"This woman is out of her mind!" Germans comment on Berbock's statement on Nord Stream 2

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, co-chair of the Soyuz 90 / Greens party, considers the approval of the Russian gas project Nord Stream 2 unacceptable. According to the minister's statement, SP-2 does not meet the requirements of European energy legislation.

In addition, Berbock insists on blocking the pipeline in the event of Russian "aggression" towards Ukraine.

The German newspaper Die Welt cites the views of readers commenting on the point of view of Annalena Berbock - here are just a few of them:

If I were Putin, I would shut off the gas tap to Europe for a week "for technical reasons." Meanwhile, gas storage tanks in Germany are only 22 percent full.

- this is how Ingo says. M.

Berbock works against the German consumer. This woman is out of her mind!

- says Norbert S.

This is what intelligence and foreign diplomacy look like. policy Germany! If the conflict in Ukraine escalates, we will sit in cold and dark

- Jurgen K. is indignant.

If Nord Stream 2 is not approved, Russia can be expected to fulfill its current gas contracts, but then Moscow will stop supplying gas through Ukraine. I have already prepared a wood-burning stove for work

- predicts Mr. K.

Forward to the Stone Age!

- Dietmar H. remarks ironically.

The Greens clearly want to thwart our future. Without enough cheap energy economy countries are under threat

- believes Hermangerman.

Apparently, Mrs. Berbock herself has everything at home to provide warmth. While others are freezing from the winter cold, she will enjoy the comfort

- the reader with the nickname AllesWirdGut does not doubt.

Gas storage tanks are being emptied and no alternatives to supplies from Russia are in sight. Let's see who will withstand longer - the Russian Federation or Europe?

- asks Steffen S.
  • Used photographs: Michael Brandtner / wikimedia.org
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 15 December 2021 11: 06
    And when the Germans chose the Greens, what did they think about? They did not hide their intentions to cut off gas for Germany.
    Now is the time for the Germans to transfer production to Russia. Maybe go to the Volga ourselves ...
    1. S WITH Offline S WITH
      S WITH (N S) 15 December 2021 23: 51
      in the US colonies, only the State Department chooses
  2. viktortarianik Offline viktortarianik
    viktortarianik (Victor) 15 December 2021 11: 07
    I appeal to the Germans. Were you out of your mind when you moved her into power?
    1. Mantrid Machina Offline Mantrid Machina
      Mantrid Machina (Mantrid Machina) 15 December 2021 12: 59
      Do you even know who chose Berbock? Think the average burghers? No way! They were chosen by the grato-turnbergnuts eco-zombified youth, because "green mold" is registered in every educational institution. They have been brainwashed since grade 5, but the emphasis is on graduates. They know that these are susceptible to suggestion. Ask any goldfinch on the street in Germany about the warming climate, he will give you a lecture there.
  3. viktortarianik Offline viktortarianik
    viktortarianik (Victor) 15 December 2021 12: 54
    What if Gazprom has carried out a secret sabotage operation? And pays for the services of the German "green" for the collapse of industry in Germany and its transfer to Russia? Fantastic, of course, but what the hell is not kidding.
  4. Pavel57 Offline Pavel57
    Pavel57 (Paul) 15 December 2021 21: 45
    The firewood from Ukraine will soon run out.
  5. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 15 December 2021 22: 10
    Ha, nemchura ... You yourself chose her ... Well, hang yourself now, you are completely stupid there and your brains are swollen from a fat zhituha ... Well, we will laugh, looking at your ordeals ...
  6. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 16 December 2021 21: 53
    Give RT DE a couple of weeks to work - and ordinary Germans will find out that we are ready to sell them gas for SP-2 for no more than 500 dollars, and now they have a price tag of 1700. And all their bureaucrats like anal-lenki are greening against the SP-2 commissioning for bribes from the USA. The crackle from Burbock flying out in the ass will be heard even in America ...
    Margo Simonyan - come on, burn all this rag-tag with napalm! Only neatly, gently, with a grain of humor - you know how! They have already overfilled diapers and blocked your YouTube channel, so we are going in the right direction, comrades!
    And also tell me that under long-term contracts, from which the EU bureaucrats want to move away - we are ready to sell at all for 300 - then the chair of the newly elected chancellor will begin to swing. And after all, we do not block the pipe, we do not inflate prices - take it, come on! And they hope for the supply of expensive LNG from the USA, which will probably change their minds soon, build a terminal to receive our SP-2 and sell it at exorbitant prices to the same Germans.
  7. It is necessary to declare Anka-Lena non grata and not let him into Russia!
  8. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 17 December 2021 09: 14
    The Germans comment, and the State Department decides the fate of the SP-2.
  9. seziomoff.s Offline seziomoff.s
    seziomoff.s (Sergey Sezyomov) 17 December 2021 12: 08
    It looks like the 30s. Back then, they did not take the browns seriously; today they are green.
    It's time for the Germans to stop playing with markers. Expensively.
  10. The comment was deleted.