"90% of the inhabitants of Ukraine will be thrown into battle." What are the Kiev authorities preparing for?

While tense negotiations are underway in Geneva and Brussels, during which, let's face it, the future fate of Ukraine is being decided, in this country itself, crazy ideas about the "impending Russian invasion" hysteria, which has recently become more and more unhealthy. With all this, those who today in Kiev (and not only there) are broadcasting about "the full determination of the Ukrainian people to breastfeed to defend sovereignty" and something else, it is well known that there is no "aggression" and is not expected. And, consequently, there is no need for massive hecatombs, which are seen in the inflamed imaginations of those in power "nezalezhnoy".

What is the interest of the "collective West", which in its conspiracy theories about the "sinister plans of the Kremlin" already reaches the level of frank absurdity, can be seen with the naked eye. Our "sworn friends" need reasons for introducing new sanctions and restrictions, with the help of which they seek to complicate and slow down the development of Russia as much as possible. Recently, this has been supplemented by the need to search for reasons in order to reject Moscow's legal demands for providing it with real security guarantees. All this, as they say, lies on the surface and does not need explanations. However, what kind of motives are driving official Kiev, which, playing along with its western "partners" in this matter, is being drawn into an increasingly dangerous game? Let's try to figure it out.

"More than 90% of Ukrainians will go into battle!"

Such a shocking statement was made in his interview to the British television channel Channel 4 news by the head of the office of the president of the “nezalezhnoy” Andrei Yermak a few days ago. Why shocking? First of all, due to the fact that (if, of course, such rhetoric is taken at face value), Kiev intends to send for slaughter not only every single woman and man aged 18 to 60, but also children with very old people. Yes, in fact, all Ukrainians without exception - with the exception of babies, hopeless invalids and non-ambulatory patients. A similar level of mobilization in the history of wars was attempted only in the Third Reich during the formation of the infamous Volkssturm. At the same time, the high-ranking official clarified that he was “absolutely sure” of his assessments.

True, he immediately quickly turned the conversation to what a "huge problem" and even a "verdict" it would be for NATO, the leaders of whose countries would have to "report to their citizens," why, after all, "the Russian invasion happened while they were negotiation". As if someone would actually do something similar and as if the residents of the Alliance member states do not give a damn about events outside their borders in the deepest way ... Let's return, however, to the loud statement of Pan Yermak and try to determine what it is based on and how much it can correspond to reality. Surely the head of the presidential office is counting on the law on “national resistance” that came into effect from the first day of this year in the “non-government”. In accordance with this, Ukrainians should move in orderly rows and thick columns to the military registration and enlistment offices in order to join the ranks of the so-called "territorial defense". There really is one in the country. However, what exactly is it?

In order to avoid accusations of “exaggerating colors” and other “propaganda tricks”, I will allow myself an extensive quote from the material “Civilians in Ambush. How the Kiev terrorist forces are preparing to meet the enemy ”, published on the RBK-Ukraine portal. Here is, perhaps, the most impressive moment in the story of the training of future “fighters against Russian aggression”: “The fighters ... do a strange thing: they get into a“ box ”as if they were sitting in a truck. Those who stand in front imitate the operation of the engine and set off along the road, as if in a column. Since the training is carried out independently, they do not yet have the required dimensions of trucks. Therefore, you have to work "on foot in a machine-like manner." The most important thing here is to remember the algorithm of actions during the shelling, to understand where each fighter who sits in such a car should move. And this part can be worked out on your feet ... "Here's another:" Who can - he trains with his weapon in order to get used to its dimensions. Those who do not have weapons receive wooden dummies, they are identical in size. After all, the main thing is to get used to them, to know how to hold the machine gun ... "," Everyone imitates shooting with a voice. "Puff-bang-bang" - this is a single shot machine guns. "Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta" - this is a conditional enemy crushed with fire by a machine gunner ... ".

You can endlessly enjoy the description of this schizophrenic parody of Zarnitsa, but the main thing in the article is different - its authors frankly admit: thousands of people "... A thousand! A metropolis with a population of three million, the capital, where the number of "patriots" after 2014, alas, is off the charts. And this is your 90%, Pan Yermak ?! Wouldn't be a disgrace already.

Cannon to the world ... But money is better!

It is clear that this kind of "preparation for war", during which unarmed and completely untrained "personnel" can only acquire the skills of onomatopoeia, is nothing more than a stupid farce. Yes, if such "warriors" were not 0.3% of the population (and this is the ratio for Kiev), but indeed 90%, there will be a little less sense from them in real military operations than none. Natural clownery - as, indeed, everything that is happening now in Ukraine. However, clownery with a very spiteful and selfish overtones. It is unlikely that Ermak and his patron, Vladimir Zelensky (behind whom the head of the office repeats "patriotic" nonsense almost word for word), are completely unaware of the realities of the country and by no means the warlike mood of its inhabitants. However, the main thing in their "messages" is that they sound 99 times out of a hundred in the process of communicating with journalists from Western media. The fact that not a single NATO serviceman will take part in the "battle with the Kremlin hordes" has been clearly and unambiguously explained to Kiev more than once. But what about throwing some money and weapons, military equipment and other material values ​​- these are Western "partners" with a dear soul.

Let's go over the messages that news The world's media tapes literally dazzled lately: “Estonian Defense Minister Kale Laanet has approved a package of military assistance to Ukraine. His department also intends to provide Kiev with anti-tank weapons, Javelin missiles and 122-mm howitzers ... " equipment... "" From the world on a thread, and to the naked - a shirt "- so do the Ukrainians themselves say?

Well, this, as they say, is a trifle, but something more serious: "The United States announced that, as part of the provision of military assistance in the amount of $ 200 million, it will transfer a radar system and some maritime equipment to Kiev ..." Also, the State Department clarified that some of the supplies within the framework of military assistance to Ukraine "have been carried out in the last few weeks." State Department officials said that the United States "will continue to provide this support in the coming weeks and months, using a number of mechanisms for this ..." This is already something! Of course, some kind of loan officer or other cash tranche would delight the clown president and his thieving entourage much more. However, the cunning characters who are now "driving" the "nezalezhnoy" will somehow find a way to use direct military supplies to their advantage. Do you think this is not understood in Washington? The fact that the natives-beggars need an eye and an eye there they realize in the most beautiful way.

Recently in the Ukrainian media there were reports that two “US advisers” - Chris Rizzo and Todd Brown - appeared out of nowhere in the country's Ministry of Defense. Interestingly, about which of the "offices" of the overseas "allies" these gentlemen represent, the "nezalezhnoy" Ministry of Defense is completely silent. However, they do not pull on regular military personnel, even in their appearance - their photos are published on the corresponding official website, and there are the most faces that are not accounting ones. Apparently, Washington has sent controllers to Kiev. The auditors, who must make sure that the handouts they receive from the Pentagon and the State Department are not taken away quite insolently. At least some part should still reach the local warriors - otherwise they will run around with wooden machine guns and yell "tra-ta-ta-ta".

With all this, Kiev, of course, needs to portray a certain semblance of "intensified preparations for war" that the "great strategists" from the United States, apparently, set out to lead to the last Ukrainian. Most surprisingly, the Americans never seem to have drawn any conclusions from their own Afghan failure. Local crooks fooled them for two decades, pulling out huge sums "for the needs of the army," which, as it turned out just last year, existed, for the most part exclusively on paper, and was simply surprisingly capable of fighting. Exactly the same thing is happening with Ukraine today. Having clearly understood what the overseas "benefactors" want from them, rogues like Zelensky, Yermak or the head of the military department Reznikov openly hang them on their ears and continue to do this exactly as long as their Russophobic-militaristic nonsense is encouraged by more and more handouts ...

However, this whole action has one more, not at all amusing aspect. I will end my story with one more quote from the same article that I referred to above. One of the participants in the “terrorist defense” told reporters the following: “We are ready in the first hours, if God forbid the war starts, to go out into the streets in our own outfit with our weapons. To quickly counter the "fifth column". For example, people who will try to blockade the troops, as it was in the Donbass at one time. " The militaristic psychosis fanned by Kiev is giving rise to monsters with might and main. "War games" may well end in very real blood - only the Ukrainians will kill other Ukrainians. Normal people who do not want war. And now this is already really scary.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 13 January 2022 09: 48
    "More than 90% of Ukrainians will go into battle!"

    Whatever happens, as in Kazakhstan, when residents go to battle for jewelry, ATMs and grocery stores.
    And if they also give weapons, then it will be possible to recall the Civil War in Ukraine in 1918-1920.
  2. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 13 January 2022 10: 18
    The main question was and remains - WHY ?! Well, really, why should Russia "conquer" the Durkainu ?! What will Russia get as a result of this operation? Costs - let's leave aside, they are more or less clear, the question is about "profit"! Well, yes, the Crimean canal, a significant part of the coastal regions - Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, and completely Lugansk and Donetsk - there will be no problems, as most likely there will not be in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk ... But, we understand that given the current state we will get a country with a collapsed economy, with offshore assets, and huge costs will be required to restart the system, after which we will be able to get a not entirely loyal population?
    I lived in those places (Donetsk region) during the Soviet era and I remember very well the attitude towards Russia in the late 80s and early 90s ... Yes, there were "Russian-speaking" and in fact Russian people with outskirts thinking and self-awareness ! And the fact that there was a huge degradation of the economy by 2014 in comparison with neighboring regions (Rostov, Voronezh) and made them "terrorists". But let's not forget that they were the ones who actually ruled DUrkaina until 2014!
    Carry this outskirts on your "hump", as the USSR dragged dUrkainu, and then get a knife in the back ?! Meaning?!
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 January 2022 11: 12
      Ukraine will be either under Russia or under the West. Under the West, it will be a military foothold against Russia: NATO bases, missile defense elements, strike missile weapons. It is not enough for you that this existential threat will be eliminated? You seem to be a military man, you must understand.

      But, do we understand that given the current state we will get a country with a collapsed economy, with offshore assets, and huge costs will be required to restart the system, after which we will be able to get a not entirely loyal population?

      Ukraine does not need to be fed, it is able to feed itself. You just need to stop robbing the oligarchs and Western financial institutions. To restore industrial ties with Russia, to let people work normally themselves.

      can we get a not entirely loyal population?
      I lived in those places (Donetsk region) during the Soviet era and I remember very well the attitude towards Russia in the late 80s and early 90s ... Yes, there were "Russian-speaking" and in fact Russian people with outskirts thinking and self-awareness ! And the fact that there was a huge degradation of the economy by 2014 in comparison with neighboring regions (Rostov, Voronezh) and made them "terrorists". But let's not forget that they were the ones who actually ruled DUrkaina until 2014!

      The attitude itself will not change. For this, the government must be replaced, and with it the information policy of the media and the educational system. Russophobia must be prosecuted. Then there will be positive changes.
      Yes, degradation has gone far, but if it is not stopped now, it will go even further. It won't be easy, brain restructuring will take more than one generation. But is it more comfortable for you to have a Russophobic society nurtured near our border? Forever?
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 13 January 2022 11: 18
        Restore industrial ties, let people work normally themselves.

        And this is necessary for Russian capitalists, to grow competitors for themselves? If they agree to this, then only on condition of the entry of the territory of Ukraine into Russia. And so, to build a plant, so that later it would be nationalized or taken away by the new government in Ukraine? The train is already leaving. There is only the last carriage left for Ukraine to jump into, but will Ukraine want to jump into this carriage?
        1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
          Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 January 2022 11: 21
          Yes, our capitalists can then buy all these factories for a penny, integrating them back into production chains.
          Ukraine does not need to be part of the Russian Federation at this historical stage. But you can join the Union State with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The guarantee of non-repetition of the new Maidan will be the deployment of a network of Russian military bases on the territory of Ukraine. Inclusion in the CSTO.
          All of these problems are solvable.
          1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
            Bulanov (Vladimir) 13 January 2022 11: 35
            The question is about creating a Union State with Ukraine. How to urge the Ukrainian authorities to agree with this choice? Military coup - a la Napoleon-Pinochet? I'm not sure that the Russian Federation will agree to this. Otherwise, they would have organized it long ago.
            And which of the current politicians can go for it? Medvedchuk? And what is his rating among the entire people of Ukraine?
            The Russian Federation does not even have a reserve government of Ukraine in exile. The British had Polish, while the Russian Federation did not have Ukrainian.
            1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
              Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 January 2022 11: 44
              Here the conversation began with why Russia should conquer Ukraine. I explained why and what can then be done with it.
              It can either be conquered directly or indirectly through the LPNR, a military coup within the Armed Forces of Ukraine with "Bonaparte", etc.
              There would be a desire. He's gone. This is the problem.
              Therefore, there is no government in exile, no "Bonaparte project" is being prepared, just an imitation of activities with the supply and withdrawal of troops to the Ukrainian border.
              1. Panikovsky Offline Panikovsky
                Panikovsky (Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky) 13 January 2022 16: 42
                Ukraine owes the IMF $ 55 billion. The IMF is an organization that gets its own way without talking. Russia needs unnecessary expenses for nothing, there are enough of its own problems, and the people will not understand, moreover, we and other people's debts. Therefore, in addition to Donbass, the rest of the Ukrainians give Uncle Seme a blowjob, and let them not think about Russia.
          2. passing by Offline passing by
            passing by (passing by) 13 January 2022 12: 51
            for a penny you can buy scrap metal. there is nothing to be built into production chains in ruins. with such costs, Yermak's proposal seems to be the only correct one. Place in the ruins of the base not to protect against NATO but to pacify the Ukrainians ??? and in which case they will stab in the back?
      2. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
        sH, arK 13 January 2022 17: 25
        Generally speaking, the question with bases is open. And so far - the horse was not lying there. Yes, of course, the problem can and should be solved! But it would not be more correct to start with where they started in Donbass ?! So that people would understand how expensive enmity with Russia is ?!

        For example, we drive gas through DUrkaina, supply it with 100% of fuels and lubricants directly and through Belarus, sell slanting coal for metallurgy and anthracite for power plants, provide transit for Kazakhstan ... Maybe we should start small ?! We do not have any sanctions programs and restrictions! I understand that the "necessary" people earn a penny, and we end up in rubles as a result!

        The problem must be solved! But military means are not at all necessary here! We, listen to DUrkainu, are generally formally in a state of war - so let's already make a political decision - if there is a war, then there will be sanctions and a blockade! For example, Crimea was declared a blockade long ago - and what are we waiting for ?!

        Why fight when you can achieve much more with formal restrictions ?! War? So let's start not with hostilities, but with the prohibition of any transit OVER and FROM this country! The ban on flights over its territory, what prevents to enter ?! Not a single civilian liner will ever fly through the forbidden territory! Yes, it will be formally a war, which has already been declared to us! So let's formally declare it too!

        Let's start with this, with restrictions, and not with the fact that we will send our soldiers and at the same time we will continue to drive there everything that is needed for the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Let's, if we start talking about the war, let's do it explicitly and warn everyone about it so that they don't get involved! Then no one will put anything there! No Stringers or anything else!

        In other words, why storm ?! Let's lay siege! Yes, we need to change their mentality! Undoubtedly! But it is better to do this not during the occupation, but in advance, without interfering with their government to ruin their own country and bring it to the handle! This will be the best vaccine against "independence"! Donbass has already received it! And a war - then, perhaps, a "coup de grâce" - a merciful blow will be needed to end the torment and convulsions ... But first, you need to prepare the population, as they prepared it during the collapse of the USSR, idiots (??), what before that have been in power for the last 20 years!
        1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
          Bulanov (Vladimir) 14 January 2022 10: 17
          If the Russian Federation supplies the Ukrainian Armed Forces with strategic goods, then it needs it for some reason. The question is why?
          1. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
            sH, arK 15 January 2022 01: 07
            Not the right question! Not "why is it necessary", but "who benefits"!
  3. Panikovsky Offline Panikovsky
    Panikovsky (Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky) 13 January 2022 16: 09
    I was in Ukraine the other day, you will not believe it, women under 60 should register with the military registration and enlistment offices. According to statistics, 600 thousand people left the country to earn money in 10 months of 2021.
  4. gorskova.ir Offline gorskova.ir
    gorskova.ir (Irina Gorskova) 13 January 2022 17: 59
    Do not be upset Ukrainian fighters. You are just for starters. Then the Balts will be thrown there, and then the whole of Europe. It is not for nothing that for so many years everyone from across the ocean was inspired that they must all be "exceptional". They tried to make Russia and China, the DPRK as such ... They did not agree. And here you are....
  5. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 14 January 2022 16: 49
    This is not 90%, but 100% nonsense of maydauns "on treason"! wassat
    The "militant" kleptofuhrers themselves - "w / Banderists", in any "mess" (as recently the "elite" thieves in Kazakhstan, led by the "permanent elbasy"), are the first, ahead of the pig squeal, with the "chief commander" (odious "conscript - deviator"), "hang out" in the "foreign countries", to their family "bookmarks" and "mayets", and the delayed, smaller, Bandera echoes and Russophobes-Natsiks quickly "change their shoes in a jump" (as it was in the Crimea-2014 )! winked
  6. serg_k Offline serg_k
    serg_k (serg_k) 15 January 2022 20: 20
    Everyone will be sent into battle, except Zelensky's apparatus - someone should broadcast about victories.
    They will not give out weapons - suddenly they will start shooting at them.
    But, as a Ukrainian journalist wrote in response, 50% will come out with bread and salt to meet them, 30% will go to rob the loot, and 20% will simply sit at home out of habit ...