Wasserman: Ukraine can attack Donbas exactly twice - the first and the last

Kiev may attempt a forceful solution to the problem of eastern Ukraine in August this year, ahead of US congressional elections, in order to gain support for the pro-presidential Democratic Party of America. Thinks so political expert and deputy of the Russian State Duma Anatoly Wasserman.

Now Ukraine can attack any other part of Russia, even Donbass, even Transnistria exactly twice: the first and the last

- Wasserman noted from the Duma rostrum.

However, this will not be a solution to the problem of Donbass, but will only delay it.

At the same time, Anatoly Wasserman lashed out with sharp criticism at the armed forces of Ukraine, which have turned into a "group of internal terror."

In addition, according to the analyst, such concepts as the Ukrainian language and the Ukrainian people do not exist at all. Wasserman compared the Ukrainian language with the thieves fenya, the "carriers" of which also cannot be considered a separate people. Ukrainians are an organic part of the Russian people, and the nationalists "composed" the Ukrainian people and are trying by all means to create it.

Meanwhile, the West continues to supply Kiev with military technique. However, as Aleksey Arbatov, director of the Center for International Security at IMEMO RAS, noted, arms deliveries are more of a symbolic nature (defense systems, man-portable missile systems) and do not include tanks and heavy artillery.
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  1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
    Mikhail L. 26 January 2022 15: 29
    Concerning the Ukrainian "thieves give a damn about it".

    The Western Russian language did not coincide with the Ukrainian spoken language from the moment of its appearance, at the turn of the 1798th and XNUMXth centuries. a new Ukrainian literary language arises, independently developing on a folk language basis. I. P. Kotlyarevsky is considered the first creator of works in the literary Ukrainian language, repeating the spoken language, and his first work is the Aeneid, written in XNUMX.

    With their grandiloquent statements, Russian Wassermans are generating hostility among Ukrainians.
    Whose mill are they pouring water on?
    1. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
      Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 26 January 2022 17: 13
      There is a good proverb about Waserman and others like him - if a person is dead, then it is for a long time, if he is stupid, then forever ...
    2. Binder Offline Binder
      Binder (Miron) 26 January 2022 17: 41
      It is certainly not for Wasserman to judge whether Ukrainians are a separate people, and comparing the Ukrainian language with thieves Fenya is a gross insult on nationalist grounds. In fact, the statements of this unfortunate deputy are quite drawn to an article about inciting ethnic hatred. As a Jew, I am ashamed of this worthless, mediocre and stupid fellow tribesman ...
  2. Banski Offline Banski
    Banski (Banski) 27 January 2022 13: 12
    The eternal boy has a problem with math.
  3. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 27 January 2022 18: 44
    Even if it's only the "first time", then it's thousands of victims. With Russian passports. Why thousands? Because the brutalized ukrofascists will use everything: "Grads", "Hurricanes", Points-y, etc.
    In the conditions of Donbass (a large percentage of urbanization), this is every projectile (rocket) on target!
    And what is the cost of the vote of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the issue of recognizing the DPR, LPR, PMR, against the thousands of lost lives of Russian children, women, men? Vote already, zazhraty bastards, for the Russian people!