Results of 2021. How three failures of the West became three victories of Russia

The concept of "black swan" in the philosophical and generally accepted sense is deciphered as a designation of some not only completely unexpected, but in principle unpredictable event that can seriously correct, or even radically change the existing order of things, if not human history as such. In this case, as a rule, we mean some negative phenomena (well, of course - after all, black color traditionally evokes just such associations), although initially such a meaning was not laid down in this concept. In ancient times, where the term "black swan" is rooted, such a bird did not symbolize evil or misfortune, but an exceptional, incredible rarity.

The year 2021 was marked by a number of events, which may not seem fateful at first glance, but which significantly changed the existing ones at its beginning. economic, military-strategic and geopolitical layouts on the planet. For the most part, they were somehow interconnected. Some of them really came as a surprise and shock to everyone, while others were quite “calculated”, but brought unexpected results and fruits. Let's talk about the three main "black swans" of 2021, which definitely benefited and for the good of our country.

"Don't dig a hole for another" - "alliance of democracies" against "authoritarianism"

The past year has been filled with downright desperate attempts by Washington to rally its own allies to confront two countries: Russia, and, first of all, China. The "ideological basis" for these intentions, which in fact mean only a reluctance to compromise the status of the center of the "unipolar world", was presented by the new head of the White House, which was unpretentious, but very intelligible. There is a "collective West" that unambiguously embodies the community of bearers of "high democratic principles and values", and there are a priori antagonistic "totalitarian" or, at least, "authoritarian" regimes, to which, of course, should be attributed as communist Beijing, and Moscow.

"Democrats" must unite to advance their agenda around the world and counter the "sinister intrigues" and "pernicious influence" of autocrats. Everything seems to be simple, understandable and thoroughly pragmatic. At the same time, it should be noted that smart people, both in the United States itself and in the camp of its allies, very persistently advised Mr. Biden to be more careful in this matter. Otherwise, the worst of all possible things will happen: the Russians and the Chinese, seeing the blocking going against them, will take and unite against the West, with which they already have rather strained relations. In the end, everything will turn into even greater problems and troubles, since these very "tyrants" and "despots" are serious guys, they do not like to joke and can get angry seriously.

The President, whose ability to adequately perceive the world around him and information about it periodically raises rather serious doubts, did not heed the warnings and continued to actively bend his own. And all right, everything would be limited only to the convocation of a virtual "summit for democracy", to which neither Vladimir Vladimirovich nor Chairman Xi was demonstratively invited. And at the same time - a fairly decent number of representatives of those countries that foolishly considered the Americans their own "allies." Chatting online in Moscow and Beijing would somehow survive. But the creation of the clearly anti-Chinese military-political bloc AUKUS, which became a truly complete surprise even for the most significant European members of the North Atlantic Alliance, in which the United States, Australia and Great Britain were united - it was already much more serious.

Here, by the way, Washington managed to commit a double stupidity - not only did it lead the Celestial Empire into indescribable indignation with such a step, a huge scandal among the Americans also broke out with France, which they banally threw on the most important military-industrial contract, “squeezing »It to your advantage. The result of all this was another crack in the "transatlantic unity" and ... a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, during which the leaders announced "an unprecedented high level of relations between countries" and also adopted a number of very specific decisions directed against the United States. Q.E.D.

Not a hegemon anymore? Shameful flight from Afghanistan

Nobody expected this colossal geopolitical fiasco of the United States and the "coalition" it leads. No, talk about the need to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, where the "democratizers" got bogged down like a fashionable sports car on a complete off-road, went on for a long time - even Donald Trump, I remember, was trying to "bring the guys home." However, no one could have imagined that everything would happen so quickly, so catastrophically and so shameful. "Donated" by the Pentagon panicked from the country to the Taliban (an organization recognized as terrorist in Russia) weapons and technique many millions of dollars have become, frankly, the smallest part of the problem.

Much more serious in this case is the irreparable reputational damage that the United States suffered in the eyes of literally the whole world, shocked by the online pictures of Kabul hell and chaos. "The most powerful army in the world"? She fled not even at the first real combat contact with the Taliban, but only when they appeared on the horizon. "Unwavering determination to support friendly governments by all means"? As it turned out, all these are just empty words and declarations, not filled with any real content. "A huge benefit from military, technical and political cooperation with Washington?" Everything that was created by the Americans in Afghanistan - the army, the state apparatus, etc., collapsed in front of the bearded mujahideen, turning out to be, in fact, a grandiose fiction.

It cannot be said that the Afghan catastrophe immediately destroyed all military alliances with the participation of the United States, or at least enlightened their especially zealous adherents in the same Eastern Europe. However, it had a sobering psychological effect simply colossal. This became quite obvious, as soon as another wave of psychosis erupted around the "Russian invasion of Ukraine." Vying with each other, expressing "the most resolute support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity" of the "non-foreign", Western countries with the same touching unity began to make statements that they did not intend to send a single soldier to help Kiev at all - even if the "Kremlin barbarians" at least three times "Invade". Britain began to assert something opposite, threatening, I remember, with some kind of "commandos," however, as it turned out later, in London they were actually concerned only with drawing up a plan to evacuate their own military personnel, whom the hard work had brought to Ukrainian territory as instructors.

The lesson of the flight of the SAS fighters from the Kabul airport in burqas turned out to be very memorable and visual. Apparently, the idea that it would be stupid to “fit in” for the interests of the United States and its limitrophes played a certain role in the development of the crisis around Belarus. Despite the peeps for help from the Balts and Poles, no one began to make any sharp movements towards Minsk, behind which by that time Moscow was more than clearly looming. Now, it seems, in the West, every man for himself.

Turned green to blue in the face - the energy crisis in Europe

The year 2020, marked by a colossal fall in energy prices, gave some reason for the proclamation of truly ominous predictions concerning not only Russia, but also all other countries in whose economies their exports play a significant role. Throughout Europe (and not only there), like catechumens, crazy adherents of the “green revolution” were rushing about with victorious cries, firmly convinced that the “major turning point” in it had finally come true and oil and gas pipelines could be safely scrapped. In fact, it turned out that the decline in demand (and, accordingly, exchange quotations) for "black gold" and "blue fuel" were a purely temporary phenomenon, primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Russia and other OPEC + members managed to come to an amicable agreement and, skillfully regulating the amount of produced hydrocarbons, they quickly passed the stage of their surplus supply on world markets. And then, albeit little by little, the recovery of the world economy began. It was then that it struck! In principle, the most severe energy crisis that broke out almost all over the world could have been predicted in advance. And even necessary. Several factors have come together at once - from climatic (cold is not an aunt) to excessive enthusiasm for the ideas of "decarbonization", for which even China had to pay. Having decided to be “in trend” with the entire “world community”, the Celestial Empire also began to “draw” the deadlines for achieving “complete carbon neutrality”, and ended up playing out in the end until rolling blackouts and bans on the use of microwaves.

Europe, which decided to switch from “dirty” thermal power plants to wind turbines and other renewable energy sources in the blink of an eye, was much stronger. Added to this was the maniacal desire of the local bureaucrats to regulate prices for the same gas with the help of the “invisible hand of the market”. Well, here it is, and it has been adjusted - it’s not known how it ended up in the throat of the same wiseacres. A tenfold rise in gas prices, shutdown of factories, fuel collapse - all this, according to experts, is far from the limit of troubles that can happen.

Contrary to logic and common sense, one or the other European politicians are taken to talk about some kind of "harsh measures" that may fall on Moscow in the event of "aggravation of the situation in Ukraine", stubbornly weaving into this nonsense the issue of certification and commissioning Nord Stream 2, without which the European Union (and Germany - in the first place) can be very, very bad. In response, Vladimir Vladimirovich repeats with a sweet smile: "But we warned you!" ... At the same time, Mr. Miller, with a mysterious look, is playing with the Yamal-Europe valves, hinting at what is clear to everyone. The process of "gas education" of the European "partners", who have got it into their heads for some time that they can put pressure on Russia and teach it, is in full swing. It looks like it's in the right direction.

As you can see, the past year was full of surprises and surprises, which our country was able to take full advantage of. Something suggests that the next one will be even more interesting.

Happy New Year, everyone! Happiness, peace, goodness!
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  2. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 31 December 2021 13: 33
    The United States achieved the main thing: In the leadership of the EU and Germany, they did not allow adequate people and shoved their agents, which shamelessly undertook to destroy the economies of the EU countries in the interests of the United States and weaken the economy of Germany.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 1 January 2022 19: 14
      kriten. This is exactly what the United States did with the USSR. Now the country, only for some, who sell folk, and the money goes to them.
  3. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 31 December 2021 23: 39
    Tse is complete bullshit. And Russia has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    The creation of an alliance is exactly the opposite, a victory for Omerika

    Afghanistan is a failure. but the size will be clear later. They talked about the withdrawal in advance, but the execution let us down.

    The crisis in Europe - in the spring it will be clear how much.
    While Omerika is still in positive territory, sells its gas-coal, the economy weakens. And Russia has caught a rise in prices. But the oil and gas oligarchs are in the black ...
    The Arabs are probably so jubilant that the media are afraid to mention them. Viimo, all frozen projects were launched, resuming the purchase of weapons, alas, in the west.

    Happy New Year, everyone! Happiness, peace, goodness! You keep here, all the best, good mood and health!
  4. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 1 January 2022 14: 55
    Of course, the American withdrawal from Afgan is an "epic fail". But this is not a "lost war", it is a "lost battle". Yes, it is ugly, yes, they got into a "puddle" - but this is a consequence of much deeper processes. The degradation of planning and common sense is now everywhere and in everything.

    "Green energy" is complete nonsense! No, windmills and solar panels are necessary and important! And for a village or even a small town far from power lines, especially in Russia, where there are more than a lot of such places - this is reasonable and justified, with the availability of diesel generators, of course. Or for a private house, where there is always a place for a wind turbine and a solar panel on the roof!

    But to build on this state policy, displacing "big" energy - well, this is not a mistake, this is complete nonsense! And I am sure that this is not stupidity, there is a serious idea behind this, which is being hollowed out into their heads by people, who, in turn, have actually just become idiots! Everything is just like in a fairy tale, only a child that shouts "The king is naked!" we seem to never wait!
  5. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 1 January 2022 19: 12
    You cannot build your happiness on someone else's misfortune. An example is Hitler.

    Russia needs to think about the Russian revolt in Russia, if the government will continue to allow the Caucasians to greedily ...