Ukrainian tanks can be stopped even without a Russian invasion

The use of Belarusian fuels and lubricants (diesel fuel, gasoline and other products) poses a serious danger to Ukraine. The former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus (February 4 - June 2010), Russophobe Roman Bessmertny, who believes that the DPR and LPR should turn into “ wild field ".

Bessmertny accused Moscow of "monstrous corruption" and waging a "hybrid war" against Kiev. At the same time, he expressed concern that Europe, existing in its present form, may fall under the influence of the Russian Federation, and Russian "corruption schemes" will penetrate into Ukraine from the EU. But so far, the Ukrainian side does not pay for "corrupt Russian gas", but receives "European raw materials."

Therefore, here you need to be as careful and careful as possible and understand that the value choice must be protected and not replaced sometimes with cheap gas, sometimes with cheap oil, sometimes with cheap gasoline.

- he specified.

Bessmertny also lashed out with accusations against Minsk and the "dull" Ukrainian functionaries, who gave the fuel and lubricants market of Ukraine to "be torn apart by the regime." In his opinion, this will lead to sad consequences and will certainly affect the country's defense capability.

I am simply super worried that we have seized upon these smuggled light fuel and lubricants from Belarus, we do not understand that this is the same corruption needle that comes from Russia. No matter how much you say, stop it. Because we will be treated, we will take pills, and the tumor will grow, and sooner or later it will lead us to a lethal result.

He summed up.

Note that it is not the first time in Ukraine that the question has been raised that Ukrainian tanks can be stopped without reaching Donetsk and Lugansk, even without a "Russian invasion." For example, quite recently the ex-secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov spoke on the topic of dependence on Belarus on the air of the Pryamoy TV channel. indicated on the beginning of a serious shortage of fuel in the Armed Forces.

In turn, the Ukrainian expert Serhiy Salivon warned on the air of the Kapital YouTube channel about the high likelihood of a fuel crisis in Ukraine in the near future. He recalled that Belarus accounts for 39% of the entire Ukrainian gasoline market, 36% for diesel fuel and 43% for bitumen.
  • Used photographs: Armed Forces of Ukraine
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 14 December 2021 23: 08
    Banderonazi Roma (for some reason, probably on the antithesis of the general gloomy atmosphere of the current "Ukrainian life" and the hopeless dominance of evil Banderopithecus, like a ray of light, I remembered a funny Soviet cartoon about a parrot repeating "Roma"!))) Is by no means immortal and this optimistically good! The aim of the "patriotic appeal" of this retired goat drummer "is clear and understandable - it is unbearable to" sit down on kickbacks "from purchases in the West of GSMS" at atomic prices "(as is already happening with the" patriotic "purchase of quasi" European gas "!) ?!
    Themselves, these fools (or "tolerant" to say-maydauns ?!) fool and raged ... quarreled with the Belarusian Father, all these years regularly supplying, fighting with the Russian World, smaydanny Kiev everything necessary for the continuation of the bloody genocide of the "wrong" Ukrainian population!
    Who, then, pulled the brainless Sniffer by the tongue in August 2020, why did he offend Alexander Grigorievich, who personally favored him with his Ameroholuy "non-recognition" ?!
    Let them now blame themselves, the stupid villains, and not the kind Father, their wise intercessor, now the former!
  2. Shaman Offline Shaman
    Shaman (Shaman) 15 December 2021 08: 22
    Che really considers himself immortal? What pills are they taking there.
  3. stopkran Offline stopkran
    stopkran (Everybody Napindos) 15 December 2021 08: 54
    In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the problem is not in the fuel and in the "avatars" that sell everything that can be carried off from the tanks.)

    "Avatars" - this is how selflessly drinking fighters are called in the Ukrainian army. According to one version, such a nickname was attached to them because of the blue skin of the protagonist of the movie of the same name, James Cameron. Perhaps the term also reflects behavioral signs - an avatar may be near you, but his soul and mind are somewhere far away.
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 16 December 2021 15: 21
      In the early years of the ATO (Anti-People's Terrorist Operation) in Donbass, in order to outwardly distinguish the most incorrigible drunken drunks ( after all, the punishers then recruited in general, indiscriminately, all sorts of human waste of different ages or from where, if only they expressed a desire to selflessly rob and kill their fellow citizens at the behest of the Maidan junta, and were able to hold weapons) in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other banderonazi gangs, accomplices - "colleagues" poured them "green" do not rock the boat, "may be accompanied by assault, but so far without murder, without splashing sulfuric / hydrochloric acid in the face and inflicting grievous bodily harm, except, of course, the likelihood of loss of vision as a result of an alcoholic solution of brilliant green in the victim's eyes).
      Due to the external color similarity with the heroes of the famous blockbuster, the nickname went"avatars"!
  4. Pivander Offline Pivander
    Pivander (Alex) 15 December 2021 09: 41
    Quote: Shaman
    Che really considers himself immortal? What pills are they taking there.

    Full of information - Captagon.
  5. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 16 December 2021 20: 29
    Wheels, pedals and a chain were stolen from tanks. Some pest has pulled off the rear wheel hub. Strange as it may seem, but one movement remained, sideways, like cancer.