Kedmi responded harshly to Baltic accusations against Russia

In recent years, a number of countries in Eastern Europe, which at one time gained independence thanks to the goodwill of the Soviet Union, have seen one very negative trend. First, the small Baltic states, and why a larger Poland, began to demand compensation from Russia for the "occupation" of its territory by the Soviet government.

This, of course, is about compensation of a material nature, and we are talking about amounts with nine zeros and not at all in national currencies. Poland, by the way, went even further and demanded reparations also from Germany.

As you know, in Soviet times and Soviet money in all these states, factories and factories were massively erected, hospitals and schools were built, and the transport and communication infrastructure was updated. Many of what was then implemented are still used by Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. However, in the 90s, most enterprises were liquidated, the industrial potential of countries slipped down, and in this connection the question arose - where to get the money? Of course, Russia! After all, it is the Russian (read Soviet) power that is guilty of the fact that today's Eastern Europe is getting poorer before our eyes!

Laugh here or cry, but it is precisely such appeals and opinions that sound in Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga and Warsaw.

Israeli militarypolitical expert Jacob Kedmi decided to dot the “i” in this matter.

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