What is behind the US requests not to publish their response to the Russian ultimatum

Recently Americans promised provide Russia with a response to its security ultimatum in the near future, expressing the hope that Moscow will not make public what is stated in the document. What is behind the US request, commented in an interview with the newspaper "Sight" member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, senator from the Perm Territory Andrey Klimov.

He drew attention to the fact that the United States demonstrates "a certain willingness" to compromise with Russia. Now Washington, however, does not offer exactly what Moscow expects from it, but this is also a kind of “designation of directions” that may interest the Russian Federation from the US point of view.

Of course, reaching an understanding is not easy. We tell them about the indivisibility of security, and they demand that we withdraw our troops from the border with Ukraine. As soon as diplomatic tools exhaust themselves, we will be forced to use other methods. Americans understand this well. However, the principle of the indivisibility of security is like a bone in the throat for them. It is clear that they were not going to come to us with a white flag. Nobody expected this from them. But we demand that the decisions already taken once be respected

He explained.

The politician clarified that he understands the desire of the Americans not to make their answer public. In the fall of 2022, parliamentary elections are to be held in the United States, so the current administration of the White House fears that its dialogue with the Russian Federation can be interpreted political opponents as a sign of weakness. Moreover, talk of weakness could be picked up by many of the US's European allies, as was the case with Donald Trump, who was accused of working for the Kremlin.

Klimov believes that the current US administration also does not want to advertise the contents of the document in order to maintain the "halo of the hegemon" in the public. They like to focus on their exclusivity and other points. However, Russia is not going to wait for the results of the mentioned elections. In the United States, elections are every two years, sometimes parliamentary, sometimes presidential. At the same time, over the past two decades, under the incessant talk of elections, the Americans have dragged NATO's military infrastructure right to the borders of Russia.

And our proposals for security guarantees are not only concrete, they are realistic. We are not suggesting that they dissolve NATO or close military bases. We offer simple things to which the representatives of the United States once agreed. But the fear of the American administration to lose face - not before the Baltics, Poland or Ukraine, but before their competitors inside the country - is a very big problem for them.

He summed up.

We remind you that 34 senators out of 100 will be elected to the Senate this year. Since January 2021, the Democratic Party has held the majority in the upper house of Congress, as two independent senators support it. In addition, Vice President Kamala Harris has the final say in a 50/50 situation. At the same time, elections to the House of Representatives will be held (in all 435 districts, in each of the 50 states). Now the Democrats have 222 seats and the lower house of parliament is headed by Nancy Pelosi. The Democratic Party does not want to lose all this.
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  1. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 27 January 2022 20: 28
    there is only one answer - the United States is handing something over to Russia and the United States does not want to know about it. If the United States didn’t hand over anything, but demanded, then they themselves would be the first to publish the text)
    1. wamp Offline wamp
      wamp 27 January 2022 22: 57
      Quote: Mikhail Alekseev
      USA is giving something to Russia

      It'S Nothing!

      1. tulip Offline tulip
        tulip 28 January 2022 08: 21
        then why not show it?))) the fact that Lavrov can say something at the request of the United States so as not to drop the face of the United States - I fully admit it. But why is the US asking not to show the document if they don’t hand over ANYTHING?))) On the contrary, the US should shout at every corner what rot is strong and sent Russia)
        1. wamp Offline wamp
          wamp 28 January 2022 11: 13
          Quote: Mikhail Alekseev
          But why is the US asking not to show the document if they don’t hand over ANYTHING?

          Here is a standard universal reaction of the type: the states are renting something ....
          It turns out that nothing else needs to be done, everything has been decided, you can continue to sleep ...
          And at this time they finally chatter the topic.

          There are many such storylines. People make up their own minds.
          1. tulip Offline tulip
            tulip 28 January 2022 12: 16
            you wrote that the USA don’t hand over ANYTHING - I answered you - what’s the point of hiding then if they don’t hand over anything?) on the contrary, it’s important for them to show the whole world that they sent Russia) what does it have to do with talking about the topic, then they and what do people come up with?
            In general, normal people a month ago understood that the United States would refuse and Russia simply needed a document with this refusal. But what Russia will do next - here you have to look. if within a month at least Russia does nothing, then the Kremlin and Russia have really lost. I have a list of what Russia can do
            1. wamp Offline wamp
              wamp 29 January 2022 16: 44
              Quote: Mikhail Alekseev
              normal people a month ago understood that the United States would refuse and Russia just needed a document with this refusal.

              I agree completely.

              Quote: Mikhail Alekseev
              if within a month at least Russia does nothing, then the Kremlin and Russia have really lost.

              Disagree here. It is beneficial for Russia not so much to take any action itself and spend resources on it, but to direct the actions of the enemy in a favorable course. Ukrainian psychosis is an example of how enemies are twitching, destroying balances in finance, the economy and making a mess in politics. This will lead to a crisis (war is one of the forms), but in the chaos that will occur due to the uncontrollability of events, only self-sufficient states will survive.
  2. S WITH Offline S WITH
    S WITH (N S) 27 January 2022 23: 49
    there are no elections in the USA, several Jewish families appoint a president clown))

    but they don’t want publicity, I think because they hope that this letter will be lost in history (the West will do everything to make it forgotten), as well as Gore’s promise in Germany not to expand NATO. thus deprive the Russian Federation (for the society of the West), of the reasons due to which the Russian Federation will take military action. that is, expose the Russian Federation as a one-sided aggressor, who allegedly attacked "unfortunate" Ukraine for no reason, striving for the Western "free" world with US bases. well, the fact that there was no Ukraine at all until 1918, there was Russian Little Russia, in the West they don’t know anyway
  3. two who believes in doodles, there is an agreement, there is no agreement ?! The same country threw and rolled, and to negotiate with them - the current time to lose! Atomic bombs and missiles - that's our goal, as in 1950, the time of Tzar Joseph the Thrice Greatest!
  4. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 28 January 2022 09: 08
    You can’t negotiate with these guys without a candelabra ... They will deceive you anyway ... Their life principle is this when communicating with the Indians ...
  5. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 28 January 2022 10: 42
    In vain Putin refuses to publish the US response to their request. The world must know the whole truth. This not only concerns Putin, it is not his personal. This is the safety of all people on this planet.
    1. wamp Offline wamp
      wamp 28 January 2022 11: 15
      Quote: Dust
      In vain Putin refuses to publish US responses

      Lavrov said everything in indirect phrases and a plan for further action.
      When an intelligent person speaks, every word must be taken very seriously.