Russians supported Khusnullin in his dispute with Shoigu over new cities in Siberia

Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin expressed his opinion on the idea of ​​Sergei Shoigu to build new cities in Siberia. The head of the Russian defense department spoke about such a possibility in October this year.

Khusnullin believes that Russia has more pressing problems than the construction of new large settlements.

In my opinion, it is not necessary to build additional megacities, but to improve the existing ones. Any new large-scale project is a colossal load on the infrastructure

- said the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in an interview with the agency TASS.

At the same time, Khusnullin emphasized that Shoigu's idea should be carefully considered and each individual case should be evaluated. So, at the present time it is necessary to direct efforts to the development of Bratsk (Irkutsk region) and Neryungri (Yakutia). It is necessary to equip cities in such a way that people would like to live in them permanently, and not just go on watch. Thus, the idea of ​​building new Siberian cities needs serious study.

Earlier, Sergei Shoigu spoke about the construction of several new cities in Siberia. Moreover, we should talk not just about new cities in the taiga, but about the development of entire regions on a national scale. So, in the south of Siberia, a coking coal mining center should be organized, between Krasnoyarsk and Bratsk - an industrial center "Copper and Electrical Engineering", and near Kansk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) it is necessary to build a process for the production of demanded plastics from illiquid materials.

The Russians, commenting on Khusnullin's statement, took a quite definite position.

Khusnullin put it mildly about this completely incomprehensible idea of ​​new cities. It smacks of utopian Soviet gigantism. Losses are guaranteed. Colossal losses. How could such a thing come to mind?

- wrote Vladimir Burton.

Khusnullin is right. Create human living conditions in existing cities, and then take on new ones!

- suggested a user with the nickname Chekist of the NKVD.

What prevents from opening micro-production of competitive products locally, developing and reanimating the infrastructure of mono-cities from taxes from these enterprises? Leaving the indigenous population in places of compact residence, and not stuffing them to overflowing megacities

- Alexander Kirsanov asks.

Well, at least someone told him about it. So many provincial small towns are dying, and he is going to build for someone else. Improve these, people will be grateful. Otherwise, no decent work, no infrastructure

- Yulia Nedorubova states with regret.

I was not afraid, well done. I like this official more and more. A soldier listening to how to invest money is the last thing. There, half (at least) of the generals do not understand anything about state affairs. No offense, but this is so, and not only with us

- the user with the nickname Homa Neanderthal expressed his opinion.

Well, now Khusnullin doesn’t have much time left to work in the government ... It means that we will have to suffer with new cities for the next decades. Maybe one of them will be named after Putin

- Vyacheslav Kozyrev considers.

This is how illiterate you have to be about development. economicsto offer such game ... Khusnullin correctly says, it's a pity that no more in a frank form

- posted by David Snkhchyan.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 27 December 2021 10: 17
    The main task of attracting citizens to Siberian and Far Eastern cities is affordable and inexpensive housing. The state could start building public housing, as it did in the USSR. And rent it out to citizens. If you work in Komsomolsk or Vladivostok, get it and work. I decided to move to Krasnoyarsk or Bratsk - I rented out this housing and got a new one there, at an acceptable rent. Housing income - to the state and local cities.
  2. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 27 December 2021 10: 19
    Shoigu's idea is reminiscent of Khrushchev's adventure with virgin lands. Instead of developing war-affected agricultural areas, Nikita rushed to drive equipment, invest, send personnel to the virgin lands of Kazakhstan and Altai.
  3. olj49 Offline olj49
    olj49 (User) 27 December 2021 11: 37
    It is necessary to equip cities in such a way that people would like to live in them permanently, and not just go on watch.

    I wonder where Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin was in Siberia, what gives such idiotic advice and instructions. With such a knowledge of his country, he should not be allowed close to the management of this very country.

    I explain it in a popular way for those who did not understand my comment. We are talking about the territory from the borders of Kuzbass and Krasnoyarsk Territory to Primorye. Let this so-called Deputy Prime Minister say how many cities, well, for example, the territory from Kemerovo to Krasnoyarsk, he calls to equip, well, this is not to go to watch, and this distance: 527,6 km along the highway and almost parallel to the Transsib (i.e. . the territory is not remote, but rather developed - according to the local concept)?
    List of cities (well, if this loud name suits them):
    Mariinsk - 37 inhabitants
    Bogotol - 19 inhabitants
    Achinsk - 105 531

    Well, you can add, on the Kemerovo-Krasnoyarsk highway, there are about 5 more or less large settlements with no more than 1000 residents and that's all. From Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk, the distance is 1067 km and the history is the same, there are 2-3 more or less large settlements near the administrative centers of the territories, and this is practically everything (not counting large settlements of 20-40 thousand people after 200-400 kilometers in a straight line).

    And a person who has such an idea about the development of the most inhabited part of Siberia gives advice that people would like to live in them permanently, and not just go on watch. Yes, they would like to live there, only there is no help other than sending migrant workers to temporary work, from the word at all.
    But there are recommendations from Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin how to equip Siberia. This shows the level of competence of a person who, by duty, is obliged to resolve such issues. Maybe he managed to become one of the richest in Tatarstan, and then suddenly became Deputy Prime Minister, but he is clearly not competent and far from the problems of other territories of Russia.
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 27 December 2021 17: 19
      Maybe he managed to become one of the richest in Tatarstan, and then suddenly became Deputy Prime Minister,

      The presence of the Internet seems to allow us to see who Khusnullin was before the vice-premiership, and not to sculpt here about a rich man from Tatarstan.
      If I'm not mistaken, he was Moscow's deputy mayor for construction, Sobyanin. Conducted the so-called "renovation". Again, look if you have not heard of this. I read that Khusnullin is a big fan of the idea of ​​importing imported guest workers from Central Asia, which results in almost zero quality of "renovated" Moscow housing. Probably, this is also where Khusnullin's rejection of Shoigu's ideas stems - if they see their benefit, imported Gaster will abandon Moscow construction sites and run in herds to build Shoigu-burgs, which they will rebuild in the same way as the "white stone" one - from govna and sticks.
  4. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
    yuriy55 (Yuri) 27 December 2021 11: 41
    Sergei Shoigu does not need to deal with cities, but to find out who is lobbying for the freezing of the reduction coefficient for calculating pensions for military pensioners for 8 years; why the indexation of military pensions is carried out not from January 1, like all pensioners, but from October 1, and in this connection the size of the indexation of pensions for two years in a row is two times lower than the inflation rate.
    It is a concern for people who gave their best young years to the service, and their family members enjoyed the benefits and civilization of military garrisons.
    1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
      gunnerminer (gunner miner) 27 December 2021 12: 41
      It is good that pensions are paid to military pensions at all. And on time. Recently, on the sidelines of the State Duma, a proposal to freeze pensions for military pensioners under 60 years old was heatedly discussed. For a start, for six months, and then for a longer period.
      Shoigu rushed to the questions from the President's cage. It would be better if he continued to deal with the shortage in the Armed Forces that had been left from his predecessor. Or the restoration of military medicine. The restoration of the mobilization system has been floundering in these matters for 9 years.
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 27 December 2021 12: 46
    Different tasks lead to different priorities.
    Shoigu's task is to defend all state education, and not just populated areas. To do this, it is necessary to create a mobilization and industrial potential in the desert, with rare inhabited oases, in the Trans-Ural territories - to build new settlements, industries, transport infrastructure, etc. A task of a national scale. Chukotka alone, for example, is comparable in area with Britain and France combined, and the population is only about 50 thousand and there are no roads or industries, everything is imported from nails to bread (flour), despite the fact that it is annually shipped to the bins of state education 20 tons of gold each. They would leave 1/10 for development, and you yourself would have built or bought something in the USA, which is only 4 km away. So it would come out cheaper and more convenient, and so the Australians, Kazakhstanis and others plunder the natural resources of the Baim zone and the Beringovsky zone, but at least the roads will be built and the population is bought for unskilled work.
    It is easier for Khusnullin to fulfill his tasks in populated areas, where everything is within walking distance - building materials, production facilities, labor force, minimum transport and other costs, and the population is vitally interested in the construction of housing complexes and the improvement of the inhabited territory. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in its support by the population.
  6. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 27 December 2021 14: 35
    Khusnullin is either a liberal populist, or simply not aware of what will happen in the world in the near future. Russian-speaking people will flock to the Russian Federation and they will have to be employed somewhere, along the way solving the problems of the settlement and development of Siberia and the Far East, as well as the multiplication of the number of the Russian people. It's time to think about it.
    But Shoigu is clearly in the know. When it is urgently necessary to employ people, it will be too late to build.
    The very fact that Shoigu started talking about these cities suggests that changes in the world will happen very soon. In fact, they are already happening. After all, people will also build these cities. It's not the Tajiks to call again ...
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 27 December 2021 17: 30
      Russian-speaking people will go to Russia

      Where will they come from and why?
      1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 28 December 2021 09: 39
        I will try to explain on the fingers, as for especially gifted children, to comrades aged 50+ who do not have a passport and have not traveled further from Kaluga to Moscow, or whose MCK is simply moldy.

        Exactly 30 years have passed since the collapse of the USSR. During this time, people born in the 70s, 80s, 90s grew up in the former Soviet republics. Some of them who desired and possessed opportunities, have already left for Russia for a long time. Another of them some have left for dozens of countries around the world and they do not associate their future with Russia. Finally, there is the third part, which stayed at home and are not going to go anywhere: they are engaged in business, politics, are employed in the service sector, IT technologies, and so on. It is very difficult to call all these people "Russian-speaking" - science is not held in high esteem in those republics.

        People born in the 40s, 50s, 60s are currently in (pre) retirement age, and they are no longer needed by Russia as pensioners. They left already in the 90s, at the beginning of the 2007s, without waiting for Putin's Compatriots Resettlement Program (XNUMX), which practically failed - Under this program, Russia received such "waste" from the republics, which in Russia itself is a wagon and a cart.

        And let this boriz like Kaluga take an interest in the results of the resettlement program in the Kaluga region: there is no one to work in the Kaluga villages - the population drank themselves, not fitting into the market, so Artamonov agreed to include Kaluga in the Compatriots Resettlement Program. BUT! 95% of the settlers went to the Kaluga cities - Kaluga (190 km from Moscow) and Obninsk (95 km from Moscow). Several dozen completely finished drunks went to the village, who there began to drink and pump their rights, so that they were provided with housing, work + money was given. Does Russia need such compatriots?
    2. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 28 December 2021 20: 55
      Russian-speaking people will flock to the Russian Federation and they will have to be employed somewhere, ..

      Where will they come from, from Donbass chtol? As it sounds anecdotal, I thought that Zelensky's "call" was not taken seriously. laughing

      ... that people will build these cities too. It's not the Tajiks to call again ...

      And what are Tajiks, not people chtol? Oh no no no.
  7. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 28 December 2021 13: 32
    When I first read about Shoigu's proposals, I immediately thought that something was wrong in the army, since the minister got into other matters. But I didn't think it was that bad. More recently, information about racketeering in the army went to Yandex. The bandyugans imposed a tribute on all military units in the Trans-Baikal Territory.
    At first I did not believe it, but the "nix" raised the parent committee. So the question is, what kind of army of contract soldiers will defend us when they cannot defend themselves? And Shoigu was going to build a city, well, well.
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 28 December 2021 14: 40
      ... something is wrong in the army ...

      This would be clear to the horse if she could read "the case of private Shamsudinov" in open sources.
  8. Rokot Offline Rokot
    Rokot (Alexey Kan) 28 December 2021 14: 54
    More than a strange idea. Why do we need new megacities? Someone will explain who will live in them? An overabundance of population is not observed, to put it mildly, exactly the opposite is true. We have only rubber Moscow, and only because it vacuums the population from all over the country.
    In general, the answer comes to mind that this is a business. Under Shoigu, the army turns into a construction trust: the construction of hospitals? - Army, Construction of the BAM? - Army, building a temple? - Army, now cities (!) Here.
  9. Rinat Offline Rinat
    Rinat (Rinat) 1 January 2022 18: 15
    Nothing prevents the development of existing cities and the construction of new ones except for one theft and sabotage of local and federal officials .. Therefore, I fully support, first of all, the construction of large country towns with a million inhabitants. I fully support the development of old cities by placing orders in them for the production of construction materials and equipment for the construction and equipping of new industrial centers with everything necessary. It does not interfere. It is only necessary to interfere with the withdrawal of the profits from Russia.
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