"Nobody canceled the tactics of" night witches "": Russians appreciated the unusual replenishment in the Latvian Air Force

Social networks publish pictures of the "modernized" aircraft An-2 of the Latvian Air Force, painted according to the scheme of "digital" (pixel) camouflage. This aircraft was the third An-2 of its kind to enter the Latvian Air Force.

The aircraft was repaired at the Aeroremontazh enterprise located on the territory of the Spilve airfield, which is 13 km from the center of Riga.

Users of themed VKontakte publics reacted in a peculiar way to this “miracle equipment":

For casting any groups, it’s quite okay

- says Valentin Moshev.

The muffler was apparently attached to him for a reason. Nobody canceled the tactics of "night witches". And this thing with a quiet motor at a low altitude, under the radar can shit a lot. The main thing is to use it correctly

- thinks Igor Smirnov.

Latvia 90s: - What do we want? - Freedom from the USSR, we hate it and want to develop independently and develop industry. - How do we do it? Let's recolor old Soviet corn makers into a pixel!

- Alexey Moschen "has decomposed" the Baltic tendencies.

The Balts' answer to the Russian Su-57, not otherwise. Now the Kremlin will definitely surrender

- Vitaly Romanov "predicts" attaching a photo of the Russian fighter.

And why do the Soviet-haters continue to use the legacy of the empire? They also modernize, repaint

- Alexey Komnik asks a rhetorical question.

For opening the enemy's air defense, apparently. The experience of the war in Karabakh gave a lot of information for thought

- reminded the recent events in the Caucasus Konstantin Irikaev.
  • Photos used: Aerodrome Spilve
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  1. S WITH Offline S WITH
    S WITH (N S) 13 December 2021 14: 26
    US puppets will run on this plane, fleeing crowds of beggars and aggressive Latvians
    1. Alex777 Offline Alex777
      Alex777 (Alexander) 14 December 2021 10: 31
      Quote: S S
      US puppets will run on this plane

      And they will run at night. Their tactics are ... bully
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 14 December 2021 10: 05
    According to the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, the demand of Russian operators for aircraft with a capacity of 9-19 seats will amount to 360 units by 2025 and 600 by 2030. It is assumed that "Baikal" will replace the fleet of obsolete An-2 "maize" aircraft in Russia, of which about 300 remain in a state of airworthiness.

    President Vladimir Putin instructed to allocate about 600 billion rubles for the promotion of Russian aircraft. in 2022–2024, follows from the instructions of the president, approved at the end of September, as reported by Vedomosti.

    For 20 years Putin has not been able to build the "Corn". We fly everything on Soviet "galoshes". One should laugh at oneself first of all!
    1. Alex Orlov Offline Alex Orlov
      Alex Orlov (Alex) 14 December 2021 18: 44
      For 20 years Putin has not been able to build the "Corn".

      Either there was no need, or other tasks were a priority. And without the "maize" problems were over the roof, thanks to the western "partners". And the opportunity appeared, they began to master this direction. So there is nothing to laugh about here, no matter how much you would like it to be.
  3. Cetron Offline Cetron
    Cetron (Peteris) 17 December 2021 00: 58
    In Latvia, the Air Force, in addition to three An-2, has a pair of Mi-8s at the border guard: it is used as search and rescue and for emergency medical aid. As for the muffler, this is an EU requirement, otherwise you will not get a certificate. On the TV channel, the weapon has a program called Steel Guys, about meal in Germany: there the owner bought an An-2 and flew on it from Germany to the USA with landings in Iceland and Greenland. One problem, oil eats "litters the environment", and therefore such a muffler! Now I bought another one, with just such a muffler.