The USA explained why Russia absolutely does not need the hypersonic Avangard

In 2018, Russia announced the presence of hypersonic weapons. At the same time, the strategic complex Avangard, the aeroballistic Dagger were demonstrated, and the marine Zircon was announced. However, it was Avangard that attracted the attention of experts and analysts to a greater extent, writes Jorge Rivero in his article for the American edition of 19FortyFive.

There is considerable ambiguity about hypersonic weapons. The term "hypersonic" means that an object is moving at a speed greater than Mach 5. For example, intercontinental ballistic missiles are hypersonic systems that can reach speeds in excess of Mach 20, and the space shuttle is a hypersonic gliding vehicle (HGV) that travels at Mach 22. Therefore, most assessments of the role that strategic hypersonic weapons can play in the war of the future are greatly exaggerated.

Based on this, the Avangard, created by the Russians to break through US missile defenses, is virtually redundant, since Russia's existing ballistic missiles can easily penetrate American defenses. Therefore, Avangard, considered by many to be a grandiose weapon, does not change the rules of the game.

- the author considers.

The explanation is simple. If US missile defense is aimed at intercepting Russian ICBMs, then American systems would be capable of successfully repelling a nuclear strike from Moscow. However, this is not true. The capabilities of the American missile defense system are still far from perfect. Moreover, this is not an unfounded statement, it is reflected in the Pentagon documents.

Even under the most favorable conditions, the best ground interceptor of the Boeing GBI system has only a 55% chance of intercepting an approaching Russian missile warhead. In addition, while the US has only 44 GBI missiles, Russia has 486 deployed ICBMs with 1600 nuclear warheads.

- emphasizes the author.

This ratio clearly shows the overwhelming superiority of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces in comparison with the capabilities of the American missile defense system. This, in turn, negates the need for the Russian army in the Avangard nuclear complex.

The true threats posed by Russian hypersonic missiles of technologieslie in the other. First, the Avangard system can be equipped with conventional conventional warheads, which dramatically increases the tactical capabilities of the Russian army, allowing it to deliver a quick disarming strike without using weapons of mass destruction.

Simply put, the RF has opened a Pandora's box of hypersonic missile technology. As a next step, Russian MiG-31s ​​and other aerial platforms will be equipped with Daggers, and submarines and surface ships will be re-equipped with Zircons, against which the US and NATO countries have no reliable protection.

- the author draws attention.
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  1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 9 December 2021 10: 54
    Vanguard is more of a psychological ammunition, about an order of magnitude less accurate than Yars M. With a considerable list of other shortcomings.
    1. YES UZH Offline YES UZH
      YES UZH (YES) 9 December 2021 11: 15
      iksperd, this can be said about almost any weapon, observe personal hygiene.
      Only the threat of using such a weapon (also of "Poseidon") will cool any hotheads, which means they serve to preserve the World. And if you have to use, then the "shortcomings" will no longer be important.
      1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
        gunnerminer (gunner miner) 9 December 2021 11: 31
        Threats such ammunition "retaliation" to the strike potential of NATO and the United States in particular do not represent. Since they are useless against SSBNs, against strategic and tactical aviation, against AMS and AUG. And for the destruction of megacities, the State Department will also be grateful. preserving the image of a peacemaker, from millions of people of color and idlers.
        At the expense of the Poseidons, someone far-sighted saved the Russian Navy from a pair of Project 949A SSGNs, so necessary to maintain the threat to NATO ship formations. With a stunted OVR, PLO, IMO of the Russian Navy bases, the safe exit of Poseidon carriers is in great doubt.
        1. tulip Offline tulip
          tulip 17 December 2021 18: 47
          yes yes, NATO is omnipotent and no one will defeat it. Mriy further)))
    2. Vladislav N. Offline Vladislav N.
      Vladislav N. (Vlad) 9 December 2021 11: 18
      Quote: gunnerminer
      Vanguard is more of a psychological ammunition.

      BGM 109 Tomahawk and Semyon Semyonovich Gorbunkov's pistol in a string bag are also a psychological trick.
      1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
        gunnerminer (gunner miner) 9 December 2021 11: 48
        BGM 109 Tomahawk

        You confused Babel with Bebel. This is a tactical ammunition. Constantly modernized. C and E modifications.
        1. Vladislav N. Offline Vladislav N.
          Vladislav N. (Vlad) 9 December 2021 12: 15
          I didn’t confuse her - I’m watching
          If a heart-rending grunt was heard from the bushes, then my shot was accurate, and the arrow hit the target. lol
          1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
            gunnerminer (gunner miner) 9 December 2021 12: 28
            The vanguard does not strengthen the position of Russia. It is very weak. We can only threaten with nuclear weapons. The economic base is collapsed, the Russian elite is stuffed with American secret and obvious friends. We can only show a fig in our pocket, and then only at night and around the corner. Or send silently.
            1. Vladislav N. Offline Vladislav N.
              Vladislav N. (Vlad) 9 December 2021 12: 30
              read it.
              And what? crying
              1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
                gunnerminer (gunner miner) 9 December 2021 12: 36
                Vanguard is a psychological weapon.
                1. Vavan Kharlamov. (vavan kharlamov.) 10 December 2021 10: 40
                  The whole world is afraid of him.
                  1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
                    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 10 December 2021 16: 10
                    It's easy to scare the world, but creating conditions so that the Russian population does not die out from HIV and drugs, alcoholism is much harder.
                    1. Arikosan lucas Offline Arikosan lucas
                      Arikosan lucas (Arikosan Lucas) 11 December 2021 01: 04
                      you didn’t accidentally confuse it with your nedokraina. it is you there khokhlyatskie extinctions. people run to the aggressor in "poor" Russia.
                      1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
                        gunnerminer (gunner miner) 11 December 2021 11: 28
                        He was running, now he is not running.
                      2. tulip Offline tulip
                        tulip 17 December 2021 18: 49
                        why not running, I just this week recruited seven from Ivano-Frankivsk. Moreover, he warned them that 10% of their monthly salary would go to help Donbass - they do not mind, because even taking this into account, they will receive at least 80 thousand from us, plus free food and a hostel)))
                      3. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
                        gunnerminer (gunner miner) 17 December 2021 19: 31
                        What a "hired"! You have a long-term mortgage, a lot of loans (not just for a Chinese car), a considerable debt. And as entertainment - a makhaolovka for delays at a cheap wholesaler.
                      4. tulip Offline tulip
                        tulip 17 December 2021 19: 46
                        and we also eat the last of the hedgehogs and we have coupons on the Internet))) What a stupid ipshny youngster you are))) But this pleases - mriy further and jump higher
      2. Vdars Offline Vdars
        Vdars (Victor) 17 December 2021 13: 08
        No need to mix flies and cutlets in one heap !!
  • Old Skeptic Offline Old Skeptic
    Old Skeptic (Old Skeptic) 9 December 2021 14: 30
    Again you are sick to the empty place.
    Hollow Breast.
    Sources confirming the inaccuracy of "Vanguard".
  • Siluch Offline Siluch
    Siluch (nik) 9 December 2021 17: 17
    Where does so much aplomb and categoricalness come from? Did you report the data from Langley, or did you pick it up in your nose?
  • Volga073 Offline Volga073
    Volga073 (MIKLE) 17 December 2021 04: 29
    It makes no difference whether this rocket hits Downtown Manhattan or Uptown ..))
  • gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 9 December 2021 11: 49
    The USA explained why Russia absolutely does not need the hypersonic Avangard

    - Ha ... = but why - "not needed" ???
    - A massive attack by the Vanguards - simply "deflorates" this entire American missile defense system (sorry for the "comparison") ... - After which Russia can send squadrons of An-2; pilots who will simply throw hand grenades across the entire American territory ... - It's a joke ...
    - And Russia won't even have to spend money on ICBMs with nuclear warheads ... and the use of "simple ordinary long-range missiles" with "simple high-explosive warheads" will be enough - even this will not seem enough to the Americans ...
    - But the Americans know that ... that ... that the Russians will never do this ... - and that the Russians will endure to the last - until they burn half of Russia - they (Russians) - do nothing like that and will not ...
    - Damn, Russia (USSR), having defeated Nazi Germany - and instead of wiping out this territory from the face of the Earth (and this after what the Germans did in Russia (USSR) during the Second World War) - Russia (USSR) started some political games (division of Berlin into sectors, etc.) ... - Yes, Berlin in general should have been plowed up and destroyed - a'la the territory of Carthage ... - And 5-10 million German children (age 5-7 years) - within 10 year period should have been taken to Russia (USSR) in order to become "ethnic Russians" there, in order to make up ... to make up for the monstrous loss of the European Russian population of the USSR ... - Or - in general - the whole of Germany should have become part of Russia (USSR) - as several separate territorial regions ... - with the state Russian language - "official and in circulation" ... - And only this way - and not otherwise ...
    - Instead, Russia (USSR) began to "honestly" share its victory with everyone whoever turned up ... - What would the Americans do with the Germans, were they in the place of the Russians in 1945 ??? - That's it - it's not even worth talking about it ...
    - So even today the Americans remain Americans, who are well aware of the compassion and "humanity" of Russians in "towards strangers" ... - Therefore, Americans have nothing to fear ...
    1. tulip Offline tulip
      tulip 17 December 2021 18: 51
      You're're coming out to a soldier whose guts were wound on wires in the Donbass tell and tell how they are winning the hundredth division of the Pskov paratroopers under the DAP so far)))
  • We'll break them like a hot water bottle Tuzik!
  • shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 10 December 2021 05: 17
    Well, it is necessary, at least someone uses their brains. Opening etit. Hedgehogs are bald! Yes, the very first IRBM FAU-2 was already moving on hypersound. It was never a problem to disperse the RS to hypersound, the problem was to get them where you were aiming at a distance of over 100 km.
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Anton Zaduyveter (Anton Zaduyveter) 10 December 2021 12: 03
    and who is the USA? and why do they decide what Russia needs and what not ... maybe Russia thinks that the United States is not needed at all on the globe ...
  • NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 10 December 2021 22: 57
    Well, at first they said it was not needed! We would not like to guess will amaze, not amaze. Must be guaranteed to hit. And there are many goals. NATO is expanding and expanding.
  • alex-sherbakov48 11 December 2021 06: 22
    It comes, finally, to the ovs that to fight with Russia, it's all the same, that against the wind to urinate !!!
  • Guest_3 Offline Guest_3
    Guest_3 (Alexey Syshikov) 11 December 2021 12: 00
    It's just that America has so much corruption in the Pentagon that they will soon fight with stone axes, but this does not mean that other countries should run with spears, well, except for African or South American Indian tribes.
  • Volga073 Offline Volga073
    Volga073 (MIKLE) 17 December 2021 04: 31
    The main thing is not to rush. Blacks are already making America BIGPIECEOFSHIT.
  • Opozdavshiy Offline Opozdavshiy
    Opozdavshiy (Sergei) 9 January 2022 00: 58
    ICBMs and Vanguard are fundamentally different attack systems. Vanguard is designed to strike at decision-making centers (including underground, mobile, etc.) anywhere in the world. This is a relatively low power hit of very high precision. If ICBMs are aimed at military bases, industrial areas of the United States, AUG, etc., then the Vanguards are aimed at bunkers, buildings and small closed settlements anywhere in the world, from where you can really lead everything and where the establishment could be hiding - Australia, New Zealand etc.