What the United States wants from Russia and Moscow's three options for a response

Until the summer of 2020 политическая The US line with respect to Russia was, on the one hand, to exert comprehensive pressure on the top management, high-ranking officials, deputies and oligarchs, while remaining in dialogue in the political and business spheres, on the other hand, to form a “fifth column "with the prospect of a color revolution. The goal of this political line was to completely deprive Russia of its sovereignty and finally transform it into an appendage of American corporations, preferably with the disintegration of the federation into several separate states. That is, the second aspect in the political line was leading and strategic, while the first was secondary and tactical.

Change of attitude

However, after the defeat of the “swamp revolution”, it seems that support for the liberal opposition began to become one of the levers of all-round pressure, along with sanctions, diplomatic squabbles and support for instability on Russia's borders. Faith in the possibility of a pro-Western leadership coming to Russia was melting. And after the departure of the "poisoned" Navalny from Germany in 2020 to serve time in the Vladimir region, it became clear that the support of the "fifth column" had turned from an important element of US policy into some kind of fallback "just in case."

In 2020, the US political leadership finally realized that America's global hegemony was rapidly dying out, and it was decided that drastic measures were needed to keep the "allies" in check, rein in satellites and intimidate competitors. From a theoretical point of view, the American ruling class did not conduct any significant developments; since the 1990s, it has been firmly convinced that America is the only superpower and the "end of history" has come, that is, Western capitalism is an optimal social system, and American-style democracy is the best form of government to be “spread” in all possible ways from bribery to color revolutions and putsches. Therefore, the only solution lying on the surface was the unleashing of a new Cold War, primarily against China and against all those countries that resist American hegemony.

Trump, while in the presidency, had some glimpses of intelligence when he declared that America needed to stop waging ruinous wars on other continents and focus on solving internal problems, above all on raising production. Indeed, a sensible US strategy should be to recognize a multipolar world, retreat and regroup forces. But Trump couldn't think of it before. Moreover, as a real liberal, he decided to raise American production through protectionism, that is, the introduction of duties on Chinese goods. As a result, of course, there was not an increase in production, but a speculative inflation of stock quotes, a rise in prices and a further drop in the standard of living. When the trade war did not give a quick result, the "hawks" pushed Trump and declared a cold war on China.

In general, the cowboy approach to politics is characteristic of the American national character, when the priority is not given to analysis and comprehension, but to brute force and harsh rhetoric. Here it manifested itself in all its glory, since they have already won one cold war, it means that it is necessary to impose a second cold war and win it again.

In this situation, the role and place of Russia in the US strategic plans have changed. The priority was to draw Russia into the anti-Chinese coalition in order to put pressure on China, with which we have long borders and vast economic communication. According to the Americans, the neutrality of Russia and, moreover, the alliance of Russia with China, should by no means be allowed. Given the weakening influence of the US on the EU, this threatens the complete collapse of the "continental front".

The stake was placed not on overthrowing the "Putin regime", since it had already shown its failure, but on changing Russia's foreign policy through pressure and negotiations.

First, the United States orchestrated an attempted coup in Belarus with the aim of opening Russia's western borders and thereby making it more accommodating. Lukashenko resisted, and yet another American plan collapsed. Now the US is trying to provoke a war between Ukraine and Russia in order to be able to strengthen the "negotiating position" with Putin. If we briefly summarize the essence of the information campaign of the West, in which all possible forces are involved, from the G7 presidents, the NATO secretary general to the American media and navalnists, it boils down to begging Putin to attack Ukraine. Then, obviously, provocations from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and an attempt to drag Russia into a "trap" will follow.

The Americans have been deceiving so convincingly and for so long that Russia is almost the main aggressor and imperialist in the world that, apparently, they themselves have begun to believe that Putin is asleep and sees how to seize something.

In parallel with these rather primitive combinations, the US leadership regularly enters into negotiations with the Russian one. Despite the fact that their true content does not become public knowledge, it seems that trade is being conducted at least for the neutrality of Russia in the confrontation between the United States and China. Rather, the United States is trying to persuade Russia to take an anti-Chinese position, promising to weaken sanctions, recognize Russia's "spheres of influence", not expand NATO, not meddle in internal affairs, and so on. So far, apparently, the United States has failed, which is not surprising, given its reputation and the history of relations between our countries.

Three options for Russia's position

It may seem to some that the United States will never take a positive attitude towards the "Putin regime" because it is "authoritarian" and violates "human rights." All this is nonsense, because the Americans have many really cannibalistic regimes as allies and this does not bother anyone in Washington. Therefore, if Russia, at the suggestion of the United States, begins to spoil relations with China, then "suddenly" it will turn out that Putin is not such a bad leader. It is another matter that such a position of Russia is the most unlikely scenario, because the country's leadership will not agree to it and our people will not understand it. Only patented Westernizers are in favor of an alliance with the United States against China.

Patriots of a nationalist and dogmatic nature stand for the conduct of an "independent policy", for non-alignment, maneuvering and centrism in everything. But in this case, such a proud, at first glance, position can turn into an arrogant position. First, Russia's neutrality in the confrontation between the United States and China will mean support for America, support for the one who dominates now. Secondly, Russia remains an economically weak country dependent on the world market, unable to provide itself with either food, medicines, machines or technology... At the same time, our territorial location (between West and East) and place in the system of international relations (primarily the veto in the UN Security Council) will make our neutrality a factor of irritation for both sides. Trapped in isolation between two economic giants, all our advantages will turn into problems.

The most probable and competent seems to be the restrained support of China and all anti-American forces opposing the unipolar world and US hegemonism. Moreover, China itself does not impose a military alliance on Russia. The PRC's foreign policy doctrine does not imply participation in military-political blocs. This provides enough room for maneuvering so as not to fall into strong political dependence on China.

The alignment of world forces in the new Cold War is quite favorable for our country, so it is wiser to focus on solving internal problems. With every day of a new era of perturbation of international relations, it becomes clear to even the most inveterate globalists that the strength and potential of a power depend primarily on the strength of its economic rear. History has swept off the table all the idealistic concepts of the informational, postindustrial, consumer society. It turned out that the "old principles" of industrial and technological development still play a decisive role.

The hegemony of the United States is fading away, and the American ruling classes are desperately clinging to Russia to create another instability in Eurasia. They firmly know that the chaos and devastation of post-war Europe, the multi-ethnic Middle East and Africa, backward Asia, Latin America and Asia have made America "great." Therefore, in various ways, they are trying to inspire wherever their hands reach, instability and conflicts.
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  1. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 17 December 2021 22: 06
    Quite good analytics of the author. Especially in the fact that the authorities of the Russian Federation need to thoroughly deal with the internal problems of the country: the economy, demography, the elimination of poverty and social injustice.
    1. tulip Offline tulip
      tulip 17 December 2021 22: 29
      I was especially pleased about social injustice))) We actually live under capitalism and not under the USSR, or do you really think that a beggar in San Francisco living in a box has as many opportunities as Bill Gates?)))
      1. Rusa Offline Rusa
        Rusa 17 December 2021 22: 44
        “Under capitalism,” it says loudly. ) Rather an oligarchy.
        1. tulip Offline tulip
          tulip 17 December 2021 22: 47
          Do you think there are no oligarchs in the US or in England?))) There are more than oligarchs - transnational companies - who have oligarchs in the six. Since they steal in the US in the military-industrial complex, our thieves never dreamed
          1. Rusa Offline Rusa
            Rusa 17 December 2021 22: 51
            We need to think about our people, and let the internal problems of the United States, as well as their vassals, decide for themselves.
            1. tulip Offline tulip
              tulip 17 December 2021 22: 53
              unfortunately we cannot think only of our own people while the United States and their mongrels are circling nearby. Otherwise, while we think about our people, spitting on everything else, our people will turn into the ashes of crematoria ...
          2. Binder Offline Binder
            Binder (Miron) 17 December 2021 22: 53
            I am sure that you have never left Russia and have no idea about life in the United States.
            1. tulip Offline tulip
              tulip 17 December 2021 22: 55
              I can write that I lived in the USA for 2 years in 2005-2007 - but you still won't believe it))) But you, really, will never leave your Ukrainian garbage dump)))
              1. Binder Offline Binder
                Binder (Miron) 17 December 2021 23: 05
                I would have lived - I would not have written such nonsense.
                1. tulip Offline tulip
                  tulip 17 December 2021 23: 08
                  you just didn’t see the trash heap of the Southern states, didn’t see people living in boxes in San Francisco, didn’t see Detroit in ruins, etc. Therefore, you and a selyuk who will die near Zhitomir in mriyah))) you live with photographs from Hollywood)
                  1. Binder Offline Binder
                    Binder (Miron) 17 December 2021 23: 17
                    In San Francisco, I even have real estate, more precisely in San Jose. And about Zhitomir, I do not know.
                    1. tulip Offline tulip
                      tulip 17 December 2021 23: 20
                      Yes, I realized that you are a muloner from Zhmerinka))) all of you on the Russian forums are muloners and with citizenship of the USA, Canada, etc.)))) I don’t understand the current why you are so poor in your Ukraine and drown with dung? Because probably stupid?))
                      I go to bed - tomorrow we will continue the conversation.
                      1. Binder Offline Binder
                        Binder (Miron) 17 December 2021 23: 26
                        Sleep well, you need to rest. hi
                      2. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
                        Marzhecki (Sergei) 18 December 2021 06: 46
                        According to the legend of the binyuzhnik, in the presence of some real estate in the United States (San Jose), he prefers to live in Israeli Haifa. The picture does not add up. laughing
                        I guess American real estate in real life is a refrigerator box under a bridge. hi Or something like that.
                      3. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
                        rotkiv04 (Victor) 18 December 2021 08: 46
                        Laughed heartily about the real estate of this Banderlog good
      2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
        Ulysses (Alexey) 17 December 2021 23: 07
        The oligarch is somewhat southwestward.
        What did you do during the Russian seven-bank banking?

        Looking for party gold?
  • Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 18 December 2021 00: 18
    European capitalism has always outstripped all state institutions in the world in its development.
    The 1st and 2nd World Wars undermined his world domination, which passed to the United States.
    The Cold War rallied the European ruling classes and assimilated with the United States. The leading role from states has passed to transnational associations.
    The collapse of the USSR made the post-Soviet space an object of political and economic expansion.
    Vladimir Putin's policy of subordinating big capital to the interests of the state caused resistance from transnational associations, and the more significant the successes were, the stronger the resistance of transnational associations through controlled and dependent state formations grew.
    Deng Xiaoping's reforms made the PRC a world consumer goods factory, and a huge domestic market attracted huge investments. Qualitative changes in the economy and government regulation have led to a conflict of interests between the Chinese Communist Party and transnational associations, the striking force of which is the United States.
    Two global centers of resistance to the hegemony of transnational associations, represented by the US-EU, have emerged.
    Sanctions, subversive activities, threats do not give the expected effect, and a military clash threatens with unacceptable losses.
    The solution is to delete rogue countries from the list of "living", as the PRC did in relation to Lithuania, but on a global scale. Half of the world was taken away for the first summit of democracies, the second will formalize the organizational structure and increase the number of “democrats”, the third will raise the issue of the effectiveness of the UN in the Security Council of which the RF and the PRC have the right to “veto” - a strong instrument of countering the United States which they will be deprived of in the formed anti-UN, which will untie the hands of the United States and transnational associations.
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 18 December 2021 14: 10
      An important, if not the most important factor, will be the transition of the anti-UN, which today unites 110 state formations, and then their number will only grow - in fact, the whole world, with the exception of a dozen rogue countries, to a single world digital currency, the issuer of which will be the IMF, in which the United States has controlling stake.
      This will mean the actual loss of the statehood of the members of the anti-UN and the hegemony of transnational associations - the world government.
      Therefore, the struggle to preserve the role of the UN today lies in the financial sphere, and the PRC is making titanic efforts to switch to digital Renminbi, which in the future may become the main currency of the SCO, EAEU, ASEAN, and other associations and programs, which can nullify or greatly complicate the creation of an anti-UN.
  • gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 18 December 2021 09: 37
    The hegemony of the United States is fading away, and the American ruling classes are desperately clinging to Russia to create another instability in Eurasia. They firmly know that the chaos and devastation of post-war Europe, the multi-ethnic Middle East and Africa, backward Asia, Latin America and Asia have made America "great." Therefore, in various ways, they are trying to inspire wherever their hands reach, instability and conflicts.

    Russia, with its corrupt commodity-based comprador economy, is helping the United States cling to itself.
  • steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 18 December 2021 11: 59
    therefore it is wiser to focus on solving internal problems

    The cost of agricultural products can be further reduced. Pay peasants not 13 thousand rubles a salary, but 3 thousand. rub, and the rest to give out pride for the Power! In the budget, agriculture was allocated 1,5%, government - 7,2%, police - 11,2%. So it is the police and the National Guards who must plow, sow, milk!
    Our main task is to root the people on earth, to preserve and reproduce them!
    It is impossible to rebuild a system sharpened for persecuting and ruining a rural entrepreneur to support and develop a diversified rural economy. The elimination of private gateways is going on everywhere. Why do people leave the village? It's bad to live there, it's hard to live there !!
    Let's not buy diesel fuel in Lukoil, but buy it in Turkmenistan, it is 6 times cheaper there! Let's take a loan in Europe, and not from our banks? The state has clearly adopted a policy - the elimination of any type of industrial activity in the Russian Federation! People are leaving the earth. And on a land without a people, nations will come without a land! And do you think that they will come to work for us? (Milnichenko Vasily Alexandrovich, director of JSC "Galkinskoye")
  • Yury Siritsky Offline Yury Siritsky
    Yury Siritsky (Yuri Siritsky) 18 December 2021 13: 23
    It is disappointing that the author pointed out the country's inability in machine-tool building in the production of food and consumer goods.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 22 December 2021 15: 51
      It is simply the reluctance or sabotage of the government. There will be enough money for 5 machine-tool factories. And from there, other industries will grow.
  • Peter Nikolov Offline Peter Nikolov
    Peter Nikolov (Peter Nikolov) 19 December 2021 14: 44
    Being isolated between two economic giants, all our advantages will turn into problems, so watch out for China!
  • zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 20 December 2021 18: 26
    What sovereignty if money is kept in the US? Strange sovereignty, feudalism, commanded by a suzerain from the United States.
  • Albert Offline Albert
    Albert (Albert) 20 December 2021 22: 26
    The bloodiest conquerors:

    Alexander the Great - type of Greek,
    Huns with Attila,
    Charlemagne - the first European integrator,
    Mongols of Genghis Khan,
    Uzbek Tamerlan,
    Ottoman butchers
    The conquistadors who destroyed the continent
    Napoleon Bonaparte - European integrator No. 2,
    Eurocolonizers - the slave trade, playing off peoples, draining resources,
    Japan, which killed about 30 million Chinese,
    Hitler Germany,
    USA - extermination of Indians, slave trade, bombing, coups, non-stop wars ...

    In general, the world is just groaning from Russian aggression ...
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 21 December 2021 01: 11
      You have forgotten that there was a Tatar kingdom on the Volga river, the Volga kingdom. He was not presented to Russia. Exactly such conquest campaigns were in Siberia, comrade Ermak. Tsar's gifts do not bring joy, the gift of Ivan the Fourth dragged Yermak to the bottom of the river. And thus they reached the very ocean, distributing arrows and bullets. Finally, we took up the Caucasus. And they also brought a lot of good things. Who does not believe can read Lermontov. They began to establish the Russian order. Why are gangs from Europe better? Of course, your shit is much better in smell and consistency than overseas. When you press in your hands, you feel that it is native.
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 22 December 2021 15: 58
        The Tatar kingdom regularly robbed and sold into slavery the population of the then Rus. Tired of it!
        If not for Yermak, the Japanese would have eliminated all indigenous Siberians as antes. The Chinese fenced off from Siberia with a wall.
        In the Caucasus, the Turks cheerfully slaughtered Armenians and Georgians. But now the Turks and the Kurds live together peacefully and nobly ...
  • zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 21 December 2021 01: 03
    The Americans did not fight ruinous wars. They fought the wars they could afford. They do not want to attack a country with nuclear gift delivery vehicles at all. Imperialism cannot but fight, just as feudalism could not help but fight in Syria. One berry tree. Those that are taller are ripe and sweet. The ones below are green and sour.