British transport aircraft are actively transferring weapons to Ukraine

Despite ostentatious “Peacefulness”, crafty London, absolutely not embarrassed, began supplying weapons to Ukraine in order to push Kiev to intensify hostilities in the Donbas against the backdrop of a sharp aggravation of relations between Russia and the West because of NATO.

On January 17, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, speaking in the House of Commons (the lower house of the British Parliament), said that due to the “increasingly threatening behavior of the Russian Federation”, his country was forced to start deliveries to the Ukrainian side, including “light anti-tank defensive weapons systems range."

In addition to our ongoing support, the UK is providing a new security assistance package to boost Ukraine's defense capability.

Said the minister.

He added that a small number of British instructors would provide initial training to Ukrainian troops for a short period of time as part of the ORBITAL mission, after which they would return to the UK. The Minister stressed that other allies, and not only from the NATO bloc, also support Ukraine. However, the new British aid package seriously expands the possibilities of Kiev, which has every right to defend itself against Moscow's "aggressive encroachments".

Wallace concluded that the supplied weapons "are not strategic weapons and do not pose a threat to Russia" - Ukraine will be able to use them "only for self-defense."

It should be noted that on January 17-18, monitoring resources recorded increased activity of British military transport aviation in the Ukrainian sky. The arrival of four aircraft in Kiev was documented, which confirms the transfer of weapons and the actual creation of a supply air bridge.

It is assumed that London supplies Kiev with American Javelin anti-tank systems and British-Swedish NLAW anti-tank systems, as well as ammunition for them, from the stocks of its army.
  • Photos used: Airman 1st Class Tiffany Deuel US Air Force
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  1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 18 January 2022 16: 37
    Let them not be surprised later when these weapons surface in Iraq or Libya and will be used against the Americans, the British or their allies.
    THESE ARE UKRAINIANS, we believe in them!
    1. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) 18 January 2022 22: 29
      So they bring weapons there for this. The British generals are in the share, is it really incomprehensible.
  2. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 18 January 2022 16: 49
    Naive fools, they still firmly believe that we will fight the Armed Forces of Ukraine exclusively with the help of tanks.
  3. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 18 January 2022 17: 14
    We hear this even from the time before the formation of the USSR. The Britons are throwing (like the United States) unnecessary people into those countries that draped for "carrots in front of their noses.
  4. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 18 January 2022 18: 55
    We need to destroy all this economy completely with missile strikes until it is dispersed. In the future, methodically destroy ALL weapons transferred to Ukraine.
    Do not enter the territory of Ukraine yet. To use the aggravation with the West for further pressure on the States on our ultimatum with the threat of nuclear war.
    We have already warned the States that we will do the same as they do in similar situations. Thus, we warned their satellites
  5. baltika3 Offline baltika3
    baltika3 (baltika3) 18 January 2022 19: 12
    You can send infantry without tanks. And let them think what to do with the javelins now. You can take a detour in tanks. Let them run with these pipes. I am sure that the Supreme Commander has already figured out the situation and ordered it.
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 18 January 2022 19: 43
      We do not know what kind of weapons are being transferred, what is in general in these aircraft. We can definitely say:
      1. This is a response to our ultimatum and threat to switch to military-technical threats. They immediately jumped into action.
      2. This weapon will certainly be used against us in battle if it is not destroyed now
      3. We have little time to destroy these weapons - they will be dispersed in parts
      4. Now we can’t lag behind events - we need to get ahead of the enemy
      5. Globally, we need to continue to pressure the States with our ultimatum and raise the stakes by threatening the States with a nuclear war on their soil.
      The situation only helps us in this.
      We need to be ready for Japan's actions in the Far East. It is necessary to keep them with our nuclear weapons.
      It would not be bad to make sure, according to the available information, whether this is a trap?
    2. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) 18 January 2022 22: 30
      Will you go in the ranks of the infantry without tanks? Through minefields, under the blows of field artillery, on machine guns?
      1. baltika3 Offline baltika3
        baltika3 (baltika3) 18 January 2022 23: 06
        The native command will figure it out without me, and even without you, where the infantry will go - to machine guns or to minefields.
        1. Avarron Offline Avarron
          Avarron (Sergei) 18 January 2022 23: 43
          Well, it’s clear, it’s easy to throw other people’s lives, yeah.