Ukrainian military aviation will develop in an unmanned direction

Underestimating the processes taking place in Ukraine is a corporate style of modern Russian policy... We laugh at the Armed Forces of Ukraine, scoff at its "mosquito" fleet, sneer at Ukrainian anti-ship missiles, giggle at the plans for joint production of UAVs with Turkey. And completely in vain.

The unpleasant truth lies, in particular, in the fact that Nezalezhnaya may turn into a major center for the development and production of unmanned strike systems directed against the Russian army and navy. Rather, it can be made as such by our "Western partners". Oddly enough, Kiev has almost everything it needs to be successful.

Let us first turn to the example of Turkey as the most revealing one. More recently, Ankara did not have any aircraft building industry at all, but it was able to create its own enterprises producing American fighters and European helicopters under license, and was also able to participate as a full-fledged partner in the F-35 program. The same base allowed the Turks to create the production of attack drones from scratch in the shortest possible time. Until 2010, Turkey bought UAVs from Israel, but after the deterioration of relations with Tel Aviv, it was left without them, and the United States refused to sell its own to it. 11 years later, the whole world knows the Turkish "Bayraktars", but hardly anyone other than military experts will be able to immediately name the names of Israeli UAVs from memory. Ironically.

Today Turkey is among the recognized world leaders in the development and production of drones. However, dependence on foreign components played a cruel joke with her too. After the active use of Bayraktar in Nagorno-Karabakh, the USA and Canada refused to supply Ankara with optoelectronic systems, aircraft engines and other necessary Technology and accessories. The conclusion from this can be made the following: either always be friends with Uncle Sam, participating in the international division of labor, or produce everything you need yourself.

Apparently, Ankara, with its neo-Ottoman ambitions, has decided to take the second path. And here we mentally move to Ukraine, which is becoming a key strategic partner for Turkey.

There is no doubt that the aircraft industry of Independence is in the deepest systemic crisis. The severing of industrial ties with Russia was painful for both sides, but the consequences for Ukraine were much more serious. Left without Russian components, Kiev was unable to either carry out import substitution or replace them with foreign components of adequate cost. The contract for the supply of the An-178 transport aircraft to Peru was canceled, and penalties began to drip. To top it all, An-132D and An-178 were excluded from the state register of civil aircraft Nezalezhnaya. This is a fiasco.

However, despite all of the above, Ukraine still has everything it needs to become a significant player in the drone market.

At first, the production of power plants, which Ankara has long had an eye on, has been preserved there. The Motor Sich and Ivchenko-Progress enterprises have already signed contracts for the supply of aircraft engines to Turkey. They are counting on using Ukrainian power plants to close the problem not only with drones, but also with a heavy helicopter. The Bayraktar company has high hopes for cooperation with Kiev in this direction:

We will apply this experience when working with the AI-322F and AI-25TLT turbojet engines produced by Ivchenko-Progress and Motor Sich. This close collaboration will primarily result in a successful and high-end strategic product.

Secondly, the Ukrainian authorities, with all their attitude towards them, are not entirely clinical idiots, so in return they insisted on localizing the production of Bayraktars in their country. Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Industries Nezalezhnaya Oleg Urusky commented on this as follows:

The Turkish side is ready to make an investment. They need from us a site with the appropriate requirements, on which they will build an enterprise, which will eventually produce these devices ... If their products are localized with us, our products are localized with them.

In other words, Kiev will give Ankara a license to manufacture its aircraft engines in Turkey, and in return will receive an assembly plant "Bayraktarov". And so what, the inquisitive reader will ask. How can these low-speed UAVs be dangerous for the Russian army, which has Pantsir-S1 air defense missile systems, Buk and Tor air defense systems and much more powerful anti-aircraft systems?

Maybe for Russia "Bayraktars" and do not pose a mortal threat, but for the unrecognized republics of Donbass - how. Attack UAVs are most effective in armed conflicts of low and medium intensity, where the enemy does not have a modern air defense system. Dozens, if not hundreds, of shock drones will be able to do trouble there.
But who said that the matter will be limited only to "Bayraktars"?

Turkey is currently active is working over a new generation jet UAV called MIUS, which will use the Ukrainian engine. With a speed of over 900 kilometers per hour and a flight range of 5 hours, the strike drone will be able to have a combat load of 1 ton. MIUS can carry air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles. These are very serious indicators. With such performance characteristics, such UAVs will pose a threat not only to the DPR and LPR, but even to the Russian army.

And why not assume that such drones will not appear in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a few years? It is believed that the Ukrainian Air Force does not play against the Russian Aerospace Forces. Probably, it is so, but what if Kiev creates a real swarm of reactive attack UAVs that can “overload” even a good modern air defense system in a certain direction?

And do not laugh that such a task is too much for Ukraine. If the West needs to carry out such a task with the hands of Kiev, it will receive all the necessary components and technologies for the production of the Ukrainian analogue of MIUS. The assembly can be carried out both at the joint Ukrainian-Turkish venture, and at Antonov, which, by the way, has been independently developing its own analogue of Bayraktar under the name Gorlitsa for several years.

Most likely, the Ukrainian military aviation will continue to develop in the unmanned direction. There is nothing unrealistic and funny for Russia in this.
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  1. Vdars Offline Vdars
    Vdars (Victor) 19 December 2021 12: 21
    Everything is very simple - on the outskirts of the hill for training, HEMA pilots are normal!
  2. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 19 December 2021 12: 22
    Well, in general, there is very little funny here, the fact that Ukraine has become the center of anti-Russian activity at the state level is already an indisputable fact, not to recognize and not take this into account means deceiving oneself, you need to take this very seriously and draw the necessary and timely conclusions from this! !!
  3. Denis radish Offline Denis radish
    Denis radish (Denis Moroz) 21 December 2021 11: 35
    Turkey rivets these bayraktars from imported components, which are easier for it, as a NATO member, than for us.
    these drones themselves are somewhat similar to tamahawks - slow, primitive, but cheap and massive. here the problem is the stupidity of our military strategists.
    as far as Ukraine is concerned, it also serves us right. in Ukraine there is an abundance of the most valuable resource in the modern world - Russophobia. which means that there will be everything that, at least to some extent, can be directed against us. incl. drones. in assortment.
  4. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 24 January 2022 15: 22
    And no one laughs. And the fact that it is necessary and possible to solve the problem! But we must begin now not with hostilities, but with economic strangulation - and here no one will help the Ukrainians, except our own goats! It is necessary, first of all, to stop supplying fuels and lubricants directly and through Belarus! This will drastically affect the prices and efficiency of agriculture and freight! Maintaining high gas prices is a blow to the overall economy, and primarily to the production of fertilizers, and this is a blow to agriculture!
    Until 2025, it is quite possible to lower the economy by another 20-25%! This will lead to the complexity of conducting any economic activity! During this time, no new production will have time to gain momentum.
    Well, from 2025 it’s reasonable to find a reason, and I’m sure there will be a million of them, in order to respond to the war declared on Russia long ago officially! No database needed! He will simply agree with the official declaration of war, and introduce a complete blockade, setting "humiliating" conditions for its lifting for Durkaina!
    Everything, on this development problem will be solved! Not a single civil or military aircraft, ship will fly into / enter the airport / port. Crossing the border by a foreign ship or any vehicle in the event of an official declaration of war gives the right to suppression. No one in real volumes will go into Durkain anymore! Yes, we have a formal state of war with Japan - so what prevents us from expanding this state of Durkaina ?! We will be able to inflict huge losses on it in the current economic conditions of global trade.
  5. alexniko77 Offline alexniko77
    alexniko77 (alexniko77) 1 February 2022 07: 34
    Assembly can be carried out both at a joint Ukrainian-Turkish enterprise, and at Antonov, which, by the way, has been independently developing its analogue of Bayraktar under the name Gorlitsa for several years.

    the key, in this text, is the phrase "for several years", because the wide have been developing, launching, etc. for several years. many projects, including: an-178 aircraft, an oplot tank, a hammer mortar, various ships, satellites, etc. but!!! none of it drives, flies, swims, shoots, or is manufactured. why author?
    1. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) 2 February 2022 08: 39
      Well, just like ours...

      Tsar-bell, mute broken;
      The Tsar Cannon does not shoot, mother-children;
      And it's clear to everyone - the Jews are to blame,
      It remains only to find the chronicle ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. alexniko77 Offline alexniko77
        alexniko77 (alexniko77) 2 February 2022 09: 54
        you? and where is it, you? Brighton Beach, Zhmerinka, Khreshchatyk?
        1. shiva Offline shiva
          shiva (Ivan) 2 February 2022 12: 12
          This is Lobnya! And the foot so rraz!

          A cloud from Lyubertsy is running,
          Yes, it will circle over Lobnya,
          And of course, he will look into Solntsevo ...
  6. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 7 March 2022 06: 03
    Nothing will appear. Kirdyk and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the military-industrial complex, and it seems to be the current Nazi Ukraine in general.