What the United States is afraid of: Kedmi revealed a terrible scenario for America

Recently, the United States of America has repeatedly stated that Russia and China threaten their security. The well-known political expert Jacob Kedmi in the program “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov” dated September 2 explained what they mean.

This threat to the United States, he said, is that Russia and China want to change the world order. There is no talk that Moscow and Beijing wish to attack the United States or destroy them. Washington would like to maintain its superiority, and any attempt to weaken this superiority is seen as a threat to US security.

Indeed, Russia, China, and other developing countries, would like to change the situation in which Washington dictates to the whole world how to live.

If you compare the military, political, Russia's strategic position in 2014 and at present is today, the expert believes, Russia is stronger. In the world they reckon with it more than before. The US is most afraid of a strategic clash with Russia and China. In the near future they will be afraid of him even more. Washington understands that American economy not stand the arms race with Moscow and Beijing.

Regarding the situation around Syria, Kedmi said that the United States fired on the country twice. But from a military point of view, this did not harm her. President Bashar al-Assad controls the territory of Syria, where the main population lives. The fate of Idlib is a foregone conclusion, even if new American strikes follow. The war for Syria by the Americans is lost.

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    Provocateur. Everyone wants to pit.
    And ours act there, IMHO, quite clearly and carefully.