USA becomes the "weak link" of the collective West

The processes taking place in Europe, Asia and within the United States are prompting many experts to think that Washington is gradually turning away from the European continent and directing its gaze towards Asia. As the American resource Politico writes, in the future this may threaten the collapse of the transatlantic alliance.

In this regard, American analysts draw attention to the withdrawal of US military personnel from Afghanistan, the AUKUS agreement between the United States, Great Britain and Australia, as well as challenges from Moscow and Beijing. The Europeans are coming to understand that the US is shifting the vector of its interest towards the Asian region, and Brussels is losing its former role for Washington.

The feeling of "abandonment" of the Europeans is also increasing after the introduction of sanctions by China against Lithuania due to the opening by Taiwan of its political representation in Vilnius. At the same time, the United States did not take decisive steps to protect its "European partners".

According to Politico, this year may become a test of the strength of relations between the United States and Europe in the issue of imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation and China. This could be prevented by the covid pandemic and the dependence of European economies on the Russian and Chinese markets. However, the biggest obstacle to the development of a transatlantic partnership is the decline of democracy in the United States itself. For example, according to research by the Pew Center, only 18 percent of Europeans see American democracy as a model to be followed in other parts of the world.

In Europe, no one else talks about who is the "European patient" now. Because America became this "sick"

- indicates Politico.

US influence on European affairs is diminishing, and Washington now needs allies as much as Europe needs the United States. At the same time, Europeans' concern in this regard is exacerbated by the unstable политическая the situation in Washington associated with the fall in Biden's rating and the upcoming congressional elections this year.
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  1. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 12 January 2022 10: 53
    If the US is the weak link, then the countries of Europe and the EU are afflicted with collective dementia, which leads them to act when they punish themselves.
  2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 12 January 2022 11: 08
    All this is still just a "ripple" on the surface of the European pond, in which "everything is seized" by the Americans.
    Europe is still entirely in the power of the States, and the leadership of its countries and structures is on short leashes, and in strict collars.
    This has its own plus. We need to "process" only one enemy - the States, and from them to seek appropriate instructions to our vassals and destructive forces.
    We need to "knock" out of the States, not only concrete actions, but also the end result - our security
  3. zzdimk Online zzdimk
    zzdimk 12 January 2022 12: 27
    Sick my duck ... USA. What an enchanting irony.
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 12 January 2022 13: 02
    The EU and NATO are doubling and tripling the power of the United States, and therefore the United States will never, under any circumstances, give up its dominance in the EU and NATO unless the EU itself with its European army forces them to do so, which remains a theory for the foreseeable future.

    Democracy, the rule of the people, in a class society can not exist in principle.
    Social classes are defined in relation to the attitude of people to the means of production, methods and amounts of obtaining a share of social wealth.
    What kind of power of the people can we talk about if even the UN Secretary General - Anton Gutterish, crucified from a high rostrum that more than 70% of the world's population lives in conditions of growing inequality in income and wealth, and 1% of the richest people on Earth own a greater fortune than the rest of the world's population ...
    The development of the People's Democracy is born in the class struggle as an organ of the dictatorship of the oppressed classes under the leadership of the party of the proletariat. At the same time, the forms of the dictatorship of the proletariat can be different, which should not distort its essence as, for example, in the PRC, with its own Chinese specifics in relation to time, place and circumstances.

    Who is "sick" today was shown to the whole world by the past presidential elections in the United States.
    Even the US President at that time called the elections a fraud, and the largest information resource was “fake news”.
    Today everything has calmed down, but this may happen again after some time and therefore causes alarm and concern in the EU and NATO, the entire "Western" world, which is based on the policy of neo-colonialism and the robbery of the rest of the world, confrontation with all the recalcitrant and, first of all, with The PRC is the flagship of peaceful development and building a society of common destiny, whose economy is growing steadily, which inevitably reduces the share of the United States in world GDP, and, accordingly, incomes, which leads to a violent and inevitable confrontation between two antagonistic social systems.
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 12 January 2022 13: 41
    the fears of the USA slip through:

    National unity is especially needed at this moment. Your independence and sovereignty concerns ... your European aspirations. But now it is important to be united in the context of what is happening

    this is Nuland for Ukraine ... apparently it was like this - the inadequacy of Kiev and the energy crisis brought Ukraine to the brink of inevitable collapse. The United States immediately launched a series of NATO provocations against Russia, forcing it to deploy its forces in the west. This served as the basis for fanning hysteria about the Russian invasion. With its security requirements, Russia has shifted the agenda to a different plane. But the initial situation has not changed - Ukraine still inevitably flies into the economic abyss and this cannot be stopped. The United States hoped that at least they would run this uncontrollable train against Russia and present it as Russia's aggression. But it won't work that way. Now they have only one chance left - to avoid a new Maidan in Ukraine. So they persuade the Ukrainians not to take to the streets with protests, soothing themselves with the dream of European aspirations! Only with this Ukrainian regime there will be no aspirations - no one there is ready to destroy their own feeding trough - the budget of Ukraine, robbery of the population and business.