Yakov Kedmi said what will happen if Russia again does not respond to US sanctions

In the program "Sunday evening" on August 27, political expert Jacob Kedmi said that at policies The US needs to be answered. He criticized the thesis that the United States is applying sanctions against Russia, and the Russian Federation does not change its policy. This contradicts the law of physics: the action of force causes a reaction. If Russia does not change its actions in response to the tightening of American policy, something is wrong here. It is necessary to react, change policies, otherwise sanctions will increase. It is necessary to clearly identify the "red lines".

The USA wants to inflict as much damage on Russia as possible, to organize “painful” actions. We must act in the same way with respect to the United States. For example, a provocation is being prepared in Syria, followed by the use of force. Whether it will be or not depends on whether Moscow will allow it to be held. Statements alone that it is being prepared are not enough. More effective is to raise this issue at the UN.

If Russia declares that there will be an answer to the actions of the United States, regardless of which particular objects will be attacked, then there will be no attack. If you don’t declare, no one will interfere with the implementation of the option that already existed. Kedmi cited the previous aggression against Syria as an example. Russia then stated that it would not allow attacking its facilities. The United States conducted the operation, given this.

US policy in Syria is reminiscent of what Hitler said in 1945: "We will leave, but before leaving we will hit the door!" This is the United States and they want to do in Syria: shit before leaving.

As for sanctions, the US has more developed economy. One can only take measures to withstand the blow. The Russian Federation cannot take active economic action against the United States. So, the answer should be in other areas - where Russia has advantages. You need to determine where you can hit harder. These are two areas - political and military.

If the United States understands that the aggravation of economic war can lead to an aggravation of the military situation, then there will be no sanctions. Syria is just one of the areas. The United States wants to conclude agreements regarding strategic weapons, space, and short- and medium-range missiles. Here, Russia has trump cards. It can hurt Americans hard if it sets its conditions.

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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 29 August 2018 10: 08
    "Adequately react" .... Hm .... the point is, sonny, that in order to "react adequately" to something, you need to have something to "react" with. And if something with which to react has not "grown", then nothing can be done about it .... you have to grit your teeth and wait until it "grows" or until what you need to react to will not dissolve by itself ... winked
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 29 August 2018 11: 26
      We have something to react to, and there is more than a vast field of activity for this, and if we stop groveling in front of this ugly symbiosis of the "collective West" and the United States, and fulfill what is destined for us by our very history and our ancestors, who beat the Swedes, And the Poles, and the French and the Germans, then our Great Russia will rise, as it was under Peter 1, and under Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, because now our worst enemy is right next to us, on our very borders, seizing our ships, enterprises with Russian jurisdiction, arrests our citizens, constantly provokes and throws mud at our country, and publicly announces the imminent seizure of our territories, and this is "An obvious threat to the state security of our country and its people," and requires urgent measures to be taken of our influence " by compulsion to peace "- I mean Ukraine. And in response to this threat, in response to the fact that Ukrainian nationalists on September 1 are going to attack us along the border with Rostov and Voron ezhskaya oblasts, to preemptively strike at all of its life support facilities, namely at the thermal power plant, at hydroelectric power plants, at nuclear power plants in Western regions and at oil refineries, with the possible use of even tactical nuclear weapons. we still need to act in such a situation when we are slowly cut off oxygen in industry and the economy, because we ALL and EVERYTHING understand that a real war has been declared to us, with preliminary "caresses" for strangulation, followed by a coma and death of our entire huge country, and with its subsequent dismemberment according to its belonging and raking paws ... Yakov Kedmi said very correctly that the last international tribune is the UN, and that's where our president needs to speak, in a sharp tone to speak about the situation on our borders, and put all Europe and the United States a cruel ultimatum that if one of you twitches, all of you will be guilty, and in the end, you will not be, and we will not be, and we will not be given another ... This wonderful guy, this Kedmi, and such analysts we can't find shh, now the dollar rules everything, and for it many are ready to sell not only their souls, but also their Motherland.
      1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 29 August 2018 14: 35
        You see .... your "worst enemy" is even closer - he sits in the Kremlin or in Bocharov Ruchey in the circle of close "friends" from the first St. Petersburg mayor's office and the "lake" cooperative ... yes
        1. LeftPers Offline LeftPers
          LeftPers (Anton) 30 August 2018 07: 25
          Our worst enemy is you and your kind, and when you are destroyed, the rest of the enemies themselves will "dissolve", like this "son".
  2. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 31 August 2018 13: 18
    The cunning aki snake is this yasha ... To bite into the bushes .. He’s got something .. He got a fee and shakes his belly to warm up at sea .. Well, we can’t fully respond to the amers now. Response with nuclear weapons is not an option. The country and half of the planet will die you’ll have to drag yourself .. You need to reorient yourself ... the USA and Europe aren’t the whole world ... and not even half of it .. Any sanctions can be circumvented. Any country will gladly sell any sanctioned goods .. Same as China ...
    1. Terenin Offline Terenin
      Terenin (Gennady) 2 September 2018 19: 36
      Answer amers more than fully, we can. Do not doubt. And Kedmi says everything right (or do you want him to fight for Russia as well?). And the fact that it’s not time yet, I agree.
  3. zoill Offline zoill
    zoill (Alexander Oleshkevich) 17 September 2018 11: 30
    "Everything that is acquired by back-breaking labor", everything is in their banks. And he can lose it for "one or two"!