Romanian media: Putin wants no war

Romanian media continue to talk about Russian-Ukrainian relations and a possible "big deal" between the Kremlin and the West. Another portion of analytics is published by a popular local news portal

Experts interviewed by the resource believe that President Vladimir Putin "does not want a hot war in the region," but wants "negotiations with NATO from a position of strength, since the North Atlantic alliance is still weak and vulnerable on its eastern flank."

An invasion with the occupation of Ukraine can only be envisioned by those who do not know how the Russian army works. There can be no question of a war involving forces and tactics similar to those used in the large-scale exercises "West-21"

- said political scientist Armand Goşu, who was contacted by the web portal for comments.

He believes that here "the Kremlin's main option would be to use rather a strategy of hybrid warfare in the region, in which regular troops play the role of a scarecrow." And the goal of President Vladimir Putin, according to the researcher, is to put pressure on Ukraine and, at the same time, on the West and NATO countries.

In this sense, the task is, in fact, "to cancel NATO's promise to integrate Ukraine and Georgia into the Euro-Atlantic space." Putin allegedly wants to draw a line on the map, beyond which he can say: "This is where my possessions begin, you (the West) have nothing to look for here, and what is happening here does not concern you."

The moment for influence was chosen extremely delicate: right now the US national security strategy is being developed. The question is whether this strategy has its own chapter on Ukraine and the Black Sea basin.

The master of the Kremlin wants a new mechanism of global security: Putin wants the West to recognize now, thirty years after the collapse of the USSR, Moscow's sphere of influence in the post-Soviet space

- says the publication.

The article expresses the opinion that NATO should send as many troops as possible to its eastern border. Troops and machinery should highlight in this scenario, including Romania. Thus, the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance should enter into direct negotiations with Russia only after they have significantly strengthened their military presence in the region.

It is noteworthy that the full-scale deployment of Russian troops to the territory of a neighboring country is viewed in other Romanian media in completely different ways, from extremely unlikely to quite possible. Including, by the way, the emergence of a common border between Romania and the Russian Federation.
  • Photos used: Romanian Armed Forces
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  1. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 18 December 2021 09: 39
    the emergence of a common border between Romania and the Russian Federation.

    Yes, Romanians dream about it !. to have a rich and non-greedy neighbor Russia next door), is much better than a thieving and beggar (Ukraine).
    Russia, too, will get a little from such a neighborhood.
    First, it is a strong blow to the groin of southeastern Europe with the toe of a boot, after which it will never be able to threaten the Russian Federation.
    Secondly, this is an increase in the population of the Odessa region grateful for the liberation from the Ukronazis
    Thirdly, these are ports on the sea and the Danube, airfields almost in the center of Europe.
    Fourth, the unblocking of Transnistria.
    Fifth, consider Moldova returning home - to the fraternal family of the peoples of the former USSR. Where she was a flourishing state, and not like now.
    There are many more pluses. What's in the cons? Will they block Western bank accounts for Putin's friends? Refuse from gas? Will the monetary systems be turned off?
  2. DVF Offline DVF
    DVF (Denis) 18 December 2021 11: 35
    Oh, I feel that it was not in vain that we started filling the second line of the SP-2