Russia first spoke to the West in the language it understands

Our country has embarked on a rather dangerous path that currently has no alternative for it. Perhaps for the first time in the entire period of its existence as an independent "post-Soviet" state, Russia spoke to the "collective West" in the only language that it understands and takes seriously - the language of ultimatums. Until now, everything has happened exactly the opposite: Moscow was "brought up", taught, "put in a framework" and given "valuable instructions" on how to carry out its own external and internal policies... With the coming to power of Vladimir Putin, the regime of external control, which had already reached almost 100%, began to weaken. However, it became possible to speak about its complete completion only now.

By and large, we are no longer talking about Ukraine or Nord Stream 2. The fate of Russia is being decided here and now, literally before our eyes. At the same time, we can say with a great deal of confidence that literally everything is at stake - it is not just the vector of our country's development for a very long term that is being determined, but the question of its very existence, as such, is being resolved. If the Kremlin’s “peace proposals”, despite the more than transparent hints that representatives of a completely different agency may follow the diplomats, are rejected by the United States and NATO, to which they are addressed, Moscow will either have to admit its defeat or react extremely harshly. At the same time, it should be understood that a completely unique situation has now emerged that allows our country to really raise rates to the maximum - and be the winner. You just have to go all the way.

There are many real violent

To say that the draft agreements transferred to the Russian Foreign Ministry to our "sworn friends" for review, discussion and adoption of a final decision, which carry guarantees not only to ensure the security of Russia's borders, but also, in fact, to secure its right to its own zone of "vital interests "In the post-Soviet space, caused the effect of an exploding bomb in the West - it means not to say anything. In truth, what is happening now most of all resembles the reaction of a hefty wasp nest, into which a rather large stick was poked from all over the place ...

Brussels and Washington, by and large, behave relatively decency. Although their first responses to Moscow's peace initiatives, frankly speaking, still sound like a not too polite refusal, and not as an attempt to show readiness for dialogue. That Jens Stoltenberg, that Jen Psaki, who voiced the position of the White House, continue to talk almost with one voice about "unshakable support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine", and, most importantly, "her right to an independent choice of foreign policy vector." That is, translating from psakovski-Stoltenberg's language into human language - to join the ranks of NATO in spite of Russia's demands. That is, in this case, to arrange a coup d'etat in the country, thereby "deploying" it to the West - this does not count. But the well-grounded claims of Moscow, worried about its security, are already "putting pressure", which is unacceptable. Moreover, both the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance stubbornly bend their own way, exposing our country to the role of the culprit of the "crisis" and demanding "de-escalation" from it. In a word - the most natural conversation between the mute and the deaf.

And, by the way, about "dumbness" - this is not at all an idle figure of speech. Alas, our country for too long endured the "assaults" of the West, if not at all in stoic silence, then, as a maximum, expressing its own discontent and disagreement in an undertone, and somewhere to the side. Therefore, she is considered not so completely toothless, but unequivocally incapable of defending her own interests to the end, ignoring the yelling and shouts from the "world community". What's most interesting is that 2014 not only did not dispel such beliefs, but even strengthened them somewhere. Not without reason, however, but now is not about that. At present, the "collective West" continues to communicate with Moscow in exactly the same tone: "Just dare!" The statements of Stoltenberg and Psaki are still flowers.

For example, the ex-US ambassador to our country Michael McFall has already come out with his "vision" of the situation, having published a "list of 6 points", the implementation of which, in his opinion, Washington should require any negotiations at all "with these insolent Russians ". It is rather curly there, so I will confine myself to a brief drawing. According to McFaul, Russia should "withdraw its troops" from: Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine. Refuse recognition: Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria. Do not support the "separatists of Donbass". Return Crimea to Kiev. Remove Iskander from Kaliningrad ... And that, by the way, is not all. True, there is no clause on the keys to Moscow in the list - which personally surprised me immensely. Andrzej Duda is burning with righteous anger: “No concessions to Russia! Only she should yield! " In Vilnius, they are voicing their "readiness to resist Russian aggression", but at the same time they demand from NATO "to concentrate troops on the Eastern Front." Yes, there are a lot of real violent ones. Especially in countries that Moscow demands to clear the NATO soldiers as soon as possible.

The Russian Foreign Ministry warns for the last time

And an interesting, right word, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda has a reservation! "Eastern Front" - here it is not Sigmund, here it smells of Adolf. However, it would be wrong to say that only the Baltic dwarfs and retired diplomats are in a hurry to take the position of "irreconcilable". The Wall Street Journal is trumpeting with might and main that "fulfilling Putin's demands" will be unequivocally "humiliating" for the West, and, first of all, for the United States. Enough in this choir and other voices: politicians, media, representatives of various "analytical centers" and others. Moscow is stubbornly unwilling not only to hear, but rather to take her words seriously. The deputy head of the Russian diplomatic department quite rightly reproached the Americans that they, apparently, "are trying to turn the negotiations into a sluggish process."

I will add from myself - and completely meaningless to the same. Mr. Ryabkov noted that such behavior does not suit Moscow in any way, since they regard the current situation as "extremely difficult" and, moreover, "tending to further deterioration." It will not be possible to "loosen" from a clear and unambiguous answer. Konstantin Gavrilov, who heads the Russian delegation to the military talks in Vienna, said approximately the same. According to him, the time has come for the "moment of truth" in the relationship between our country and the North Atlantic Alliance. And if the opponents do not realize that no one else intends to allow them to "step on the painful points" of Russia, the answer will follow. As Mr. Gavrilov said, “in the military and militarytechnical plane ". This is already extremely serious. Some in the West immediately perceived these words as "the threat of the use of nuclear weapons," but it is perfectly clear that this is about something else.

Only recently NATO (and the Americans in the first place) have given Russia many reasons and opportunities to demonstrate what a "military response" might look like in a nuclear-free, but extremely painful version for them. Provocative calls by the Alliance warships into our waters, overflights of its aircraft dangerously close to the Russian borders. Vladimir Putin has already said that those who use such antics are "considered with sights." Once again, consideration of the case may not be limited. What is most interesting is that the “collective West” is pushing the Kremlin with might and main to just such a decision. How else if it doesn't come through in an amicable way?

Moreover, both in Washington and in Brussels, for some reason, they “don't see” that they have chosen the most inappropriate time to “pump rights”. A small “turn of the valve” on the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline was enough for the “blue fuel” to come close to the price of 2 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters. However, it is possible that at the moment when you are reading this, you have already stepped over this mark. Jokes about the "New Year's flash mob of Europe" are spreading on the network - "in 2022 with gas for 2022 dollars!" Or 2222 ?! With such trends, the cost of energy (and all) can reach God knows what limits. To spoil relations with Moscow in this situation is tantamount to suicide - and for any European country. The United States continues to reiterate that "they will make decisions solely in consensus with the transatlantic partners," based on their opinions and interests. So take it already! Because, like the Old World, there is only one interest now - not to freeze to hell. And only Russia can provide this. Such a successful "alignment" for her, as the current one, would not even be specially thought up.

The "first call" (sorry for the pun) so far can be considered a telephone conversation between the adviser to the head of the White House on national security issues Jake Sullivan and Vladimir Putin's aide Yuri Ushakov. True, if the official version of the Americans is to be believed, they are again trying to either “turn on the fools,” or simply bargain, demanding some kind of “de-escalation” from our country and consent to talk about things of NATO concern as well ”. Money for the fish again ... The problem here, perhaps, is what the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov very aptly and succinctly defined: the unwillingness of the United States to conduct a respectful and partner dialogue with our country, the desire to reduce everything once again, to “imposing own schemes ”, which were developed unilaterally, and not taking into account the balance of mutual interests.

Apparently, in the West, oddly enough, they still cannot decide on the main thing: what is in front of them? The next requirements, which no one, frankly speaking, initially counted on - or is it a real ultimatum that has not been heard from the Kremlin since the time when the red banner with the hammer and sickle fluttered over it? Do the Russians have a plan in case we say a categorical "no" (or "pull rubber") to the point of indecency? Or - will it be as always: "an expression of deep concern"? To our great regret, the decades during which Moscow has been pursuing a policy of “Guys, let's live together!” Have served it in disservice. The West will have to "push" to make the right decision. The question is how exactly and how tough.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 21 December 2021 13: 14
    In the West, they can sleep peacefully while the relatives of the Russian elite live in Western countries. These are, in fact, their hostages, like the children of Russian princes in the Golden Horde.
    1. predessor Offline predessor
      predessor (Naum) 21 December 2021 15: 38
      What kind of relatives? They don't make decisions.
    2. (Pink Floyd) 21 December 2021 19: 20
      But victory on TV is what propaganda will portray without any problems, without any connection with reality. Covidloo has already been defeated like this a couple of times. In Syria, the final victory was declared three or four times, I lost count. Here, too, they will first push, and then they will solemnly declare that NATO and Ukraine did not dare to cross the "red lines", therefore, we won again.
      1. Arthur P Offline Arthur P
        Arthur P (Arthur P) 26 January 2022 20: 00
        As you can see from the dislikes, it's already too late, already about zombies ..
    3. (Pink Floyd) 21 December 2021 19: 21
      As you know, any dictatorial regime, as if drowning at a straw, grabs the opportunity to arrange a small victorious war. The Putin regime is no exception. In his case, the war, by the way, does not need to be arranged in real life. It will just be stupid, because even among the deep-seated people, a real war with Ukraine will not be popular. It's one thing to fight for the Russian world with the Benderites and Liberahs in chats, and quite another to feed the lice in the trenches yourself.
    4. (Pink Floyd) 22 December 2021 00: 23
      Listen, if he formulated it like this ... "You are obliged to fulfill within a month or not, and if you do not, then we ....". None of this is there. This is an ultimatum without end. Chekhov used to say that if the gun hangs on the wall in the first act, it will shoot in the last. Nothing like this. This is a postmodern theater in our country. If the gun is hanging on the stage in the first act, then it will hang on the stage until it decays, falls apart and rusts.

      Remember Putin's great and terrible speech in 2007. Munich. They sit there, relax, roll Vanka. It turns out Putin - and how he will hit them heartily! "You are so-and-so, went back and forth, and I generally saw you all in white shoes!" Strongly? Strongly. Got the attention of the whole world? Attracted. Some journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" wrote that when she heard these words, she burst into tears, grabbed her son, hugged him to her chest and said: "Sonny, this day is the happiest in my life." And Nikita Mikhalkov said the same to someone. So? So. And what did Putin really risk? Did he demand anything concrete, even for a penny, from the West? For a penny? Did he threaten the West with anything in particular? Anything? No. Did he formulate any obligatory conditions? No. He just got up, scolded them, sent them to such and such a mother many times, turned and left. And they sit with their mouths open.
    5. Arthur P Offline Arthur P
      Arthur P (Arthur P) 26 January 2022 19: 58
      So no one sees this and doesn’t know how much the Russian elite study and live in Europe, Yes, and even if their nose freezes too, it’s clear from your dislikes that the one who lives in Russia doesn’t care where the Russians still live and what will happen to them later :D
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 21 December 2021 13: 34
    The main problem of the Russian Federation is internal, economic - government regulation creates price scissors in the domestic and foreign markets. In the absence of a party and the dictatorship of the proletariat, this threatens a coup d'etat.
    As recently as yesterday, Mr. Usmanov popularly explained on TV the strategy of big capital using the example of GazMetall (MetalInvest) - in the Russian Federation they mine and process, and the processed product - raw materials for electrometallurgy, is sold to the West. They are mined and processed at Domestic prices, and sold at World prices and not for rubles.
    Dependence on the external market encourages the desire of big capital to get out of state control and the pressure of tariff regulation, leads to import inflation and an increase in the key rate, as the head of the central bank spoke about. The consequence of this is a rise in the cost of loans, a shortage of working capital, a rise in prices, etc., which endangers the economy and all social programs, and with them social stability.
    The Kremlin's "peace proposals" are relevant as long as the Sshasovites do not have similar hypersonic weapons at their disposal. Therefore, they will drag on time and with a high degree of probability the proposals will not be accepted due to the understanding of the internal problems of the Russian Federation and the lack of adequate economic and production resources.
    If missiles are deployed in Belarus, the Sshasovites will not hesitate to place medium-range missiles (which are cheaper than strategic ones and for the same money they can be made more. That is why they left the agreement on their limitation) in the Baltic state formations, in Ukraine, and after accelerated admission to NATO both in Finland and in Sweden. As a result, the threat to the Russian Federation will increase, but for the Sshasovites it will remain the same.
    The situation could be changed by the creation of energy weapons, which Nikolai Tesla spoke about, but this is still a fantasy.
    1. predessor Offline predessor
      predessor (Naum) 21 December 2021 15: 39
      At one time, Speer bridled the German capital and forced to squeeze out to the limit.
      Quite in the capitalist country.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 21 December 2021 17: 56
    Putin. One foot is already on the threshold of eternity. If you are really the leader of the Russians, do you really not understand how you will remain in the memory of people?
    Yes, many Russian people are not the same. There is something to lose. But everyone who really lives here understands that by losing Russia they will lose everything. And the Kremlin is just a light bulb. They have everything in the West. And you will fail with your Russia .. We will still rake in here, fortunately, they will let us down.
    1. (Pink Floyd) 21 December 2021 19: 25
      It is clear that no one in the Kremlin expects America or Europe to seriously discuss this nonsense. If Putin really wanted to agree on something, he would not put forward a public ultimatum. The Kremlin is striving for only one thing - complete disregard of its demands on the part of Western addressees.

      The effect is expected to be purely domestic. The absence of a response from Washington is already being portrayed as a frightened, confused silence.

      The Western countries' rejection of the Kremlin’s presentation will be presented by the same propaganda as the unwillingness of the “aggressive NATO bloc” to discuss the peace initiatives of the Kremlin, which advocates exclusively for world peace, detente, cooperation and prosperity.

      Putin gets the opportunity to shrug his shoulders and say: "Well, we tried, but they refused." And in general, it is worth tightening our belts and rallying around the leader, because everything for the front - everything for victory; our business is just, the victory will be ours!
    2. (Pink Floyd) 22 December 2021 00: 19
      This is aimed at the internal audience, because people in the difficult situation that exists in Russia need to be distracted and occupied with something. It is necessary that the Solovyovs and Simonyans have something to yell about, with their eyes widening, that Putin has outplayed everyone. Look, Putin threw in the ball, they grabbed the ball with both hands, and the big game that Russian commentators love to talk about started. To the internal audience.

      This is aimed, of course, at an external audience, because the West adores Putin. He loves to scold Putin, great and terrible. The West has long, lovingly, carefully nurtured, cheated, created the image of a great and terrible enemy. Tell me who your enemy is - and I will tell who you are.

      If our enemy is Russia, a large state, rather stupid, absolutely which cannot do anything to us, and we cannot do anything to it ... State and state. What will the Western PR specialists be parasitizing? And PR people are not only PR people, they are diplomats, ministers, presidents, ambassadors, all this fraternity. A completely different story. Terrible, with global goals, indomitable, unstoppable, great and terrible Putin. The West needs it, Western diplomats, politicians, PR people need it like manna from heaven. Therefore, it is directed towards them.

      And finally, it is aimed at the main consumer of these products. On Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich. He is in the center of the world. We are discussing his proposals with you. The same is discussed by 10 commentators on 000 channels all over the world. He hasn't been on the cover of Time for a long time. And so he forces them to communicate, Time - to publish, and his PR capitalization increases with one blow tenfold ... Not tenfold, of course, but tens of percent. Moreover, he does not risk anything at all. Nothing at all. And absolutely nothing is invested in it.
      1. Muscool Offline Muscool
        Muscool (Glory) 22 December 2021 08: 41
        Absolutely agree. A persistent feeling that this is being done to impose on the Russians an ephemeral sense of belonging to a great power. And the proclamation of another victory of our "leader" over the evil west. So we tighten the knots and rally, the enemy is awake, there is no time to think about some kind of personal well-being when the sword of Damocles is hanging over us.
        Something I don’t remember is such a screaming propaganda from every iron, until 2013, when GDP grew by 7-10% per year.
        1. Anna_Fighter Offline Anna_Fighter
          Anna_Fighter 22 December 2021 09: 25
          Muscool, and the war is already underway. For Russian people in Europe, for example, it is harder to live than for the same Chechens. Everything is there for the Chechens, and the salary is on time and benefits are paid. And Russians in Europe are simply delayed in paying money for work and fired if the person is not satisfied. This is the attitude! Visual! Nobody anywhere needs us purely because we were born by Russian people. I have acquaintances in Austria and Italy, by nationality - Chechens and Russians. Information from them.
          1. Muscool Offline Muscool
            Muscool (Glory) 23 December 2021 08: 22
            I do not catch the connection between the delayed wages in Europe and the welfare of the citizens of the Russian Federation and the screaming propaganda from every refrigerator.
            1. Siluch Offline Siluch
              Siluch (nik) 30 December 2021 22: 21
              Not tired of throwing at the fan yet? Although evona, how does it bother you:

              ... imposing on Russians an ephemeral sense of belonging to a great power.

              And what feelings do you think should be brought up among the Russians? And who are you going to be?
              1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
                alexneg13 (Alexander) 6 January 2022 16: 11
                ... yes, he is a corrupt SBU, or rather POP - cheap (Traitor to the Customs of Ancestors).
      2. Grosswell Offline Grosswell
        Grosswell (I am) 23 December 2021 12: 58
        do not pose as V.V. it hurts to look like a flawed one
      3. Arthur P Offline Arthur P
        Arthur P (Arthur P) 26 January 2022 20: 06
        This is just an internal puppet theater, and the building of the people against the West, in a word, Putin's zombification of the people ..
    3. Anna_Fighter Offline Anna_Fighter
      Anna_Fighter 22 December 2021 09: 17
      Of course, having lost Russia, we will lose citizenship, apartments, jobs. Many Russians will have nowhere to run and live in other countries with our salaries. And Europe and the West will not need us either. Where will we win in case of war? To Armenia? To Tajikistan? Kazakhstan? Uzbekistan? Or to Samara in bunkers? Or hide in Yamal? Where are you going to dump and where?
      1. Muscool Offline Muscool
        Muscool (Glory) 23 December 2021 08: 27
        Another victim of Solovyov-Kiselev, where should Russia get lost and with whom are they going to fight?
        In 1998, with the default, Russia was not lost and did not disintegrate, the boots of NATO (which you are so afraid of) did not trample our land, why should this happen now?
  4. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 21 December 2021 18: 31
    When in the history of Russia was it that insignificant mongrels barked with impunity and bite with impunity? And under Putin, please. Moldova is almost a member of Russia, for Georgia and Ukraine, and it is not necessary to speak. The Balts, Poland, the Czech Republic turned the Russian Federation on a propeller.
    Now they will write: yes we are them, yes we are, in five minutes. Yes Yes. We are theirs, I am hers, but it turns out she is us.
    1. Anna_Fighter Offline Anna_Fighter
      Anna_Fighter 22 December 2021 09: 32
      Teacher, we need another president. Now is just the time for the arrival of the second Yeltsin. It will be just possible to launch a war with military equipment in Europe. The very thing! A bad attitude requires harsh treatment.
    2. Siluch Offline Siluch
      Siluch (nik) 30 December 2021 22: 33
      Calm down, there is no need to stir up hysterics that there is someone barking at Russia. To spit on all this raging Caudle, for - "the dog barks, the wind carries."
  5. (Pink Floyd) 21 December 2021 19: 16
    This is not just an ultimatum. This is a demand for complete and unconditional surrender.

    2. Russia has no political, economic or military resources to provide such an ultimatum. Nothing but the possibility of destroying the planet - so that, in the words of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the RF Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin, "they died, and we ended up in paradise."

    3. The authors of the ultimatum understand how lightly they are treated. Such an important document was not voiced by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova - her words are treated like Zhirinovsky's escapades, and not even the Lavrovs, who in many ways turned into one of the mechanical propagandists, and not so discredited deputy ministers. This is a call to take the text seriously.

    4. NATO countries are required to violate both their Charter and their obligations enshrined in international treaties.

    5. Russia does not offer any steps on its part - the West must admit that we have always been and remain right in everything, and admit defeat.

    6. All this pre-war hysteria does not even have anything like casus belly - no one killed the Archduke and no one from the West threatens us. We have no territorial claims, no one from the outside is trying to interfere with what is happening inside us. All this is from scratch!

    7. Conversations about the threat to NATO are not supported by a single fact. The former Baltic republics have become members of NATO - everything is calm on these borders.

    8. External threats to Russia, of course, exist - Afghanistan, Iran, maybe China. But instead of preparing to repel them, the Russian leadership is threatening those who could be our allies with war.

    9. The Russian leadership wants to speak only with the United States and no one else. They seem to believe in their own tales that Europe is nothing more than a group of US vassals.

    10. The ultimatum does not say what will happen if it is rejected? Our troops will go to Kiev, Vilnius and Warsaw? Are we going to bomb Washington? Or, after all, Voronezh?

    11. There are probably people in the leadership of Russia who understand that this ultimatum cannot be accepted. This means that they have some kind of plan, ranging from nuclear war to the complete closure of the country and turning it into a large military (concentration) camp. It is not clear only how they will resolve the issue of property and families of high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation in the West.

    12. No matter how the foreign policy situation develops after the West refuses to accept this ultimatum, repressions will intensify inside the country - both in relation to opponents of the regime, including those who are abroad, and in relation to a wide circle of Russian citizens, will not delighted with the activities of the authorities.

    13. And the main conclusion - they are crazy!
    1. Mantrid Machine Offline Mantrid Machine
      Mantrid Machine (Mantrid Machina) 21 December 2021 19: 53
      There is nothing to do, so go do a better job or already a pensioner? Or do they pay a lot of shekels for verbiage nonsense? wassat
    2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 21 December 2021 20: 31
      You are crazy if you are a Russian. If not, your bile is clear to me.
      To go mad is in our position not to put forward such demands.
      Putin has already made it clear that this is not an ultimatum.
      These are our requirements for the enemies, so that they know what to do when they start to fuss.
      You do not understand the main thing.
      Our nuclear weapons are in the hands of a country that has been sentenced to death along with its entire population and has been squeezed into a corner by the enemy.
      It costs us nothing to apply it - we lose a little. Not like the self-proclaimed "masters of the world" with their rich infrastructure for generating profit and ensuring a high standard of living.
      This is our strength, and their weakness.
      This is the persuasiveness of our proposals.
    3. Lusis Offline Lusis
      Lusis (lucis) 24 December 2021 03: 06
      Did they give you all the same training manuals? Or do you expose this nonsense everywhere under different nicknames?
    4. Siluch Offline Siluch
      Siluch (nik) 30 December 2021 22: 41
      God, how many splashes of saliva !!! Downright genuine passion-sadness about the fate of Russia and the Russians !!! And what a "onalez" !!! One can see the "onalitega" from God.
  6. Tsarkov Andrey Gennadievich (Andrew) 21 December 2021 20: 06
    We have been living and working in the occupied territory for a long time as a gang of crooks and thieves, who have everything and everything in the territory of the alleged enemy!
  7. Vlad Nemtsev Offline Vlad Nemtsev
    Vlad Nemtsev (Vlad Nemtsev) 21 December 2021 20: 17
    No matter how the foreign policy situation develops after the West refuses to accept this ultimatum, repression within the country will intensify - both against the opponents of the regime, including those who are abroad, and against a wide circle of Russian citizens who are not enthusiastic from the activities of the authorities.

    A wide range of citizens - the Russian SHOWTUSV and the lousy intelligentsia, of all types and colors of the liberal elite, lose EVERYTHING, in the flesh to freedom of movement There-Here.
  8. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 21 December 2021 20: 20
    Everything is stated normally. Now we just need to do our business, just as they did theirs before, without consulting. Now let them fuss themselves, get bored with demands and proposals for a settlement, call it an ultimatum, etc. Let them catch up.
    As for a military response, we must be ready for it. Creatively
    1. Anna_Fighter Offline Anna_Fighter
      Anna_Fighter 22 December 2021 09: 44
      Alexey Davydov, it's high time! Do you think Europeans treat Russian people kindly? If this were so, then my friends would not say "that working in Russia is better than in Europe" All because of their negative attitude towards us. Russian people do not live well neither in Austria with its high standard of living nor in Italy with hot Italians. Yes, they see all the beauty of Europe, modern technology. But the attitude of people towards them is not the best. Why then are the Austrians called informers and hypocrites? And one Russian girl complained that she was beaten by an Italian.
  9. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 21 December 2021 20: 38
    On the branch is the Sabbath of the commies - navalnists, ERZh, and zhovto-blakitnyh selyuk. Weaved darlings into one substance
    Well shriek, shriek ..
  10. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 December 2021 07: 33
    It would be useful, without losing the pace, to do something similar to our teachings
    "Tulip" in 1962 on the day of unloading missiles in Cuba ("warning shot" of nuclear weapons at an experimental field on Novaya Zemlya). We need to give them a signal, like: "This is not a drill" - to destroy the usual stereotype of attitudes towards our actions and situations. Probably, it is not worth touching Ukraine for this.
    As for Cuba, we no longer need it in this.
    1. Ruriks127 Offline Ruriks127
      Ruriks127 (Ivan) 22 December 2021 09: 06
      Ukraine may not be needed, but they must take their territories
      1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 December 2021 10: 03
        Time will come
  11. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 22 December 2021 11: 54
    When I started reading the article, I thought it was Volkonsky who was writing. His style is a petty power sycophant. Alexander, you are upsetting me. Usually your articles are the standard of how to write. Facts, links to documents, archives, conclusions are correct and on the topic. Where did it all go?

    Russia first spoke to the West in the language it understands

    It's like Leopold the cat: "Guys, let's live together." And judged not by words, judged by deeds!

    The jubilee 30th congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE), which is popularly called the "trade union of oligarchs", was held in Moscow the other day.
    Vladimir Putin pointed to the fact that business profits rose to 21,6 trillion rubles in nine months. This is 63,7% more than in the pre-crisis 2019 and 79% more than last year. Of course, many will say that such words are heard regularly, and the oligarchs, as they were withdrawing money to offshores, continue to do so. And the numbers confirm this thesis. Capital outflow from Russia for 11 months of this year amounted to 73,9 billion rubles. This is 1,5 times more than a year earlier

    As they steal and they steal. Our budget for 2021 amounted to 18,8 trillion. rub. And business has 21,6 trillion rubles. In the budget for 2022, only 1,5% was allocated to agriculture. Russia does not have its own food security! And Putin "jumps" to the west like "Pug on an elephant!"

    Moscow is stubbornly reluctant not only to hear, but rather to take her words seriously
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 22 December 2021 20: 44
      and who is the author of this text? really Volkonsky? something a cross with a zero does not converge!
      I can add a dozen more texts where I scold Putin
      Putin is not Pushkin to love him, and not a dollar to worship him! but it is not necessary to criticize indiscriminately, I am for an objective approach
  12. Anna Tim Offline Anna Tim
    Anna Tim (Anna) 22 December 2021 14: 25
    It's not easy for Putin. The liberals in power with their inhuman reforms are doing everything to make the people revolt. This is a conspiracy against the head of our state. His mistake is that by focusing on foreign policy and defense of the country, which he raised from ruins, he missed the economic component of the country, leaving the liberals in the economy. After all, it is not easy to dump them, they themselves will dump whoever you want, with their money. So I didn’t touch it, but they simply became insolent, because the entire bloc of Siluanov, Kudrin, Gref and others like them worked for the West, emptying the treasury. So we have what we have. The West simply does not believe that Russia is capable of extreme steps, because the entire Russian oligarchy is in the United States with money, families and thoughts.
    Now is a very troubling time, and you can only trust in God.
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 December 2021 15: 31
      Everything is so Anna, but that is why he and the President is to find a way. Took up the tug - do not say that it is not hefty. History does not make any discounts to anyone. Otherwise, it will become a historical deception of the people. He has much more opportunities than you and me.
      I hope that the President still found a "way", because if we said A now, then there is also B.
      We will need to work hard, and every time PROVE to the enemy that this is not a game
  13. Russian-speaking Caucasian 22 December 2021 18: 03
    The sharp increase in gas prices led to the fact that the gas carriers were redirected by the Americans to Europe instead of Southeast Asia.
    1. alzash Offline alzash
      alzash (Alexander) 22 December 2021 20: 08
      What is this here for?
  14. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 24 December 2021 01: 50
    Traditionally, consensus in negotiations is achieved by a compromise on both sides.
    This means that our demands will inevitably be perceived as maximum by the Americans.
    As a result of the natural course of negotiations, we:
    - or we will lose a number of material provisions from our draft agreements
    - or we will come to the failure of the negotiations.
    I think that all the provisions in our requirements are not excluded for us.
    How do we save them?
    This requires that the situation for the Americans at the time of the negotiations was so bad that consent to all our conditions would be a welcome way out for them.
    Probably, such a situation for the Americans is only the real threat of a nuclear war with us, which is absolutely unacceptable for them. For us, in our position, this threat is an acceptable risk.
    Thus, for the negotiations to succeed, we first need to really ignite a new Cuban missile crisis. Considering that we are locked into a corner by them, nuclear weapons in our hands should be convincing enough.
    This option can be roughly called the "threat option".
    There is another, in which an unacceptable situation for the Americans is created not by threats, but by our military-technical actions.
  15. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 24 December 2021 09: 48
    In short, for the negotiations to succeed, we must first balance the danger for the Americans from our side.
  16. assault 2019 Offline assault 2019
    assault 2019 (assault 2019) 24 December 2021 17: 40
    According to Nikolai Kolomeitsev, a deputy from the Communist Party faction, the Russian Federation exports more gold than it produces, while the United States and China have been accumulating gold and foreign exchange reserves over the past 11 years. At the same time, the Russian Central Bank stopped buying gold.

    According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, from January to October this year, the volume of gold sales abroad amounted to about 240,5 tons. At the same time, 256,54 tons of precious metal were received in the first eight months of the year. Thus, there is a large-scale export of gold from Russia, which naturally attracted the attention of the authorities.

    Here is the real face and the true actions of the current government to defend the interests of Russia.
    rats flee from a sinking ship and take out gold and foreign exchange reserves ...
  17. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 24 December 2021 20: 45
    I remember the time when all this porridge was brewed, or rather, when the West added the main ingredients to it, in 2014. Then it suddenly became clear to many that the West would not retreat, and would attack us to the end. Like a car.
    I remember how in 2014 it suddenly became obvious to me and my wife at the same time. With all the clarity of fact. It was still in the future, but it was already guaranteed.
    Probably the same was felt by people at the end of the 30s of the last century, when they said that "there will be war."
    It's useless to run away from her. Getting her in the back is even worse than meeting her face-to-face. The West will not rest until it destroys us, or until its muzzle is smashed into blood.
    Will this happen together with the planet, or everything will be all right for it - it is not for us to take care of this, limiting ourselves in means. That's what God is for.
    We, Russia, will have to carry out the "work" entrusted to us once again - defending our lives, to restore justice in the world.
    If we "work" honestly and creatively, maybe everything will work out for the planet and for us too. It is possible that there will be no war either ...
    We just need to do - what should and on time
  18. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 25 December 2021 07: 21
    Add more.
    We have already begun to forget how it all began. Because of this, the "line" drawn from the present day into retrospect has become not so obvious to us. We still, humanly, want to "dodge" what she is talking about.
    Remember, at least - what a "revelation" was for us the deliberate inculcation of hatred by the West towards us in the countries around us. As, even then, the logical answer to our natural bewilderment was the goal of using these countries for our destruction. It was just that all this was still far away. Now the future is now.
    It doesn't seem to us.
    Indeed, the West is following its plan. They have already come a long way, but there is still something to be done.
    Only a blow to the face, and with all his might, will stop him along the way.
    If, in the process of preparing and delivering our preemptive strike, the West changes its mind, so much the better for it and for us. Our suggestions for this are a good basis
    1. Siluch Offline Siluch
      Siluch (nik) 30 December 2021 23: 00
      The West is unaware, both for their average citizen and the power structures, that the overwhelming majority of Russians think in the same way as you do. God forbid, that small part of our people will soon come to their senses, which, raising their heads from the trough of sweets (which suddenly became less), suddenly realizes all the short-sightedness and down-to-earthness of their delusions about the true goals of the West in relation to our Motherland.
  19. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 31 December 2021 02: 25
    I think that now we need to avoid being drawn into a "positional" war with the US and NATO. The parties will now begin to create threats to each other, seeking to gain an advantageous position in the negotiations. The States have been preparing for this game for a long time, picking up and placing pieces. This is a game according to rules convenient for them.
    In addition, this is a transition to another reality in which war for both sides will gradually become the inevitable way out. Direct way of being drawn into a hot war with conventional weapons. The result, all the same, will be the need to use our nuclear weapons, or surrender to the enemy with all that it implies.
    I think that we need our nuclear weapons to raise the stakes immediately and to the limit. All the same, withdrawal from the battle means death for us. I think that they, unlike us, are not ready to risk everything.
    They have a lot to lose.
    We need to break their attack at the very beginning and force them to retreat one step, and then again, and so on up to the boundaries that we have indicated in the draft agreements.
    Without being with them, psychologically, beyond the threshold of a real war
  20. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 10 January 2022 10: 43
    And the next step, in my opinion, should be an official ultimatum - if you do not remove the military bases from the post-Soviet republics, then, following the example of Israel, they will be destroyed by missiles and warn the civilian population to hide. Or will we chew snot again, like all these years?
  21. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 11 January 2022 12: 43
    Quote: Siluch
    Not tired of throwing at the fan yet? Although evona, how does it bother you:

    ... imposing on Russians an ephemeral sense of belonging to a great power.

    And what feelings do you think should be brought up among the Russians? And who are you going to be?

    And you carefully read what is written. Patriotic education and the imposition of a false belief that we are a great power are two different things, although our propaganda is not bad at it. Even people still shitting in a wooden toilet outside at -25 ° believe in this willingness.
    And I myself am from the West Siberian regions.
  22. Poligraf Poligrafovich (Vadim Vorobyov) 18 January 2022 14: 47
    ... The next puffing up of the cheeks of the GDP is deeply uninteresting ... But prices flooded due to the indexation of pensions, this is closer to me ... "ELITE", the so-called that, well, they scared the NATO members, and again went to them to Courchevel, having fucked Russia once again... Bawling about "patriotism" and immediately going on New Year's holidays to the "decaying west", the aerobatics of cynicism!!! Who will you shoot at, "aniki-warriors" ???
    1. Yuri 17_2 Offline Yuri 17_2
      Yuri 17_2 (Yuri 17) 27 January 2022 08: 31
      The ultimatum is exactly what Russia has been waiting for from Putin for a long time. The West has become insolent and asks to be punched in the face. Forgotten who won World War II? Those who did not find Yeltsin alive whine about prices. Over the past 22 years, prices have been constantly rising, but traffic jams are getting worse.
  23. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 18 February 2022 06: 01
    Yes, the time has come! It's time to put the ovs in their place... and it doesn't matter in what way! I think everything will work out. And all the howls of the 5th column will remain only howls. The State has always had nits and they will always remain...but these hangers-on of the West have no future!!!