Nine results of the CSTO operation in Kazakhstan

The situation in Kazakhstan has calmed down, the security forces, with the help of the CSTO units, managed to restore relative order. Experts are summing up the first results of the operation of the CSTO units in this country. According to the Militarist telegram channel, there are nine main results of the organization's actions.

1. Russia was able to ensure the collective nature and coherence of the alliance's actions. Moreover, the transfer of forces was carried out on Russian aircraft.

2. The CSTO has proven its effectiveness, and in the future we can assume the expansion of its functions and increased funding.

3. Troops have again become a significant way of solving problems that diplomacy and economy.

4. The Russian Federation has proved its ability to transfer a military brigade without heavy weapons to a new direction in a day. At the same time, the role of the airborne troops has significantly increased.

5. Received new confirmation of the effectiveness of Russian transport aviation and flight personnel. Up to a third of Russia's transport aircraft took part in the current CSTO operation. Moreover, the flights of the Il-76MD and An-124-100 were carried out to other directions (Syria).

6. In a real situation, BMD-4M amphibious assault and modernized Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft were tested.

7. Use of unmanned aerial vehicles by Russian troops (Orlan-10).

8. Demonstrated high quality equipment Airborne Forces. So, during the operation, the military vehicles of the Russian paratroopers did not receive any damage.

9. The actions of the CSTO in Kazakhstan deepen cooperation between the armies of Russia and Belarus.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 12 January 2022 14: 32
    For me, the main thing is for Russophobia to end and the people of Russia to win economically. And then all for nothing. It's easy to be kind at someone else's expense!

    Nine results of the CSTO operation in Kazakhstan

    What would Putin do without Soviet "galoshes"? The nonsense said by Putin will stay with him forever!
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 12 January 2022 16: 30
      As you already got with your ears, adherents of rubber products laughing
      They poke and poke you with your nose, and you wipe yourself off and continue to lie. Do you like the process itself? smile
      Enjoy watching.

      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 12 January 2022 17: 40
        And to change shoes on the go, this is typical of Putin and zaputintsy! Throw off promises about pensions! Putin showed his level of education. And with Kazakhstan, he will show his mediocrity as a politician !!!
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 12 January 2022 15: 15
    Do not wash dirty linen in public - do not attract the crowd to your intraclass showdowns.
    The corporate interest of the ruling class is to keep the crowd under control, not to lower its standard of living below the plinth, but to maintain it at a socially accepted level
  3. Adler77 Offline Adler77
    Adler77 (Denis) 12 January 2022 20: 57
    I have a question ... and at whose expense is the banquet itself?
    Who will pay for the transfer of troops? And who feeds them there? Something tells me that pensions will not be thawed ...
    Well, the appointment of a frank Russophobe minister…. Is a mockery.
    As always, we won ... but for others.
    1. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 13 January 2022 08: 57
      Quote: Adler77
      I have a question ... and at whose expense is the banquet itself?

      War has always been costly for the defenders. And today this war manifested itself through Kazakhstan. We not only defended the Kazakhs there. We defended our southern borders there, which are still not equipped. It is necessary not only to live with the stomach. In general, today we are faced with the question of survival in the modern world. Or is it still not clear to someone?
      1. Adler77 Offline Adler77
        Adler77 (Denis) 13 January 2022 18: 45
        No, it's not clear. Explain.
        Can you elaborate on the mortal threats to us?
    2. EMMM Offline EMMM
      EMMM 15 January 2022 19: 13
      This money would not have been spent on pensions or kindergartens anyway.
      If not for Kazakhstan, then the men would have played war in southern Siberia ...
  4. Pavel57 Offline Pavel57
    Pavel57 (Paul) 13 January 2022 08: 25
    Are there any losses? Or is there no information yet?