What is behind the official invitation of Sergei Shoigu to London

Against the backdrop of an acute crisis in relations between the West and Moscow over NATO, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace officially invited his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu to London. What could be behind such a political "curtsey" told the newspaper "Sight" political scientist, director general of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov.

The expert noted that after leaving the European Union, the British are trying to build their new global foreign policy strategy. London again wants to become an independent player on the world geopolitical arena.

This project certainly includes relations with Russia

- he specified.

London really would like to have its own direct channel of interaction with Moscow, even in the face of difficult and tense relations

- he added.

Kortunov explained that all kinds of provocations politicians, for example, the "journey" of the destroyer Defender in the Black Sea, only complicate relations and can lead to big trouble. Therefore, the military wants to establish contacts in order to stop the confrontation if necessary.

It is impossible to overcome all the difficulties, but it is important to manage the confrontation, which, apparently, will continue ...

- he is sure.

At the same time, the expert also does not exclude that crafty London can arrange a PR action if the Russian minister refuses to visit Foggy Albion. The British would announce that they wanted peace and offered dialogue, while the "Russian barbarians" refused the offer of "civilized gentlemen". Thus, they will achieve a propaganda gain in the information war against the Russian Federation and Moscow will need to bring counterarguments.

Let's see how Moscow reacts to this - suddenly Shoigu will agree

He summed up.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 18 January 2022 14: 47
    As they say - It's better you come to us! Otherwise, the Russian minister will be traumatized or infected with something. They have no faith.
    1. Dear sofa expert. 19 January 2022 11: 24
      Yes, no matter how it is not included in the direct duties of the Minister of Defense - to travel around for meetings with the ministers of hostile states. That's what the Foreign Ministry is for.
  2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 18 January 2022 14: 51
    It is impossible to exclude any, even the most extravagant, at first glance, combinations of the British intelligence services.
    The world is on the verge of global changes, when many foundations can be shifted aside tomorrow. It is useful for everyone to take this into account and use it. By the way, so are we.
    I think a video conference is enough. Moreover - "omicron" and a lot of urgent things at home
  3. Baltika3 Offline Baltika3
    Baltika3 (Baltika3) 18 January 2022 15: 01
    They will give up, the stump is clear. Ask for forgiveness. We decided to leave at the last moment.
    Why in London? The queen is already old, it is difficult for her to fly to Moscow. But we are not animals.
    So, Shoigu will go to accept the surrender. So it turned out who the successor was.
  4. Oleshko2 Offline Oleshko2
    Oleshko2 (Oleg) 18 January 2022 15: 24
    Of course, Shoigu will visit foggy Albion. At the end of January, the beginning of February, he has a tour through Ukraine through NATO countries, through the former territories of the socialist republics. Well, if the gentlemen really ask ...
  5. gorskova.ir Offline gorskova.ir
    gorskova.ir (Irina Gorskova) 18 January 2022 17: 20
    I agree with Bulanov. Go there "nofichok" rotten.
  6. Kum Nog Offline Kum Nog
    Kum Nog (Kum Nog) 18 January 2022 17: 22
    Crafty and vile people, the British. Especially the rulers and their deputies. Killers, ready to kill for material benefits. They killed so many people, taking advantage of their technical superiority. starting from America, they staged a genocide of natives around the world, ending with Australia and Tasmania! and how they traded slaves, starting with the Irish, ending with Africans! what a "cultural" and "civilized" nation-the British !!
  7. possible Offline possible
    possible (Dimych Moguchev) 19 January 2022 00: 17
    I am 99,9% sure that the Angles planned to kill Shoigu. Therefore, he cannot go to them, but, on the contrary, he must invite their minister to us. And, just, if he refuses, then with 100% probability it will be possible to say that they REALLY planned to kill him! Because they have something to be afraid of - they know very well that we do not kill, but, here they are - they kill. And always - the key figures in the politics of this period of time. Ivan the Terrible, Pavel I, Nicholas I, Alexander III, Grigory Rasputin... many more can be listed.
    Why was Rasputin killed? Because he was the main adviser to Nicholas II, and urged him not to enter the war with Germany. And the British desperately needed to pit Germany and Russia - so that they would annihilate each other. In the same way now - Shoigu is one of the few adequate people who was able to resurrect the army from oblivion again, and our army is, in fact, the only and strong ARGUMENT that we have. If they kill Shoigu, who can lead the army no worse than him? Chubais, right? Or Kudrin? Or, again - Serdyukov?
    Therefore, if their minister really wants to meet with Shoigu to discuss serious issues, what difference does it make to him on whose territory he meets. Therefore, if he refuses, this will be unequivocal evidence that the Angles did not invite Shoigu for conversations and discussions ...
    1. Baltika3 Offline Baltika3
      Baltika3 (Baltika3) 19 January 2022 18: 26
      And the British desperately needed to pit Germany and Russia - so that they would annihilate each other

      They will do it, but as always - through the United States by the hands of the French. And they invite you to London so that no one thinks about them.
      1. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
        Ulysses (Alexey) 19 January 2022 18: 47
        They will do it, but as always - through the United States by the hands of the French. And they invite you to London so that no one thinks about them.

        The Skripal cat in London was hijacked.
        We won't forget, we won't forgive.
        1. Baltika3 Offline Baltika3
          Baltika3 (Baltika3) 19 January 2022 18: 57
          I didn't know about the cat, it's disgusting
  8. Anton Zaduyveter (Anton Zaduyveter) 19 January 2022 00: 39
    You can’t trust the “Englishwoman” ... the history of relationships with her confirms this, no matter how benevolent pretexts they call it ...
  9. Yuri Neupokoev Offline Yuri Neupokoev
    Yuri Neupokoev (Yuri Neupokoev) 19 January 2022 00: 43
    I think we must agree ... But with a number of conditions. At a minimum, Shoigu should arrive accompanied by ships of the Baltic and Northern fleets + our strategic aviation will have to conduct the "Adequate Necessity" exercises (we do not advertise the submarines, even if they continue to work on the improved idea of ​​Academician Sakharov). But Britons and Americans will not give up easily (an excessively clear (in the sense of washed) consciousness does not contribute to an adequate assessment of reality). They will "blow into their tune." So much the worse for everyone... The war is getting closer...
    As for the impudent people, yes, many people have been exterminated over the centuries. The meanest civilization ... And the instigators are still the same. But we should not be like them, it is not Christian. With that we will win!
  10. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 19 January 2022 12: 06
    this invitation is pure British mockery of Russia. They invite the Russian Defense Ministry right at the time of sending a large number of modern English anti-tank systems to Ukraine. It's like when the trainer of a dangerous animal threatens him with a whip so that he would do acrobatics on the viewer.
    You can agree and send an orchestra of young cadets instead of the MO, without warning the other side about it. Who will get off the plane and play something of English origin, but not a very joyful one.
    You can also call the plane itself "Lord Raglan"
  11. Georgievic Offline Georgievic
    Georgievic (Georgievic) 19 January 2022 12: 14
    Under no circumstances should you go! Necessary? Come yourself!
  12. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 19 January 2022 12: 20
    Shoigu, they should have answered all their provocations, like Gerasim Mu-mu: if you bark and shit, I will drown (the whole island).
  13. Pan philosopher Offline Pan philosopher
    Pan philosopher (Pan philosopher) 19 January 2022 12: 58
    Whatever was behind the invitation, but the form ... as if, underwear sticks out. It was necessary to come up with this!
  14. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 19 January 2022 17: 24
    Going to the WB when they are sending thousands of ATGMs to Ukraine is not a good idea.
    Let's imagine that Shoigu arrived there, and at that moment the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine bought by the WB or just the national battalions organized a large-scale brawl against the LDNR? Get an oil painting. How should the RF Armed Forces act? Shoigu held hostage?
  15. Put_NIK Offline Put_NIK
    Put_NIK (Andrey) 19 January 2022 18: 35
    You shouldn't go. These cunning are ready for any dirty tricks. Many politicians after visiting the US and England "urgently" died of cancer. Information can be found on the Internet and it is not secret.
  16. 008 Offline 008
    008 (Andrei) 19 January 2022 20: 24
    Another version, when Shoigu arrives for negotiations, at the same time to launch an offensive in Ukraine. Our "partners" cannot be trusted.
  17. Murliqa Offline Murliqa
    Murliqa (Natalia ) 19 January 2022 21: 12
    If they want to talk, let them come to pay their respects.
  18. aries2200 Offline aries2200
    aries2200 (aries) 19 January 2022 23: 54
    the reptilian queen SHOIGU wants to knight ........ Sergey will have to kneel and the old witch will lower her right sword on his shoulder while sitting on the throne .................. ..
  19. alcom Offline alcom
    alcom (Alexander) 20 January 2022 13: 29
    Russia is sufficiently aware of Britain's relations with Russia in military-political matters and does not hide its understanding of the need for meetings in the event of coordinated decisions on the actions of the British military forces within the boundaries acceptable for the dialogue of the military departments.
  20. Teaser Offline Teaser
    Teaser (Vasiliy) 20 January 2022 18: 06
    "They'll make him an offer he can't refuse." (C) bully
  21. Sergey Kern Offline Sergey Kern
    Sergey Kern (Sergey Kern) 20 January 2022 21: 05
    Everything is simple. Shoigu is preparing to replace Putin. One can only guess who he will meet there...