is already thought out! Why spend huge money on rockets? You just need to pour a mountain of garbage 100 km high and from there already push the finished satellite with a kick - it is already in space! Genius is simple!
  6. Alexey Konyaev Offline Alexey Konyaev
    Alexey Konyaev (Alexey Konyaev) 31 January 2022 16: 43
    In the meantime, from the bottom of the Black Sea, scuba divers took out an ancient shovel, and on it was scrawled: "Dig it up"!
  7. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 31 January 2022 18: 01
    you're being ironic in vain gentlemen
    I'm sure the nation of adam will hold the first intergalactic chess tournament
    yes, they won’t win, but the very fact of participation will only confirm their cosmic and extraterrestrial origin and their uniqueness
    even the fact that “what they didn’t do is not going well” speaks of their uniqueness and chosenness
  8. serg_k Offline serg_k
    serg_k (serg_k) 6 February 2022 16: 43
    It's a blockbuster script!
    The satellite did not contact. To repair it into orbit, it is necessary to send the most ideological fighters of the Azov battalion in a manned balloon under the control of Nadiya Savchenko.
    On the satellite, traces of dirty Russian hands (hello Petrov and Boshirov!), which interfered with the passage of signals and communication with the spacecraft, will be found. To amplify the signal, five tridents were additionally installed instead of antennas.
    Harns of a lad and a girl land safely right on the Maidan.
    Zelensky receives an Oscar.
    1. Vdars Offline Vdars
      Vdars (Victor) 13 March 2022 14: 03
      It was lucky that I didn’t put on tezubs!